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south park

Late Night Theater: New South Park Episode

Funny Flipzide

Have you seen the new South Park Episode “The Magic Bush?”…


San Francisco Wins 2014 World Series…Giants a True Baseball Dynasty

Sports Flipzide

It took the San Francisco Giants 7 games and a nail bitting 9th inning finsih in game 7 to knock off the Cinderella story Kansas City Royals to win its 3rd World Series Championship in 5 years. They did it thanks in large part to […]


Fireball Whisky contains Anti-Freeze?

Bars Flipzide

Norway, Sweden and Finland pulled Fireball Whisky from there shelves on Tuesday due to the high content of propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is the main ingredient found in environmentally friendly antifreeze because it reduces the freezing point of water. I was at 3 bars last […]


Movie Time…Trailer for “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Movie Flipzide

Feast your eyes on this preview for the upcoming epic biblical film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” starring Christian Bale coming to theaters this December


Jim Carrey Super Spoofs Matthew McConaughey on Saturday Night Live

Comedy Flipzide

Jim Carrey did a masterful job acting as Matthew McConaughey in this Lincoln Car Commercial parody that aired last weekend on Saturday Night live…enjoy


Get Wise: Halloween Tip…How to Turn A Pumpkin Into a Disco Ball

Get Wise Flipzide

Enjoy this instructional video on how to make your Halloween party a more festive occasion with a pumpkin & a flashlight


Hints That President Obama Is Plannning Mass-Amnetsy For Illegal Aliens

News Flipzide

Is President Obama planning to issue an executive order to grant mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens after the mid-term elections? Is this unconstitutional….you be the judge. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

perfect body

Victoria’s Secret creates controversy with their “The Perfect Body” Ad

Fashion Flipzide

Victoria’s Secret has created a social media firestorm with their new “The Perfect Body” ad campaign…it would appear some people took great offense to Victoria’s Secret attempting to define what a perfect body looks like…lol…Who would have thought that underwear could cause so much drama…lol…be […]

2018 wolrd cup

Russia Unveils 2018 FIFA World Cup Emblem

Sports Flipzide

Four years from now the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in 14 different cities in Russia and today in Moscow FIFA & Russia unveiled the new World Cup emblem


Cyber War: Russia Hacks White House Computers

News Flipzide

In recent weeks, unclassified White House computers have been infiltrated by hackers who are believed to be working for the Russian Government. The attacks reportedly resulted in temporary disruptions to some services Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com


Judas Priest Invades South Florida Tomorrow Night

Concert Flipzide

80’s Heavy Metal legends Judas Priest brings their “Redeemer Of Souls Tour” to the stage at Hard Rock Live this Thursday, October 30th….Showtime is scheduled for 730pm with Steel Panther slated as the opening act…enjoy these Flipzide Choice music videos to get amped up for […]


Jose Canseco Shoots Off His Own Finger

Guns Flipzide

Former Baseball Star and steroid scandle whistle blower Jose Canseco accidentally shot off his left middle finger while cleaning his gun at his Las Vegas home…Canseco had surgery Tuesday night to reattach the finger and was reported to be doing well at his home on […]


Why Watch Horror Movies at Halloween Time When You Can Just Turn On The News: Man Beheads His Own Mother and Then Kills Himself By Jumping In Front of a Train

New York Flipzide

Derek Ward decapitated his mother, Patricia Ward, who was an assistant professor at Farmingdale State College on Long Island, with a kitchen knife this past Tuesday evening. According to various reports, Derek Ward dragged her body out of the 2nd floor apartment, down the stairs, […]


New York Doctor With Ebola Lied About Movement In NYC

Health Flipzide

Dr. Craig Spencer, who contracted Ebola in the West African nation of Guinea, initially lied to law enforcement about his prior movements and public interactions throughout the city of New York before being quarantined for the disease. His lied was discovered when investigators checked his […]

fall classic

2014 Major League Baseball Season Will End Tonight With Rare World Series Game 7

Sports Flipzide

  The 2014 Major League Baseball season will end in grand fashion this evening as the San Francisco Giants take on the Kansas City Royals in a 7th and final deciding game in this year’s World Series. In the 110-year history of the fall classic, […]


Are You Ass Hypnotized?

EDM Flipzide

If you find yourself fantasizing and hypnotized by a girl’s derriere, then this song is for you…check out this hot new video by TJR feat. Dances With White Girls entitled “Ass Hypnotized”…Happy Weekend everybody!


New EDM Music Video from Dillon Francis

EDM Flipzide

Enjoy this hot off the press EDM music video from Dillon Francis & Sultan + Ned Shepard feat. The Chain Gang of 1974 entitled “When We Were Young”


Marine Gets Shot In The Head By Sniper…Walks Away Unscathed

Guns Flipzide

Watch as marine takes a shot to the head by a Taliban sniper and lives to tell the tale thanks to his trusty Kevlar helmet


I’m Only Singin’ Bass

Comedy Flipzide

Take a break and enjoy this parody of Meghan Trainor’s – All About That Bass done by Jonathan Young


Pigeon vs. Peacock

EDM Flipzide

Hilarious new EDM music video matched with a red hot Firebeatz remix of Calabria by Rune RK…enjoy!

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