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Who Wants to Play Video Games? - Print Killer

Who Wants to Play Video Games?

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

OMG Becky, look at her butt…

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 1.33.09 PM

Impossible Super Mario Level

Video Games The Brooklyn Bomber

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Universe Death Clock

Guy Builds Universe Death Clock on Minecraft

Video Games Kid Chronic

Well that’s depressing…

Sega Dreamcast Two

The SEGA Dreamcast Two is Coming!

Video Games Kid Chronic

Or is it?

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 11.11.45 AM

GTA V In Real Life With Smokeshow Babe!

Chronic Hotties The Brooklyn Bomber

I don’t care if that girl has an AK-47 in her hand and is killing people.  I love her.

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 2.52.04 PM

Real-Life Mario Kart

Video Games The Brooklyn Bomber

I wonder, if I eat enough magic mushrooms, will Mario Kart be like this for me, too?

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 3.59.05 PM

Guy Smashes PS4 On Launch Night

Video Games The Brooklyn Bomber

The screams of the people waiting make the destruction all that better.


The Funniest Thing You Will Hear All Day

Chronic Laughter Kid Chronic

Kid gets caught smoking pot by his mom while playing video games with his buddies online. The friends get to hear the whole argument through the game microphone…


Mike Tyson Couldn’t Even Beat Glass Joe

Entertainment Kid Chronic

I know I could never beat Mike Tyson in a real fight, but I’m glad to know if I ever have to battle him in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, on the original Nintendo, I could totally whoop his ass! Now I haven’t played Mike Tyson’s […]

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Beaten in Three and a Half Minutes – The Entire Game!

Video Games Kid Chronic

So I see you can play the Hawk, but are you any match for my Wu-Tang sword style???

mario and luigi, nintendo

Are Mario and Luigi Homeless?

Video Games Kid Chronic

  I guess the video game business ain’t what it used to be!

Street Light Video Games in Germany

Video Games Kid Chronic

How about a little Pong while you wait???

Sonic 3ds

Five Sonic Games That Must Be Made For 3DS

Video Games Kid Chronic

The Nintendo 3DS came and it conquered the gaming industry, at least to a certain extent. However, people didn’t get to see much of their favorite character, Sonic. While there was a lot of Mario games, Sonic got only one game initially and another one […]

What Would you do With 7000 Post Its?

Video Games Patricia Jay

Not sure if I would have the patience for this, but I’m glad someone did! If you love playing Mario or Pac Man, you’ll dig this.

BSM Web Banner

*Custom XBOX & PS3 Controllers* …RAPID FIRE!!! …Auto Aim!!! …Unique Designs!!!

Video Games DECATTi

          Big Shot Modz set out to create a gaming experience that their customers couldn’t get anywhere else. Other modded controllers on the market are hand-painted or hydro dipped… lacking in intricate and colorful designs. Through their unique, efficient, and patented […]

Impact Printing

Check out the amazing team over at Impact Printing & Big Shot Modz here in Fort Lauderdale!!! …SICK!!!

Company DECATTi

Our Contact Details Print Shop Address: 3059 NW 26th St. Lauderdale Lakes FL 33311 Tel No: (954) 684-2348 Email: info@ImpactPrintingNow.com Invoice & Accounting Office Address: 501 SE2nd St. #419 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 Tel No: (954) 684-2348 Email: info@ImpactPrintingNow.com   Checkout the team over at Impact Printing & Big […]

Big Shot Modz

‘Big Shot Modz’ set out to create a gaming experience that our customers couldn’t get anywhere else.

Entertainment DECATTi

  www.BigShotModz.com Contact Us Big Shot Modz 1110 NE8th AVE #3b Fort Lauderdale FL 33304   BIGSHOT@BigShotModz.com 1-800-381-9466 Big Shot Modz set out to create a gaming experience that our customers couldn’t get anywhere else. Other modded controllers on the market are hand painted or hydro […]

Superman Meets Super Mario

Video Games Kid Chronic

Just another day at the Cyber Cafe…

So This Guy Is Pretty Good At Sonic…

Video Games Kid Chronic

Fast as fuuuuuu.

Tranny or Granny

Play Tranny Or Granny!

Video Games Kid Chronic

Yup this website really exists lol, you gotta see it for yourself. The song freaking kills me, I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my head, “tranny, tranny, or granny… ones got a willy… others got a fanny…” [Tranny or Granny]


Top Five – Hottest Male Video Game Characters (Volume II)

Video Games Kharlo

Seeing as how my first list was a success, how there are still not very many of these lists out there aside from my original one, and how there was a slew of sexy video game boys I didn’t get a chance to talk about, […]

urinal games

Pee Pee Games Headed To A Urinal Near You

Video Games Kid Chronic

British company Captive Media has just invented the worlds first urinal games. The games use infrared light to track your pee pee which serves as the games makeshift controller. After your done you can even upload your scores to the web to tests your pee […]

Saints Row the Third

Chronic Review: Saints Row the Third

Video Games Kharlo

Having grown up with video games I have found myself in the center of every craze and trend of the industry since Nintendo first saved it from ultimate doom. One of those crazes that is still sweeping through gaming is the sand-box mission based design […]

Mass Effect 3

Video Games Do's and Don't's for Developers (Volume II)

Video Games Kharlo

I promised I would write this one a while back, but I haven’t quite had the chance yet. Primarily because of being busy with things in life and secondarily because I had not yet come up with a good enough list of do’s and don’t’s […]


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