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Trayvon Martin's Father

Trayvon Martin’s Father on the Ferguson Shooting

Interviews Kid Chronic

CNN interviews Trayvon Martin’s father about the Michael Brown shooting and the Ferguson riots.



EDM Kid Chronic


eric holder

Attorney General Eric Holder Arrives in Ferguson Missouri to Kick Some Racist Ass

News Kid Chronic

United States Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson, Missouri, with a team of over 40 FBI officers. The specialized team of elite U. S. law enforcement will be  investigating the shooting of Michael Brown, and the riots following his death.

edm music videos

Dear David – I’ve Been Waiting

EDM Kid Chronic

New EDM!

middle east news

The Middle East Advice Column

Politics Nat Trayger

I am now writing an advice column for Printkiller and I received the following letter. Dear Nat, I live in a very rough area and recently my neighbor has been firing his rifle at my house. I have a protective shield around the house but […]

City Of Dreams

Dirty South, Alesso – City Of Dreams ft. Ruben Haze

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Video!

Bill Maher and Ralph Nader

Overtime with Bill Maher and Ralph Nader

TV Kid Chronic

Great overtime session on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Chris Malinchak - Stranger

Chris Malinchak – Stranger

EDM Kid Chronic

Brand New EDM.

Rick Perry

Republican Bully Governor Rick Perry May Have Ruined His Run for the Presidency

Legal Kid Chronic

Will the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry ruin his chances for being President? He claims that because the District Attorney got a DUI, he can threaten her and then unfund her department? Who the hell does he think he is? Everyone in the country […]


M4SONIC – Chaos

EDM Kid Chronic

Official Video.

caturday gif

The Best Gifs on the Web Today!!!

Gifs Kid Chronic

A gallery of animated Gifs just for youuuuuu!

Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima Sets a New Electric Car Speed Record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima Sets a New Electric Car Speed Record at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Automotive Kid Chronic

Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima returns for his 26th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in his custom created electric vehicle. He is attempting to set a new speed record for electric vehicles on the mountain.

protests in ferguson missouri

Ferguson, Missouri is in Complete Chaos #MichaelBrown

News Kid Chronic

The entire police force in Ferguson should be fired and an entirely new one should be brought in from top to bottom. They have to be the most incompetent police force in the country, and they all think they are U.S. soldiers – not to […]

santa ana police department

Santa Ana Police Caught Beating Edgar Vargas Arzate After He Surrenders

California Kid Chronic

Watch this video as cops repeatedly punch and beat Edgar Vargas Arzate with batons well after he peacefully surrendered to them. Cue the protests in Santa Ana…


Lance Armstrong Today

News Lois Lane

It has been 18 months since Lance Armstrong admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. His record achievement of seven successive Tour de France wins have been wiped off the books. And now he faces his biggest challenge with the U.S. Federal Government over its […]


Behind the Scenes of Brazzers 10th Anniversary Show

NSFW Kid Chronic

Porn. If you have no parents or immediate family, it’s gotta be a helluva job!

water sports fails

Summer 2014 Water Sports Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

It wouldn’t be summer without water sports fails!

Michael Brown

The Michael Brown Autopsy

News Kid Chronic

The autopsy is out and shows that Michael Brown was shot multiple times in the front of his body, supporting eyewitness testimony that he was facing the officer with his hands up when he was shot. Furthermore, the kill shot was fired while Michael Brown […]

The Best Trick Contest at the Portland Dew Tour 2014

The Best Trick Contest at the Portland Dew Tour 2014

Skate Kid Chronic

These guys shred the stairs in downtown Portland!

miami gas station explodes

Miami Gas Station Blows Up After Gas Theft

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A thief tried to steal diesel gasoline from a Miami, Florida gas station, and nearly blew himself up in the process.

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