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David Dopp

Bad Luck: Guy Wins $300k Lambo, Wrecks It 6 Hours Later

Automotive Patricia Jay

Talk about a classic good luck/ bad luck scenario in the latest ‘Joe Schmo to Lambo’ contest in Utah.

Louis Vuitton Sues Warner Bros For "The Hangover Part II"

Movie Patricia Jay

Louis Vuitton is upset with a phrase recited by the ever-so famous character, “Alan”, in the The Hangover sequel. At some point, Alan says, “Careful, that is a Louis Vuitton.”


DAiLY CRiMiNAL: Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Accused Of Throwing Sh!t At His Girlfriend & Hitting Her With A Board?

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

Yup – accused of throwing fecal matter at his girlfriend – Christopher Raphael (24 yrs ) was arrested around 9am, Monday morning in West Palm Beach.   I know what your thinking – ew! But this woman asked for it! Never fight with your man […]


Party Like A Rock Star – You Only Have One More Year To Live!

News Patricia Jay

According to the Mayan Calendar, Doomsday is set for DECEMBER 21ST, 2012! Live it up people! [is this true?]


GET WiSE: How Some Of The World’s Biggest Douche Bags Died

Get Wise Patricia Jay

How Some Of The World’s Biggest Douche Bags Died: 


Christmas With The Kardashians – Past & Present.

Entertainment Patricia Jay

The Kardashians share their family Christmas Cards and photos – Happy Holidays!

Marriage Proposal Rejected On National Television

TV Patricia Jay

Guy Proposes To Girlfriend On Ellen & Gets Rejected! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Girl Jumps On Bouncy Ball = Falls Straight On Face!

That's Gotta Hurt Patricia Jay

This one is for you Johnny Boy! Girl on a ball fail brought to you by Funny Clips

Puppy Poops During Live Broadcast, Ew

TV Patricia Jay

  Dog Poops During Live News Segment brought to you by Funny

Crazy Flexible

The Most Flexible Girls In The World! (40PiCS)

Pics Patricia Jay

My body hurts just looking at these pics – mind blowing!


Andy Dick Takes Drug Test For His Fans

Entertainment Patricia Jay

Andy Dick might be the only person on the planet taking a routine drug test by choice. The comedian has been in and out of therapy for years, and now that he is finally serious about becoming sober, he fears his fans will not believe […]

Ew, I hate it

Not Sure What To Give The Girl Who Has Everything?

Product Patricia Jay

Still scramming to find the perfect gift(S) for your lady friend? Here are some ideas for the girl who has everything – A perfect gift is something that she needs but would never purchase for herself.


Mother Nature Is A Super Freak!

Pics Patricia Jay

Check out Mother Nature & all her glorious perversion!

woMAN down

Courtney Love To Be Evicted From Her Home In New York

Music Patricia Jay

Courtney Love’s landlady is getting ready to evict the American Rock Musician, as well as take her to court. Courtney has allegedly fallen behind more than $50,000 in rent! She has also been accused of starting a fire and redecorating without premission. Oops. [msn] Lyon, owner of […]

Accused 'Witch'

'Witch' Beheaded In The Middle East This Week

News Patricia Jay

I Just realized how much I love living in America! You will not believe why Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar was forced into a public execution on Monday, December 12th.  She was accused of being a “witch” in Saudi Arabia, because she was found possessing herbs, […]

Bradley Cooper

Sexiest Celeb. Bodies Of All Time!

Pics Patricia Jay

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies! 


10 Laws To Live By:

Books Patricia Jay

Dr. Phil explains 10 strategies needed for a better life. Makes a lot of sense, to be quite honest. Life Law #1: You either get it or you don’t. Strategy: Become one of those who gets it.   Life Law #2: You create your own experience. […]

R. Kelly's Mansion Listed As A Short Sale

Music Patricia Jay

… Meaning he owes more on his house than it is actually worth. The 22,000 square foot mansion is listed at 1.595 million, and was custom built by the Grammy winner back in 97. The house includes 16 rooms, 4 fireplaces, 8 full bathrooms, indoor […]


Lindsey Lohan Nipple Slip – AGAIN!

Entertainment Patricia Jay

She just can’t keep those things covered![Previous slippage in Miami] Also, let me show you 12 reasons why Lindsey Lohan owes the creator of Photo Shop a large Christmas present. Do these look anything like her Playboy spread that was just released? You be the […]

Megan Fox

Celebrity Time Machine

Pics Patricia Jay

See your favorite celebs like Megan Fox before they were famous!

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