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Protesters Flip Police Car Outside City Hall

Ferguson Protesters Flip Police Car Outside City Hall

News Kid Chronic

Protests are still happening all over the country most notably in Ferguson Missouri.

Sir Sly - You Haunt Me on Print Killer

Sir Sly – You Haunt Me

EDM Kid Chronic


ZHU - Paradise Awaits on Print Killer

ZHU – Paradise Awaits

EDM Kid Chronic

FKJ Remix.

New Beyonce Video Creating Quite A Buzz

Music Flipzide

Check out Beyonce’s  latest & extremely provocative music video “Haunted”


Katy Perry to Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show

Entertainment Flipzide

Pop Music Sensation Katy Perry will be the headlining performer in the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show…Enjoy this humorous Superbowl halftime hype video she put together.

abc news

Police Officer Darren Wilson “I have a clean conscience”

News Flipzide

In an ABC News exclusive interview, Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, broke his silence and explained his side of the story to reporter George Stephanopoulos. More ABC US news | ABC World News


Miami-Dade County Mayor Pushes For Police Officer Body Cameras

News Flipzide

In light of Michael Brown’s family calling for a nationwide law to be passed that would require all police officers to wear body cameras, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez is pushing for an implementation of this technology. This year’s Miami-Dade County budget has included a […]

National Guard Force Presence To Be Increased

News Flipzide

In response to the state of anarchy that transpired last night in Ferguson, Missouri,which came in result of the grand jury decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has taken stern action and […]


Bette Midler Feels Ariana Grande Doesn’t Need To Make a “Whore” Out Herself To Be Successful In The Music Industry

Entertainment Lois Lane

Bette Midler feels that Ariana Grande doesn’t need to make a “whore” out of herself when it comes to being successful in the music business.


Watch This Inspiring Story of Kayla a Teenager Who Suffers From MS and Is Also One of the Country’s Best Long Distance Runners

Videos Lois Lane

Kayla Montgomery is one of the country’s best long distance runner, she is also a teenager who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Watch her amazing video that will truly inspire you!


Watch the Story of Charlie the Shelter Dog- Adopt an Animal Today!

Videos Lois Lane

Charlie was a little dog rescued after being found on the side of a road in Los Angeles, California. Charlie’s fur was matted and knotted with burrs which were very painful. Hollywood Grooming volunteered to groom the little dog giving him a chance to be […]


‘Law and Order SVU’ Star Reveals She Was A Victim Of Bill Cosby

News Lois Lane

Another victim has come forward with allegations that Bill Cosby was inappropriate with her. Actress Michelle Hurd, who plays  Detective Monique Jeffries on the show “Law and Order, SVU” writes, “It started innocently, lunch in his dressing room, daily, then onto weird acting exercises were […]

Violence in Ferguson After No Indictment - Print Killer

Violence in Ferguson After No Indictment

News Kid Chronic

Angry rioters are destroying Ferguson Missouri, and I cant say that I blame them.

Protestors Burn Down Little Ceasers

Protestors Burn Down Little Ceasers in Ferguson Missouri

News Kid Chronic

Will there be anything left of Ferguson by morning?

Ferguson Burns

Massive Looting and Businesses Set A Fire in Ferguson

News Kid Chronic

Fires, theft, and gun shots rule the night in Ferguson Missouri, after the Grand Jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Ferguson Missouri is on Fire - Print Killer

Ferguson Missouri is on Fire

News Kid Chronic

Sadly these fires are the only justice for Michael Brown, if you ask me, I say, let Ferguson burn.

Ferguson Missouri, Michael Brown

Source Says No indictment for Darren Wilson

News Kid Chronic

Prepare for Ferguson Missouri to burn. The Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch is reported to have dumped documents on the Grand Jury rather than actually prosecute the case in normal fashion.  Not surprising since his record in these incidents favors police officers even though the area […]


Katy Perry To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Entertainment Lois Lane

The rumors are true. Katy Perry is set to perform in the Super Bowl halftime show. Last month, New York Post’s Page Six and Billboard reported that Perry was preparing to shine at Super Bowl XLIX, set for February 1 in Glendale, Arizona.

12-Year-Old African American Boy Shot By Police While Carrying BB Gun - Print Killer

12-Year-Old Boy Shot By Police While Carrying a BB Gun

News Kid Chronic

This is never going to stop, not until police hiring and training is completely revamped all around the country. This African-American boy was only 12 years old when police took him off this planet. His crime? Playing with a BB Gun, just like they did […]

Worlds Highest Swing

I Want to Ride The World’s Highest Swing!

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

This thing looks bad ass! #SochiVertigo


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