insane bar brawl

Guy Gets Thrown Through a Glass Window in Insane Bar Brawl

Fights Kid Chronic

Welcome to Crocodile Bar in Wicker Park, Chicago.

WHOA! Dude Gets Knocked Out and Tossed Into Traffic - Print Killer

WHOA! Dude Gets Knocked Out and Tossed Into Traffic

Fight Kid Chronic

See what happens when you start fights? You get tossed into oncoming traffic!

Spring Break Brawl

Panama City – Insane Spring Break Brawl

Fight Kid Chronic

For the love of god, people, turn the cell phone sideways when you shoot video!

best street fight ever

Country Boy Whoops Up on Dude From New York

Fight Kid Chronic

I wasn’t going to publish this ’cause the guy from New York loses, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all, right!?

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 12.52.42 PM

Drunk Kid Takes On Three Cops On St.Patrick’s Day

Fights The Brooklyn Bomber

It’s something about St.Patrick’s Day that makes people want to fight cops.

Karate Kick Knock Outs

Two Karate Kick Knockouts!

Fights Kid Chronic

Damn, apparently I gotta learn some karate. It’s not safe in the streets anymore!

LGBT Kid Flying Karate Kicks Some Girl For Making Fun of Him

LGBT Kid Flying Karate Kicks Some Girl For Making Fun of Him

Fight Kid Chronic

Damn! I bet she won’t do that again.

hood fight

Just Another Day in the Hood…

Fight Kid Chronic

Chairs and baseball bats…

Guy With Baseball Bat

Guy With Baseball Bat Vs. Club Bouncer

Fight Kid Chronic

I guess he didn’t let this guy in the club earlier? Sexual frustration can make men do crazy things…

with one punch

Thug Kills Pedestrian With a Single Punch

Death Kid Chronic

After getting in an argument with a cyclist for riding on the sidewalk, a man was punched and killed by the cyclist’s friend. The whole incident was caught on CCTV.

AJ mccarrons mom

Drunk Alabama Fan Tries to Superman Punch Oklahoma Student

Fight Kid Chronic

Damn who is this lady AJ McCarron’s mother?


Santa Street Fight

Fight Kid Chronic

Damn Santa always gets in trouble in NYC… – Watch More Funny VideosSanta Got In Another NYC Street Brawl

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 12.54.53 PM

Drunk Kid Gets Smacked For Talking Trash

Drugs The Brooklyn Bomber

Apparently, we don’t know where he came from, but I know where he’s heading: right to the floor.


Teenage Girl “Sharkeisha” Punches Another Girl In the Face

Fights Lois Lane

Disturbing video shows a teenager girl being punched by another girl, “Sharkeisha”, in the face.

guy hits girl

Girls Says “What Are You Going to Do Hit a Girl,” Guy Promptly Knocks Her Out

Fights Kid Chronic

This video is not funny, but it did make me laugh when the girls feet were all up in the air and she was laying in the trash bags.


Politician Gets Slapped on Live TV

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Wouldn’t you just love to do this to Ted Cruz?

bully justice

40-Year-Old Bully Gets Dropped

Fights Kid Chronic

– Watch More Funny VideosMiddle Aged Bully Gets Dropped

russian fight

Two Heavy Hitters Throw Down Hard, in an Underground Russian Fight Club

Fights Kid Chronic

Here is one club I wont be joining.


Check Out This Dude Come Flying Into the Fight!

Fights Kid Chronic

Boss mode engaged.


Double KO

Fights Kid Chronic

Well I guess that was a fair fight.

Blondies on the beach

New Times Investigative Report Shows History of Violence at Fort Lauderdale Beach Bars

Business Kid Chronic

I know you all remember this violent fight in front of Blondies on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, where the bouncers beat up a couple of patrons, and then had the police (hired to do detail at the bar) arrest the patrons as if they […]


The Flying Super Punch

Fights Kid Chronic

Oh man that looks like fun, I wanna flying super punch someone!


Bouncer Body Slams Dude Outside of the Club

Fail Kid Chronic

Damn did he just break that guys neck?


Cocky Fighter Gets KO’d

Fights Kid Chronic

In a fight its usually good to protect your head with your hands… It’s kinda the whole idea.


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