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Check Out Kid Chronic’s Office

News The Chef

Somebody get this bed-top bark-a-lounger for Kid Chronic. We would hate to have his back go out while barking orders at his employees.


Guy Calling Himself The Hitman, Sought By Undercover State Police. Promptly Nabbed And Shot At Near MIT.

News The Chef

Chelsea – Over a course of two decades, Leroy Martin was arrested several times and imprisoned twice. Since then, he has used many other aliases. This time his new nickname […]


Massachusettes High Court: Women Can Deliver Babies Unassisted, And If They Die, Can Throw Them Away In The Trash

News The Chef

By John R. Ellement, Boston Globe Staff The Supreme Judical Court today threw out the involuntary manslaughter conviction of a Milford woman whose child died during the birth that she […]


Spend The Afternoon With The 420 Girls [nsfw]

Killer Babes The Chef

Happy Holidays from The South Florida Chronicle.. It’s the Chronic… YEP!    Today’s Wake Up is brought to you by the 420 Girls… The Messengers Of Mother Nature.. Awwww Yeaaaaa..! […]


Steve Jobs, Apple founder, Dead at 56…

News The Chef

Steve Jobs, the visionary in the black turtleneck who co-founded Apple in a Silicon Valley garage, built it into the world’s leading tech company and led a mobile-computing revolution with […]

Bum Fight Knockout In Tompkins Square Park – NYC

Fights The Chef

What starts out as a nature film about squirrels, pigeons and rat holes in Tompkins Square Park quickly turns into a knockout blow that makes that bum hit the snooze button.


Wake Up With Argentinian D.W.T.S Chick – Cinthia Fernández

Wake Up With... The Chef

Well, it didn’t take me long to find the name, home address and horoscope sign of this bad ass Chica from earlier.. Would you expect anything less than perfection from […]


Season 2 – Volume 1

News The Chef

Well, it’s that time of the year again. College. Yup, time for all the skanky undergrads and their new Iphone 4’s or 5’s or what ever they are calling them now, to get their […]


Amanda Knox Will Cash In From Her Jailtime: We All Ponder, 4 Years Of Ass Pounding For Millions..?

News The Chef

NY Post – An Italian appeals court overturned Amanda Knox’s murder conviction Monday, allowing the Seattle native to return to the US, nearly two years after she and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele […]

Argentinian Dancing With The Stars & Youtube Have Agreed On One Thing: F U American Television

TV The Chef

So I guess Youtube is throwing its no vagina and boobs policy right out the window for this one, eh? I would too. If this is the Argentinian Dancing With […]


Guess That Booty…..

The Chef

And it’s everyone’s favorite Teen mom, 


Augmented Reality…

Tech The Chef

Augmented Reality is a term for using a green screen technology for manipulating vectors and pixilated imagery to use as a  back ground for motion pictures, special effect graphics (SP-FX) and the like.. I […]


Some Body Get Kid Chronic This Flying Clownfish Here…

News The Chef

I don’t know what it does..  but hey, fuck it… avail here…


MASSIVE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Alexiuss of Deviant Art Shows Us Why Chad Love Is An Art Thief…

Uncategorized The Chef

Just wanted to stick up for ourselves and our writer Treez.   Last year when he interviewed Chad for this blog post, he had no idea that the man was […]

Standard Scooter Fail Compilation..

That's Gotta Hurt The Chef

People eating Sh*t on a scooter like it’s going out of style…

Alissia_Bill Rivenburgh

Is this The Face Of A Lottery-Winning Couple Facing Drug Charges After “Blowing” Through Their Fortune In Under 3 Years?

Daily Criminal The Chef

Husband-and-wife lottery winners Alissia and Bill  Rivenburgh blew through so much of their $1 Million dollar winning from the NY Sate Lotto that they couldn’t afford bail when they were […]

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