McLaren 570S

Check Out the New McLaren 570S Coupe

Automotive Kid Chronic

This car could be yours for only 185,000!

Heidi Fleiss on Adult Swim - Print Killer

Heidi Fleiss on Adult Swim

Interviews Kid Chronic

Heidi Fleiss on dildos, pot, and donkeys!

Gerald Posner

Gerald Posner – God’s Bankers

Interviews Kid Chronic

Now this sounds like a book I would like to read.

President Obama

President Obama Talks About What’s Wrong With Washingt...

Interviews Kid Chronic

“The reason Washington doesn’t work is because 2/3 of people don’t vote.”

floyd money mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Talks About the Upcoming Pacquio Fight

Interviews Kid Chronic

I can’t wait for this fight, someone bring out Michael Buffer already, lets get ready to rumble!

Rhonda Rousey

Rhonda Rousey Can Beat 100% of the Men in Her Division

Interviews Kid Chronic

Joe Rogan recently said that Rhonda Rousey could beat 50% of the men in her division. But could she beat all of them? Possibly, listen to her discuss it in […]

Stephan Hawking

Pack Your Bags, People. Stephen Hawking Says We Only Have 20...

Astronomy Kid Chronic

Take it from one of the smartest people who has ever lived Stephan Hawking, if humanity does not start to venture into space, the chances of our species long-term survival […]

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye Defends Evolution Back Stage of Real Time with Bill...

Interviews Kid Chronic

If you don’t like Bill Nye, then you should be kicked out of America. Not only did he enlighten our childhood, now he’s enlightening our adult life as well!

net neutrality

Hillary Clinton Stands Up For Net Neutrality

Interviews Kid Chronic

Well, that just guaranteed my vote for Hillary Clinton. Thank God finally we have a politician who will stand up for the best new job market America has, the internet! […]

Insane Hard Copy Interview

The Most Insane Hard Copy Interview Ever Caught on Tape

Interviews Kid Chronic

Renee Brack interviews the worlds most dangerous man Chopper Reed and he points a gun at her head and forces her to play Russian roulette. This is probably the most […]


CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Says Biggest...

Interviews Kid Chronic

Spot on assessment if you ask me.

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson Hates Hipster Foodies

Interviews Kid Chronic

He does have a point!

pauly d

Pauly D on Adult Swim

Interviews Kid Chronic

Pauly D’s career must have taken a turn for the worse, if he is getting smacked in the face with hot dogs on the Eric Andre Show.

North Korean Sony Hacks

Congressman Finds The Level of North Korean Sony Hacks Surpr...

Interviews Kid Chronic

The hacks are surprising, but not as surprising as America cowering in fear and cancelling the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence on The Colbert Report - Print Killer

Jennifer Lawrence on The Colbert Report

Interviews Kid Chronic

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook

SEAL That Killed Osama Bin Laden

SEAL That Killed Osama Bin Laden is a Real Wild Card

Interviews Kid Chronic

The Navy SEAL who claims to have shot and killed Osama Bin Laden opens up about his experiences in the military.

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