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Chubby Pug Snoring Away In A Bucket Of Water

Videos The Chef

No Title Needed. Just straight I Dont Give A Fuc*ness. Here is your moment of Zen.

St Landrys Crime Stoppers

St. Landry Crime Stoppers

Videos The Chef

“the people who know you don’t really like you anyway” Love it! Never rob the Sheriffs favorite lunch spot.


Bobbi Kristina Brown Has Died at 22.

Entertainment The Chef

Parents of the decade award goes to Bobbi Brown and Whitney Huston. I mean, what more can you say about the two former Mega Stars of music. Drugs, divorce, sex […]

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Todays Random Batch – Yoga Pants

Killer Babes The Chef

Here is your Daily Mega Dump of Yoga Pants, and selfless selfies~! **Click Photo to enter Gallery Mode**


Cy Twombly’s Blackboard Painting May Set New Auction Record

Art The Chef

In November, one of Cy Twombly’s “blackboard” paintings will go up for sale at Christie’s and may set a new record for the artist at auction. Created in 1970, the […]


Pixels (2015) A Hilarious Review – With Farm Animals

Entertainment The Chef

I was on the fence about Pixels because while Peter Dinklage (who’s awesome) is in it, it’s also a Adam Sandler movie, and I wouldn’t use a script of an […]


Photo Of Nirvana’s First Gig Discovered In Book. See Photo Here!

Music The Chef

Photographs of Nirvana’s first show in a basement have been discovered inside a book belonging to the bands friend – and then Tweeted yesterday by the guys daughter, who had […]


Swimming In Homemade Shark Proof Cages In The Outer Banks

Featured The Chef

Fresh off the boat that brought them to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Here is a video of some folks in their Homemade Shark Proof Cages. If the waves […]

Luli Fama - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015

Swim Week – The Show Must Go On!

Killer Babes The Chef

Even though Executives at IMG Fashion, which presents the July swimsuit show’s main attraction, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim at the Raleigh Hotel on Miami Beach, announced they would be […]


Don’t Tip The Backup Dancer While Your Wife Is There

Funny The Chef

Balls of steel? Drunk? D.G.A.F? Either way, this dude is sleeping outside for the night.  Christ, If I don’t look away from the hot girls in movies while with my […]


Florida gun shop owner declares store ‘Muslim-free zone’ after Chattanooga shooting

Guns The Chef

What year is it? America has got to be the most racially segregated, religiously entrenched, hate group fueled piece of government run property I have ever known. Land of the […]


Golfer Vs. Seagull – Bad Tee Shot Kills Bird With Awful Drive

Fail The Chef

Bad Golfer – 1 Seagull – 0 Typically you stand behind and to the right of the golfer.


Ashley Madison Hack – And what it means for you.

News The Chef

You know it’s not just men, women cheat as well. But should the internet be the answer? Should a company be able to proliferate their portfolio and bank off it? […]

Check Out Kid Chronic’s Office

News The Chef

Somebody get this bed-top bark-a-lounger for Kid Chronic. We would hate to have his back go out while barking orders at his employees.


Guy Calling Himself The Hitman, Sought By Undercover State Police. Promptly Nabbed And Shot At Near MIT.

News The Chef

Chelsea – Over a course of two decades, Leroy Martin was arrested several times and imprisoned twice. Since then, he has used many other aliases. This time his new nickname […]


Massachusettes High Court: Women Can Deliver Babies Unassisted, And If They Die, Can Throw Them Away In The Trash

News The Chef

By John R. Ellement, Boston Globe Staff The Supreme Judical Court today threw out the involuntary manslaughter conviction of a Milford woman whose child died during the birth that she […]

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