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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph D, The Inexplicable Universe Unsolved Mysteries

Astronomy Kid Chronic

Neil deGrasse Tyson is great science narrator, watch this and learn something people!

Cat Fights

The Best Cat Fights of 2014

Fights Kid Chronic

Damn it hurt just watching this! These bitches are cray!

Reese Witherspoon Naked!

Reese Witherspoon Naked!

Celeb Kid Chronic

Reese Witherspoon NSFW Gallery

First Go-Pro Video

This Guys First Go-Pro Video is Baller as Fuck

Videos Kid Chronic

Hey what can you say, he can’t stop…

beer keg christmas tree

Beer Company Makes a Christmas Tree Out of Kegs

News Kid Chronic

Pure genius!

NYPD Officers Killed

Two NYPD Officers Killed in Backlash Ambush

New York Kid Chronic

Backlash from the recent police brutality murders and the lack of judicial response has turned deadly. A vigilante out for justice killed two NYPD officers today in cold blood, then shortly later killed himself in a New York subway. We now officially have a war […]

jenna marbles

The 12 Days of Your Annoying Girlfriend

Videos Kid Chronic

Christmas with Jenna Marbles!

florida man electrocuted by wedding ring

Florida Man Killed by Wedding Ring

Florida Kid Chronic

Just one more reason not to get married… This poor bastard was killed when his wedding ring touched an electrical wire, while installing a dishwasher for his in-laws.

awkward family christmas photos

Awkward Family Christmas Photos

lol Kid Chronic

Happy holidays from the weirdos!

johnny manziel

Johnny Manziel Flies in Cute Pajama Pants!

Sports Kid Chronic

Awww! Look at Johnny Manziel at the airport. How cute! I mean nothing says pro football like a starting QB in cute little pajama pants… Johnny Football? How about Johnny Pajamas!


December 2014 Fails!

Uncategorized Kid Chronic

Happy Holidays!!!

North Korea Says United States Investigation is Childish

North Korea Says United States Investigation is Childish

Movie Kid Chronic

North Korea issues more idle threats in an attempt to dodge responsibility for the Sony hack.

Best of 2014

Spinnin’ Records – Best of 2014 Year Mix

House Kid Chronic

The best end of the year party mix so far. Good bye 2014!!!


KOA – All Of My Love

EDM Kid Chronic

New EDM!  

dove killer

Funeral Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

OMG… Poor bastard. That’s why you shouldn’t schedule any trick performances at your funeral. Don’t want something like this to be the last thing people remember about you…

walmart website fail

Wal-Mart Website Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

Now that I think about it, I do need a Rugar Pistol  with that baby jumper!

the interview backlash

Americans Are Fired Up That Sony Pussied Out and Cancelled “The Interview”

Movie Kid Chronic

Sony has such little class and fortitude it’s mind blowing.

Lennon Lacy

COMMON SENSE: Lennon Lacy Was The Victim of a Lynching

News Kid Chronic

A black male in an interracial relationship in the South winds up hung in the park and guess what? No charges have been filed… In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lennon Lacy’s girlfriend said she believes their relationship led to his murder, and that […]

North Korean Sony Hacks

Congressman Finds The Level of North Korean Sony Hacks Surprising

Interviews Kid Chronic

The hacks are surprising, but not as surprising as America cowering in fear and cancelling the movie.

Blimps Are Being Launched to Protect DC

Army Blimps Are Being Launched to Protect DC

News Kid Chronic

The United States Army is adding a new layer to Washington DC’s air defense.


Three High-Level ISIS Leaders Killed by United States Air Strike

News Kid Chronic

All I have to say about this is good, I’m glad! ISIS is a ridiculously awful organization and it should be destroyed.


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Christmas in Florida what a weird experience... It's like having the Winter Olympics in the Bahamas, or wearing flip flops in Colorado, or going skiing in July. Something about green grass, lights on palm trees, and people drinking Coronas in December slightly unnatural. That's the one thing the Northern states have over the South, great Christmas weather. Well, that and good bagels, pizza, and Chinese food. Lord knows those are hard to find in the South!

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