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president Obama and womens rights

Obama Shows His Contempt For Women

Politcs Nat Trayger

Not since Bill Clinton has a president shown such contempt for women. Obama must think women are stupid and will not remember his false promises about keeping their health care and their doctor. He must think women will not notice how much less safe the […]

Keystone pipeline

Obama Will Approve Keystone Pipeline Because of an Endangered Species – Democrat Senators

Politics Nat Trayger

The proposed 7 billion dollar Keystone XL pipeline would carry oil from Alberta in Western Canada to Nebraska and connect to already existing pipelines in order to carry 800,000 barrels of oil each day to refineries in Texas. Remember that Obama and Secretary of State […]

jay leno

The Real Reason Jay Leno Was Fired?

Entertainment Nat Trayger

Why would NBC fire Jay Leno?  He certainly had been successful in the ratings department in his time slot.  I have heard all sorts of theories about the reasons for his firing, but it still seems confusing to me.  Did NBC want a younger man […]

new york

Economic Opportunities In New York

New York Nat Trayger

While watching television I saw an advertisement that tried to get businesses to locate in New York.  The attempt to lure companies to New York State made me think about the experience I just had there. Because I am originally from New York, I have […]


The Affordable CAR Act

News Nat Trayger

People seem shocked that Obama’s promise, where he stated that if you liked your old health insurance plan you could keep it, turned out to be false. Some have accused him of lying. Perhaps you prefer another choice that does not call the president of […]

knock out game

“Whitewashing” the “Knockout Game?”

Article Nat Trayger

There seems to be a certain reluctance to acknowledge possible racial or ethnic motivations for some crimes in America today. There seems to be a calculated unwillingness among some in the media to report crimes committed by black people against whites or other non blacks. […]

obama liar

Obama Had to Lie to Us!!!

News Nat Trayger

I am truly shocked about how many people are surprised that Obama lied to them about keeping their insurance plans and their doctors. The plans had to change due to the very law that was passed by congress and signed by Obama. How could anyone […]


Thoughts on Obamacare and the Shutdown

News Nat Trayger

By now we have all read stories about World War II veterans not being allowed to visit the memorial dedicated to their service during that war due to the government shutdown. The Obama administration has also caused people not to be able to visit the […]

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 11.52.09 PM

Who Used Chemical Weapons in Syria?

News Nat Trayger

What is surprising is that in all of the recent discussion about who used chemical weapons a story from May 6, 2013 raises interesting questions about a past use of chemical weapons. I have not seen this story, linked here, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-22424188 even discussed. In the […]

black crime

Why Won’t People Talk About Black Crime?

Politcs Nat Trayger

Eric Holder is correct about one thing, most people in this country are unwilling to have an honest discussion about race. Over the last few days there was another crime that horrified people. A young man from Australia, Christopher Lane, was murdered in Oklahoma. According […]

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 5.10.08 PM

Republicans Would Never Support a Candidate Like Weiner?

News Nat Trayger

One thing about Anthony Weiner or as he is better known by some, Carlos Danger, is that his escapades can be entertaining and revealing. By now we all know about Weiner/Danger’s continuing escapades with his equipment; audio and video that is. He might be incurable. […]


Thoughts About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

News Nat Trayger

I do not have definitive answers but I think what you had here was a situation where a wannabe hero met up with a wannabe tough guy. Had Zimmerman not followed Trayvon Martin there would have been no shooting but following someone, even if it […]


Crime, About to Explode

News Nat Trayger

A recent FBI report noted that after a five year decline, violent crime went up by 1.2%. People will point to poverty and the recession to explain some of this and those factors play a role although it is hard to know whether it is […]

Barak Obama-United States-Politics

Obama Represents Real Freedom.

News Nat Trayger

One peculiar aspect of the different scandals that threaten to consume the Obama administration is that his approval ratings are still high. In discussions that I have listened to, I hear terms like “low information voters” or that the president is personable that seek to […]

marco rubio seante

“Honest” Marco?

News Nat Trayger

I know that most people are writing about and covering stories about how the IRS gave extra scrutiny to conservative and pro-Israel groups. The Justice Department and the AP phone records is also in the news. What happened in Benghazi and how the White House […]

marco rubio

I Wish I Had Supported Charlie Crist

News Nat Trayger

I voted for and supported Marco Rubio when he ran against Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. Senate. I did so because I believed that Rubio was a real conservative, unlike Crist, who I had come to believe was masquerading […]


Same Sex Marriage

California Nat Trayger

I do not think there is anything in the U.S. Constitution that could be interpreted as calling for a state to have to allow same sex marriage. I cannot find that this issue was ever addressed in any of the civil rights amendments or laws. […]


Why Hasn’t This Killing Been Widely Reported?

News Nat Trayger

The killer has admitted to killing victim Brittany Wells, stealing her car. and shooting two other people, leaving one paralyzed and the other less seriously wounded. It was not an attempt at car jacking or a robbery. Nikosi Thandiwe was working as a security guard […]

Capital Hil

Cratophobia or Fear of Government

Politics Nat Trayger

I have a phobia. I do not fear heights (acrophobia) or outdoor spaces (agoraphobia). I also don’t fear being in small places (claustrophobia). Cratophobia is my word for my fear of rulers and government. My fear of government is based on personal observation, but also […]

gun nutts

Gun Control: The Final Push for Dependency

Politics Nat Trayger

Obama’s latest push to make people even more dependent on the government can be seen in his latest attempt to destroy our second amendment rights. The second amendment is not about hunting deer as New York Governor Cuomo seems to believe it is, but is […]

The Mass Murder the Anti-Gun Nuts Do Not Want to Talk About

Politics Nat Trayger

  It was January 30, 2010. Twenty men armed with “assault weapons” entered a house where there were sixty teenagers gathered for a birthday party. They opened fire and by the end of the massacre, the total number of dead was sixteen. It does not […]

More Gun Control?

News Nat Trayger

The horror of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is unimaginable. Helpless innocent children murdered in a school is beyond belief and yet it happened. The heroism of people like the principal, the teachers, and other staff who gave up their lives to protect the children […]

The Crisis of the Obligations

Politics Nat Trayger

If there was one idea or theory that best explained the sad state of America it was the “tragedy of the commons.” In 1833, William Foster Lloyd observed that people will overuse a commonly held resource if this use accrued to their individual benefit, even […]

obama romney 2012

Post Obama Election Depression

Politics Nat Trayger

Post Obama Re-election Depression I was in the Wings Plus restaurant with radio talk show host Steve Kane and his producer Brian Craig, along with other people who listen to the show to watch the election returns. I had always believed that Obama would win […]


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