I Like a Girl Who Reads…

Poetry Kid Chronic

Mark Grist tells us what he looks for in a girl.


Beauty Tips – Audrey’s Poem

Poetry Patricia Jay

Here is a beautiful & inspiring poem written by Audrey Hepburn when asked to share her beauty tips.  It was read at her funeral years later. 

The Future of Publishing

Poetry Dr. Suess

Take 2:26 to check out this cool video posted by UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books on youtube.  

If by rudyard kipling

If – By Rudyard Kipling

Poetry Kid Chronic

Yo when ever all the shit hits the fan and things get real crazy, this poem always brings me back down to earth and reminds me what’s truly important in life. You can’t control other people or make them be who you want them to […]


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Published By The Kid…

Kid ChronicKid Chronic (8804)

Christmas in Florida what a weird experience... It's like having the Winter Olympics in the Bahamas, or wearing flip flops in Colorado, or going skiing in July. Something about green grass, lights on palm trees, and people drinking Coronas in December slightly unnatural. That's the one thing the Northern states have over the South, great Christmas weather. Well, that and good bagels, pizza, and Chinese food. Lord knows those are hard to find in the South!

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