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Chelsey Novak Boca Bash 2015

Check Out Print Killer At This Year’s Boca Bash!

Events Kid Chronic

Photos and video from the Print Killer Media Network yacht at Boca Bash 2015.

Manny Pacquiao on a Moral Mission

Manny Pacquiao on a Moral Mission to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Sports Kid Chronic

Does Floyd Mayweather deserve to lose since he is douche outside of the ring? Maybe…

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

All Access Mayweather vs Pacquiao Episodes 1,2 and 3

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

Behind the scenes of the biggest boxing match of our lifetime.

Hong Kong Wakeboard

Wakeboarding in Hong Kong

H2O Kid Chronic

Clear across the world for a quick wakebaording sesh!


These Chicks Can Twerk!

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

Let’s be honest, whoever invented twerking deserves a hug!

manny pacquiao

Inside Manny Pacquiao’s Training Sessions

Sports Kid Chronic

The super fight of our life time is almost upon us, watch Manny Pacquiao prepare in this awesome behind the scenes video.

Baltimore Protestors

Baltimore Protestors Smash Cop Cars

News Kid Chronic

Your god damn right, It’s about time, someone sent those throat crushing, neck breaking, killers with badges, a fucking message.

President Obama Cracks Jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner

President Obama Cracks Jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner

News Kid Chronic

You gotta give it to the Prez he can be pretty damn funny at times!

broward county news blooper

Broward County News Blooper

Funny Kid Chronic

WTF Florida never ceases to amaze me…

Top 10 Weirdest Superhero

The Top 10 Weirdest Superhero and Villain Weaknesses

Videos Kid Chronic

Really? That’s your weakness? Pathetic!

Carlo Runia

Carlo Runia – Shine On Me

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

Killer Babes, Happy Saturday Fellas!

Brutal Nepal Earthquake

Thousands are Dead After a Brutal Nepal Earthquake

News Kid Chronic

The quake even shook Mount Everest to its core.  

majestic casual

Ta-ku – Love Again

Hip Hop Kid Chronic

Featuring JMSN & Sango.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner is Beyond Explainable At This Point

Interviews Kid Chronic

What did the Kardashians do to this guy? Is this for real? I mean I’m all for  the LGBT community, but I feel like there is some sort of mental […]

deputy lynn palm beach florida

Dash Cam Video Shows West Palm Beach Florida Cop Shooting an Unarmed Black Male

News Kid Chronic

This incident happened two years ago but is under new scrutiny after recent events. The video clearly shows the cop driving aggressively behind the man who is riding a bicycle, […]

bill maher

Bill Maher: Helicopter Parenting

TV Kid Chronic

Are parents these day paying too much attention to their kids?

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