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6 Ridiculous Things Guys Do With Their Dicks

Funny Patricia Jay

Here is a list of 6 strange and simply ridiculous things guys do with their schlongs that TOTALLY weird us out!


Grand Central: Miami’s Trendiest Event Venue (40+PiCS)

Reviews Patricia Jay

Seeking something new on the weekends? Tired of standing in a room with a DJ repeating the American Top 40? Grand Central, located in Downtown Miami, offers live entertainment nightly […]

meteor shower_500

The First Meteor Shower Of 2012

News Patricia Jay

The Quadrantids is scheduled to light up our skies Wednesday, January 4th at 2AM EST – and promises to be one of the brightest shows we’ve had in awhile!


The Best Of Auto-Correct

Funny Patricia Jay

Auto Correct makes for some pretty awkward moments!  

Katy Perry's Interview With Ellen Right After Getting Married – Boy, How Things Change

Entertainment Patricia Jay

Funny how quickly love can turn into hatred. Maybe the relationship didn’t work out because the best part of their marriage was, “staying home & playing with their cats.”


World's Biggest Parenting FAiLS! -40PiCS-

Pics Patricia Jay

Let’s face it – not everyone is ready to be a parent!


The "DO's & Dont's" Of Pregnancy / Labor

Pics Patricia Jay

When it comes to having a baby, people react in many different ways. Make sure to check out these “Do’s and Dont’s” before your big day!

No One Likes A Tease Buddy, Including Your Pet Frog

Pranks Patricia Jay

This guy plays a joke on his frog – and pays for it!

This New Years – Don't Forget Your Bar Etiquette!

Funny Patricia Jay

There is a good chance your bartender isn’t too happy about working on NYE. Make sure to tip well and mind your manors!

Bloopers From 'The Hangover' = HiLARiOUS!

Funny Patricia Jay
Meryl Streep Museum

Meryl Streep's Very Generous Donation Of 1 Million Dollars

Entertainment Patricia Jay

Goes To: The New National Women’s History Museum! The Museum has yet to find permanent placement, but Meryl is pushing for the location she best sees fit – Washington DC. The […]


Lady Gaga Finally Has A Boyfriend!

Entertainment Patricia Jay

The Pop Singer & all around wacko is showing some public affection with new boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney from “Vampire Diaries”. And to think, Kid Chronic was convinced she had a […]

Get Wise: A List Of Some New Laws That Will Take Effect In 2012

Colorado Patricia Jay

Nearly 40,000 new laws were enacted in 2011, and some will start as early as New Year’s Day

Kid Cudi Responds To Ben Breedlove’s Heart-Wrenching Videos

Videos Patricia Jay

Watch the teen’s videos that brought the rapper to tears. Ben Breedlove was an 18 year old American teenager who suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and died from a heart attack on […]

Pauly D Split

DJ Pauly D. Lands His Own Reality Show On MTV!

Nevada Patricia Jay

Even though his name doesn’t have as much hype behind it as his cast mates – Snookie or The Situation, Pauly D will receive his own spin off on MTV, starting directly after Season 5 of […]

ice cream and beaver butt

Do You Like Vanilla Ice Cream? I Bet You Won't When You Find Out How It's Made.

Get Wise Patricia Jay

Castoreum – Google that shit. To put it simple, Castoreum is the dried anal glands from a beaver, and it is in your ice cream.

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