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Stoners May Get the Munchies..But Marijuana Smokers are Thinner and Less Likely to be Obese Than Non-Smokers

Health treez

If you smoke, you have gotten the munchies. It is just a fact. Why else would you ever eat some of the flavors that Ben & Jerry’s creates? I mean, do we really need to chase our ice cream with cinnamon buns? A new study […]

Hilarious Footage of North Korean's Reactions to Kim Jong-il's Death

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iphone idiot

Say Hello to One of the Stupidest People in America

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Here’s the news people. You can’t call the police if McDonald’s refuses to serve you breakfast. You can’t call the police if your drug dealer shorted you on a bag. And you can’t call the police to complain that your iPhone isn’t working. One idiot […]

Awkward Exchange : Watch a 'Smarty' (Bill Maher) & a 'Dummy' (Elisabeth Hasselbeck) Go at it on The View

TV treez

Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasted no time going after Bill Maher for comments he made in the past regarding an offhanded joke about sending her to the Middle East to be raped. It was an awkward moment and she clearly had an ax to grind. I mean […]

tina marie

Does This Look Like the Face of a Pill Head Who Actually Pulled Off Oral Sex, Handcuffed in the Back of a Squad Car?

Daily Criminal treez

You got a give credit to Tina Marie Arie and Howard Windham. these two have pulled off the unthinkable. The Texas duo were arrested on drug charges last after a cop was summoned to a Whataburger, where a male acquaintance of Arie and Windham was […]

OMG! Listen to What Jerry Sandusky Said About Showering With a 10-Year Old Boy…Your'e Gonna Sh*t!!!

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I have been following the Penn State Jerry Sandusky scandal very closely. The whole thing actually sickens me. I’m glad that Joe Paterno got what he had coming to him as he sat quietly while this all happened. And I’m quite certain Jerry Sandusky will […]


Does This Look Like the Face of an Idiot Who Flipped When McDonalds Switched Over to Their Breakfast Menu?

Daily Criminal treez

For the billions and billions that eat McDonalds, check the heat map, you know that you have been caught up in the dreaded ‘McDonalds Menu Switchover’! It is always devastating news to have your heart and clogged arteries set on breakfast only to find out […]

Another Great Jam to Smash To : Frank Ocean – Novacane

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If you don’t know Frank Ocean, he is down with Tyler, the Creator and the whole OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) crew. This song is the sh*t! Very sexy to bed your girl down to. The video is a little strange, though with the […]


Guess That Booty…

Killer Babes treez

That booty belongs to George Clooney’s current arm candy…

Rick Perry Messes Up Bad at CNBC Debate…Imagine, This Dummy is Running For President!

Politics treez

We all know that Perry has problems with debates. But this wasn’t even a debate faux pa. He just straight couldn’t remember his talking point. He even turns to Ron Paul for a mental life preserver. Can you believe that this guy was once the […]


Eddie Murphy Drops Out as Oscars Host

Entertainment treez

Just one day after first time show producer and Hollywood director, Brett Ratner exited due to the controversy surrounding Ratner’s gay slur, Eddie Murphy has stepped down as host of the 84th Academy Awards telecast. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak said in a […]

Mike Tyson as Herman Cain…Nuff Said!!

Funny treez

Mike Tyson is funny. He was funny to listen to when he was a boxer. He was funny in the Hangover. And Funny or Die  has shown that this guy has some comedic talent. I always like Tyson the boxer. I absolutely love Tyson 2.0, […]

penn state crowd

The Students of Penn State are a Complete Joke

News treez

As I sit and write this blog, Joe Paterno the head coach at Penn State has been fired along with the resignation of the University President, Graham Spanier. Unless you live under a giant rock, then you are aware that a former football coach at […]


European Airline Ryanair Thinking of Adding Porn to Its Flights

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In flight movies on airplanes are usually watered down. Basically, they suck. You will never catch anything from Quentin Tarantino on one. As a matter of fact, even movies that are PG-13 are edited for the ‘safety’ of all on the flight to be able […]


Brett Ratner is Having a Terrible Week

Entertainment treez

Brett Ratner is filthy rich, and for the for the most part, has to be truly enjoying life. The Rush Hour 1,2 & 3 director is having himself an interesting week. His current film, Tower Heist, had a modest opening, but still couldn’t topple Puss […]

Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 9.13.42 PM

Does This Look Like the Face of a School Bus Driver Who Flipped Out on a White Student After He Used the N-Bomb?

Daily Criminal treez

Terris Devon Richard, 35, a South Carolina school bus driver has been accused of assaulting a 15-year-old boy after the boy allegedly used the N-bomb. RIchard was arrested and charged with simple assault and battery. Witnesses allege that Richard slammed the student’s head into a window […]

Nicki Minaj Sets Black Folks Back 100 Years Wearing Something You Have to See to Believe Around Her Neck

Music treez

Nicki Minaj is hot (sometimes). Nicki Minaj is over-the-top (all the time). Nicki Minaj set her people back with what has to be the worst stereotype black people deal with. That stereotype being, that they just love them some fried chicken! Well, Minaj has made […]

You Remember This Kid From Jerry Maguire? Ladies & Gay Guys Get Ready…He Don't Look Like This Anymore!

Pics treez

Jonathan Lipnicki was in Jerry Maguire. He was cute and cuddly, and even remembers him from the film. He also was the star of Stuart Little (other than Stuart, of course). Jonathan Lipnicki is no longer cute and cuddly. He is totally ripped and has […]

If You're Gonna Do the Dishes…Might As Well Do It Dancing to 'Smooth Criminal'

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Frankie likes doing the dishes. And of course he does. It gives him a chance to cut loose and channel his inner Michael Jackson. Lucky for us his father captured the footage, posted it on Reddit, and now it is on its way to a […]



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