Print is Dead, Long Live the Internet.

Print Killer IconThe Print Killer Media Network is a conglomeration of websites owned and operated by tech CEO and political pundit Patrick Zarrelli. The websites range from media sites to online stores and the number of sites in the network is always changing as Zarrelli and his team launch new products and ventures, or cancel and close others. The base of the Network is Video God ( a mega video blog that features cutting edge design, great content, and sharp witty commentary from writers all over the nation.

Currently the Print Killer Media Network consists of Video God ( our news and media site. Elite Metal Cards ( our website that turns any credit or debit card into a custom black card. IntelliChair ( our state of the art motorized electric wheelchair store. Super Sexy Sex Toys ( our super sexy and ultra discrete adult toy store. Then last but certainly not least, is Vegas Sports Experts ( a sports journalism and prognostication service.

At the Print Killer Media Network we take pride in the modern internet based media and do our best to keep the internet functioning on a high level for all users. That’s why we are so proud and happy about our team work with our sister company Dependable Website Management ( when it comes to coding and custom web builds these guys are the absolute best in the business and we are so proud of all the hard work we have achieved together. If anyone out there is looking for a serious and professional web development company, then we highly recommend Dependable Website Management.

If you would like to advertise on the Print Killer Media Network then we would be happy to have you. We offer two sizes of banner ads, a header banner, and a side banner. We also offer promoted posts and featured content of all kinds. We have a long standing and great relationship with Google Adsense so you can rest assured your ads will be shown next to some of the best fellow advertisers in the world. Not to mention on some of the best content the internet has to offer! To get a custom advertising plan for your company call the Print Killer Media Network office today at (954) 740-7900.

If you need to get a hold of the Print Killer Media Network for some other reason than first check our terms of service page above and make sure your question is not answered there. If this is a copyright issue, than please contact our registered copyright agent and Florida attorney, Lance A. Garrett ( he will be more than happy to assist you further. For all other corporate inquires like sponsorship or partnership opportunities, please feel free to email our company CEO Patrick Zarrelli at (

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