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Nurse Nina Pham Cured of Ebola Virus - Print Killer

Nurse Nina Pham Cured of Ebola Virus

Health Kid Chronic

She is 100% cured and looking forward to returning to normal life in Texas.

New York Hatchet Attack Was an Act of Terror - Print Killer

New York Hatchet Attack Was an Act of Terror

News Kid Chronic

An officer is in critical condition after suffering a hatchet wound to the head in what the NYPD is calling the latest terrorist attack.

Real Estate Office Wins Three Different Lotteries! - Print Killer

Real Estate Office Wins Three Different Lotteries!

News Kid Chronic

Wow, did these guys rig the lottery or what? How is this mathematically possible?

Time-lapse Video of Brisbane

Amazing Time-lapse Video of Brisbane

Travel Kid Chronic

Take a one minute trip to Brisbane!

sultan of the desert

Red Bull Sultan of the Desert

Sports Kid Chronic

Desert adventure racing through the middle east.

Poop on Lamborghini

Poop on Lamborghini Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

Pranks Kid Chronic

Well that escalated quickly!

Washington School Shooting

Three People in Critical Condition After The Washington School Shooting

News Kid Chronic

Multiple deaths and injuries were suffered in the latest American school shooting.

Jaylen Fryberg Named as Washington High School Gunman

Jaylen Fryberg Named as Washington High School Gunman

News Kid Chronic

The shooter was the freshman home coming king.

Washington School Shooter Had The Gun in His Bag All Day - P

Washington School Shooter Had The Gun in His Bag All Day

News Kid Chronic

The Washington School shooter shot his friends in the back during lunch. Listen to this eye-witness account of the horrific events.


Are You Ass Hypnotized?

EDM Flipzide

If you find yourself fantasized & hypnotized by a girls dairy air then this song is for you…check out this hot new video by TJR feat. Dances With White Girls entitled “Ass Hypnotized”…Happy Weekend everybody!

canadian shooter

New Video May Show the Canadian Shooter

News Kid Chronic

He got into a car with no plates and was accidentally caught on video by a dash cam.

Lady Lets a Wild deer Into Her Home, Proceeds to Feed it a Bottle!

Lady Lets a Wild Deer Into Her Home, Proceeds to Feed it a Bottle!

Animals Kid Chronic

This is something my hippie older sister would do, you would never catch me letting wild animals in my house. I let girls in my house, it’s hard enough to get them out!

marble quary video

GET WISE: How to Mine Marble in Italy

Get Wise Kid Chronic

This is freaking amazing! I had no idea this is how they do it, I mean it makes sense, but none the less breathtaking and very surprising.


Brad Pitt on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Interviews Kid Chronic

This has to be the funniest Between Two Ferns yet! Watch it here!


British Man Was Faking Coma For Two Years

News Lois Lane

Alan Knight pleaded guilty this week after he was caught pretending to be a quadriplegic who had periodic seizures that left him in a comatose-state.


Hilarious Video of Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs for Feminism

Videos Lois Lane

The Video: Little Girls Drop “F-Bombs for Feminism” in Bluntly Comedic Viral Video Educating Adults On Sexism.


Stunning Video Captures Rescue From Burning Fire

Videos Lois Lane

A woman recorded a man calmly walking into a house that was on fire to rescue an older man who was still inside.


Reports Find UNC Athletes Took Fake Classes To Stay Eligible

News Lois Lane

Reports find that University of North Carolina let there student athletes take fake classes so they could stay eligible to play sports.


New EDM Music Video from Dillon Francis

EDM Flipzide

Enjoy this hot off the press EDM music video from Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard feat. The Chain Gang of 1974 entitled “When We Were Young”


Marine Gets Shot In The Head By Sniper…Walks Away Unscathed

Guns Flipzide

Watch as marine takes a shot to the head by a Taliban sniper and lives to tell the tale thanks to his trusty Kevlar helmet


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