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The Daily Show - Pipe Friction

The Daily Show – Pipe Friction

TV Kid Chronic

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

Colbert Report

Obama’s Executive Amnesty

TV Kid Chronic

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook

Game Preview: FSU vs. Boston College

Game Preview: FSU vs. Boston College

Florida State Kid Chronic

It’s Senior Day  and game day at FSU tomorrow just days after the deadly shooting.

Angry GF Runs Her BF Over With The Car #SFL - Print Killer

Angry GF Runs Her BF Over With The Car #SFL

Videos Kid Chronic

OMG this bitch is cray! WTF poor bastard, I feel so sorry for him I’m going to let him of the hook for shooting this video with his phone vertical like a douche.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8

TV Kid Chronic

These will never get old!

GET WISE: What It's Like to Launch Into Space

GET WISE: What It’s Like to Launch Into Space

Astronomy Kid Chronic

As described by Commander Chris Hadfield.  


Feeling Like Less of a Women?

TV Kid Chronic

Have you been arguing rationally? You may have a condition called low estrogen. SandraGel from Darkstar Mike on Vimeo.


100-Year-Old Woman Sees The Ocean For the First Time

Uncategorized Lois Lane

Ruby Holt spent most of her 100 years on a farm in rural Tennessee, picking cotton and raising four children. She never had the time or money to go to a beach.


Victims of Honda Airbag Defect Say Manufacturer Did Nothing

News Lois Lane

Takata and Honda, the manufacturers of cars are under scrutiny after they failed to warn about the defective airbags that have killed and injured dozens of people.


Obama’s Immigration Plan Will Target Felons Not Families

News Lois Lane

Obama is pressing forward to make broad changes to the immigration system without the consent of Congress. A key element of Obama’s plan is to instruct immigration authorities to target those undocumented immigrants who are dangerous rather than law-abiding undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and […]


Library Books Save Life of FSU Student

Florida State Flipzide

Jason Derfuss was a first-hand witness to the horrific shootings that took place at Florida State University last night. Not only was he a witness, but also a very fortunate survivor of the incident. Mr. Derfuss had just checked out books from the campus library […]

white wonderland

Wanna Get Away?

Travel Flipzide

So you are saying that you wanna make big plans for New Year’s Eve this year, but you wanna get of town for the festivities…Flipzide recommends The White Wonderland New Year’s Eve Gala, which will be held on Decemeber 31st, 2014, in Southern California…Guaranteed to […]

cock majic

Thursday Funny…New South Park

Comedy Flipzide

Have you Seen the new South Park Episode entitled “Cock Magic“?…Enjoy this latest enstallment courtesy of Southparkstudios.com

inside the florida state college shooting

Video From Inside the Florida State Shooting

Florida State Kid Chronic

Scary video released from inside the Strozier Library during the Florida State attack.

zach deputy

Zach Deputy Live In Concert Tonight

Concert Flipzide

One Man Band extraordinaire Zach Deputy, who describes his music style as “island-infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja soul”, will grace the stage at The Culture Room tonight….showtime is scheduled for 7:30 pm with SOSAS slated as the opening…Enjoy this Flipzide Choice video to get […]


President Obama To Address Nation On Sweeping Immigration Reform…GOP Vows to Stop His Plan

News Flipzide

At 8pm tonight, President Obama will speak to the entire nation on his plan to take unilateral executive action and grant what amounts to mass amnesty for of millions of undocumented illegal aliens in the United States. The Republicans are prepared to fight tooth and […]


And The Award For Father Of The Year Goes To….the Dad Who Suprised His Cancer-Stricken Son By Dressing Up As Spiderman On His Birthday

Videos Lois Lane

Mike Wilson donned a Spiderman superhero costume to surprise his terminally ill son on his birthday. Wilson leaped from a roof at his family home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, as part of the birthday stunt for five-year-old Jayden, who has a grade-four brain tumor.  


Florida State University Gunman Revealed

News Lois Lane

Authorities have revealed the FSU gunman that shot three students. Myron May was a 2005 graduate of FSU. He graduated from Texas Tech University’s law school in 2009.


Police Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire at Florida State University

News Lois Lane

Campus police officers shot a gunman who opened fire at the Florida State University library. The gunman injured three people. Two of the shooting victims were taken to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. One was in critical condition; the other was stable.


Does This Look Like The Face of A Small Japanese Woman Who Was Killing Her Husbands?

News Lois Lane

Police arrested Chisako Kakehi, after cyanide was found in the body of her 75-year-old husband.  They were married one month before he died in December 2013.


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