Whispering Dog

Whispering Dog

Pets ShoMeLove

Talking dog know’s how to whisper.

Man Punches Bear in Face

Man Punches Giant Bear, Sit Down Mayweather & Pacquiao

Animals ApexGuardian

“I ain’t lettin’ no bear eat my puppies.” That’s right! Show them damn bears!

Awesome Dog Save His Owner Form a Robber

Watch This Awesome Dog Save His Owner From a Robber

Pets Kid Chronic

They call them man’s best friend for a reason!

New App Will Make Sure you Never Lose Your Dog Again

New App Will Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog Again

Apps Kid Chronic

I’m surprised something like this didn’t come out sooner.

Pet Lizard

Freaking Weirdo Has a Pet Lizard He Treats Like a Dog

Animals Kid Chronic

What the fuck are you petting that thing for dude, run for your life!

Douchbag Ties Up His Dog and Leaves Them

What Kind of Douchebag Ties Up His Dog and Leaves Him?

Pets Kid Chronic

I’d like to punch this guy squarely in the face, then give him a swirly ’til he says “I will never abandon my dog again” ten times.

Dumb Ass French Bulldog is Scared of His Own Farts! - Print Killer

Dumb Ass French Bulldog is Scared of His Own Farts!

Animals Kid Chronic

French Bulldogs… Maybe not the smartest breed!

saving stray dogs

For Every Bottle You Deposit, This Recycling Machine Dispenses Dog Food for Strays

Pets Kid Chronic

This one will get you right in the feels! Oh humanity, every once and a while you truly impress me.

basset hound riding in porsche

Basset Hound Loves Riding in Porsche

Pets Kid Chronic

Well, sure he does! Who doesn’t?! Hint, hint, someone at Porsche needs to send me a free lease for a year!

Mocha The Guitar Playing Doodle

Meet Mocha, The Guitar Playing Doodle!

Pets Kid Chronic

This is awesome. I gotta teach my doodle to play guitar!

jenna marbles dog training

Jenna Marbles Teaches You How to Parent Your Dog

Pets Kid Chronic

Dago training 101, with America’s favorite video blogger.

Bon Jovi

How Much Do You Love Me Bon Jovi?

Pets Kid Chronic

The story of a boy and his loving kitty cat…

Rescue Dog

Rescue Dog Saves Family’s Baby

Pets Kid Chronic

Meet cooper, the baby saving rescue dog.

Is This the Smartest Beagle Ever? - Print Killer

Is This the Smartest Beagle Ever?

Pets Kid Chronic

Wow, this Beagle is a crafty little guy.

This is the Coolest Dog Ever! - Print Killer

This is the Coolest Dog Ever!

Animals Kid Chronic

Meet jumpy the dog!

dog not allowed on bed

This Dog Isn’t Allowed on the Bed

Animals Kid Chronic

So the owner put in a camera to see what happens when he isn’t home. The result is priceless!

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