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Library Books Save Life of FSU Student

Florida State Flipzide

Jason Derfuss was a first-hand witness to the horrific shootings that took place at Florida State University last night. Not only was he a witness, but also a very fortunate survivor of the incident. Mr. Derfuss had just checked out books from the campus library […]

white wonderland

Wanna Get Away?

Travel Flipzide

So you are saying that you wanna make big plans for New Year’s Eve this year, but you wanna get of town for the festivities…Flipzide recommends The White Wonderland New Year’s Eve Gala, which will be held on Decemeber 31st, 2014, in Southern California…Guaranteed to […]

cock majic

Thursday Funny…New South Park

Comedy Flipzide

Have you Seen the new South Park Episode entitled “Cock Magic“?…Enjoy this latest enstallment courtesy of Southparkstudios.com

zach deputy

Zach Deputy Live In Concert Tonight

Concert Flipzide

One Man Band extraordinaire Zach Deputy, who describes his music style as “island-infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja soul”, will grace the stage at The Culture Room tonight….showtime is scheduled for 7:30 pm with SOSAS slated as the opening…Enjoy this Flipzide Choice video to get […]


President Obama To Address Nation On Sweeping Immigration Reform…GOP Vows to Stop His Plan

News Flipzide

At 8pm tonight, President Obama will speak to the entire nation on his plan to take unilateral executive action and grant what amounts to mass amnesty for of millions of undocumented illegal aliens in the United States. The Republicans are prepared to fight tooth and […]

tiny doo

Rapper Faces Potential Life Behind Bars Sentence

News Flipzide

Rap artist Tiny Doo is going to trial in San Diego and faces life behind bars for violating a law that was enacted in 2000 which allows prosecution of gang members if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang members. Prosecutors argue that he has been to sell […]


Radical Agenda At Work In Ferguson, Missouri

News Flipzide

In the wake of the Mike Brown death grand jury court decision on police officer Darren Wilson’s fate, foxnews.com is reporting that a watchdog group is warning that a number of Muslim activists are attempting to co-opt the Ferguson protests and push their radical agenda. […]


Political Battle Over Immigration In The Wind As President Obama Set to Make Primetime Address Thursday

News Flipzide

Thursday Night at 8pm President Obama is scheduled to address the nation on his plan to take executive action on immigration reform. This will amount to a mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in the United States and allow them to stay in this […]


What’s Russia Up To?…Blast Bright as the Sun, Lights Up The Night Sky

News Flipzide

An unidentified explosion in the night sky was caught on video via a dash cam in Russia…The Russian government has denied responsibility for the blast that was bright as the sun….Was it a meteorite, a UFO, or secret military weapons testing?…This comes after Russia secretly launched satellites […]

edm heart

Killer Mashup: TJR vs Tiesto – Lethal Bounce

EDM Flipzide

Enjoy this Flipzide Choice mashup video of TJR & Vinai‘s – Bounce Generation mixed up with Tiesto’s – Lethal Industry to get your weekend Pumpin’… This is just a taste of what’s on tap for tonight…Come visit your boy VJ Flipzide at Rock Bar Fort Lauderdale Beach, where […]


President Obama Creating Chaos in Washington…Talk of Impeachment

News Flipzide

President Obama is creating a firestorm in Congress with his intentions to unilaterally grant what amounts to a mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, by using an executive order that will prevent them from being deported for being in the United States of America […]

south park

Late Night Theater: New South Park Episode

Funny Flipzide

Have you seen the brand new mind-scrambling episode of South Park?…It’s entitled “Grounded Vindaloop” and it’s a total must-see…Enjoy this instant classic courtesy of southparkstudios.com

time warp

Wanna Get Away?

Travel Flipzide

At the end of this month, Europe crosses the pond and brings its Time Warp Festival to New York City on Friday, November 28th, and Saturday, November 29th…this annual electronic music festival, normally held in Mannheim , Germany,  is going on a world tour…For more information […]


The Roast of Weed

Weed Flipzide

Enjoy this humorous animation of Marijuana being roasted as if it were a celebrity; courtesy of collegehumor.com


Cyber War: Obama Visits China…China Unveils New Stealth Fighter

News Flipzide

With President Obama attending the Asian economic summit in Beijing and demanding that the Chinese government cease its cyber attacks on United States trade secrets, the Chinese decided to unveil their new Shenyang J-31 Falcon Eagle during an air show in Zhuhai, Guangdong, outside of […]


Space Probe Lands On Comet

Science Flipzide

It was an historic day in space exploration. For the first time, a soft landing has been achieved on a comet. The European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta mission soft landed it’s Philae Probe on Comet 67P succesfully today, but not without malfunction. The harpoon mechanism […]


Robert Plant Reportedly Turns Down $800 Million Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour Offer

Music Flipzide

In a report in the UK Daily Mirror, Robert Plant reportedly has turned down an $800 million contract to reunite with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for a long-awaited Led Zeppelin reunion tour. The offer was reportedly facilitated by Virgin chairman Richard Branson for […]


Happy Hump Day: The Evolution of Drinking From Your 20’s to Your 30’s

lol Flipzide

Enjoy this humorous comedy clip that compares drinking habits of twenty somethings to thirty somethings…not sure this applies to drinking habits in Fort Liquordale though…lol


On The Flipzide: Medieval Folk Band Stary Olsa Covers Metallica’s One

Music Flipzide

Enjoy This Flipzide choice Music video of Belarusian Medieval Folk Band Stary Olsa covering Metallica’s timeless heavy metal hit “One”

harwell 1

On Tap For The Weekend: I Am Hardwell

Concert Flipzide

EDM Mega DJ Hardwell brings his I Am Hardwell Tour this Friday, November 14,2014, to the Klipsch Amphitheater At Bayfront Park, located in the heart of downtown Miami…showtime is scheduled for 9pm…enjoy these Flipzide choice videos to get yourself amped up for this weekend’s big show.

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