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Touching Tribute To Bride’s Late Father at Wedding Dance

Chronic Love Lois Lane

There are many wedding videos on YouTube but this video recorded two years ago stands out amongst all of them. Andrea Stockton’s brother Nick recorded the song “Butterfly Kisses.” The power of the song lies in its history with Andrea’s family. Andrea’s older sister danced […]


Starbucks Drake Hands the Latest Internet Celebrity

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Check out the video this guy sent a girl he met at Starbucks.


Blog Of the Week: 40 Days of Dating

Chronic Love Lois Lane

What happens when two friends with opposite relationship problems find themselves single at the same time? Well they decide to date for 40 days to see what happens. Read this incredible funny yet eye opening blog about two friends who go through the motions of […]


Naked Guy Picking Up Girls Prank

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Surprisingly this seems to work!


How All Guys Measure Women

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

The Hot and Crazy Scale.


Welcome to the Worlds White Trashiest Wedding

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

This wedding has a .000001 percent chance of success…


Bride’s Extreme Bouquet Toss

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Now here is something you do not see at enough weddings!


Psycho Girlfriend!

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Your mom thinks I have, I talk to her everyday… lol!    


Psycho Girlfriend!

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

If you have an insecure girlfriend, you better hold on tight cause you are in for one hell of a ride. Better prep yourself for a barrage of false accusations, that usually end with her doing whatever horrible action she is accusing you of…


Couple Falls Out of the Window While Having Sex

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

A couple in Central China had to move their love making session near the window because it was to hot in their apartment. The only problem was the window was poorly constructed and broke. The couple fell clenching each other naked, all the way to […]


Psycho Girlfriend!

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Woman goes crazy at ex-boyfriends apartment complex.


Marriage Proposal Fail on Live TV

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Awkward… Someone cue the DJ…


Entire Wedding Party Falls Into the Water

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

A Georgia couple got a little wedding surprise when their entire bridal party, 29 people in all, fell into Lake Lanier during the wedding photos!


Muppet Movie Proposal

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Ok I give him a nine for creativity, minus one of course for the puppets. Could have def had some better puppets… If I ever do a Muppet proposal I want Animal to play me, he is my favorite, the little dude knows how to […]


Fresno Grizzlies Kiss Cam Leads to Break Up

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

What a sorry sap, kiss the girl buddy your in front of the whole stadium jeesh!


How to Be a Pimp

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Here is how to get a girls number without even asking.

Girl Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed on Her Face After Knowing Him For Just 24 Hours

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Damn, this poor girl could be a poster child for regret. She was pretty, too. I see some laser surgery in her future…

Chris Brown and Rihanna back togethor again

Rhianna and Chris Brown Officially Back Together

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Today Rhianna made official what most people already knew, and announced that she and Chris Brown are officially back together. Rhianna and Brown had split after they got into a physical fight back in 2009, in which Brown left her with bruises on her face […]

True Stories From Dating…

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

This guy is unbelievable lol…

Something Every Man Should Know

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

  The legal age of consent is not the same in all fifty states, so you might just want to print one of these up and put it in your pocket, if you’re gonna be doing some traveling!

Hugh Hefner Marries Runaway Bride Crystal Harris

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

86-year-old publishing magnate Hugh Hefner married his own runaway bride, Crystal Harris, on New Year’s Eve this year. The couple had an intimate ceremony with friends and family at the Playboy Mansion to tie the knot. Some of you may remember Harris for leaving Hefner days […]

Ever Want to Do This to Your Girlfriend?

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

I’m not saying it’s ok to hit a girl. I’m just saying sometimes you ladies deserve a swift punch to the…

justin bieber dumped

Justin Bieber Dumped by Selena Gomez

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Justin Bieber has been dumped by his fellow child star girlfriend Selena Gomez. I guess in the end all the golden cars and fancy dance moves couldn’t keep their young love alive. Some people say the break up is the result of Biebs hanging out […]

Wedding Photographer’s Hair Catches on Fire

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

This  poor girl is lucky she didn’t use more hairspray that day, cause it def could have been way worse!


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