U.S. & Cuba To Open Embassies

U.S. and Cuba to open embassies

News ShoMeLove

The United States and Cuba will officially seal the renewal of diplomatic ties by reopening embassies in Washington and Havana.

Donald Trump Rallying Republican Vote

Donald Trump vs. Chris Christie

News ShoMeLove

If Christie every had a chance in this presidential race Donald Trump, just split all of his votes in two. and Chris Christie hold dueling campaign events in New Hampshire.

Indonesian Plane Crash

Deadly Military Plane Crash In Indonesia Kill More Than 100!

News ShoMeLove

A military transport plane crash with more than 100 people on board crashed in northern Indonesia.

Supreme Court Rules On Same Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Adds Same Sex Marriage Into Constitution

News ShoMeLove

The Supreme Court on Friday delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where […]


Same Sex Legalized In All 50 States

News Lois Lane

What a great day! The Supreme Court has finally legalized Same Sex Marriage Nationwide! Hurray! Equality for all!


Teens Invent Condoms That Detect STD’s By Color Change

News Kurt Schleicher

3 students invented condoms that detect STD’s by color change of the condom.


Teen Dies From Flea Bite

News Lois Lane

High school teen was rushed to the hospital but died on the way there. It was reported that the teen died from a flea bite from his family’s farm. Other […]


Titanic Composer Dies In Plane Crash

News Lois Lane

Hollywood composer, James Horner, best known for composing Titanic, was killed in a plane crash.

$13 Billion Dollar Warship

$13 Billion Warship USS Gerald Ford Is First Of It’s Kind

News ShoMeLove

The USS Gerald Ford Warship is the first in a line of nuclear-powered ships being built at Newport News Virginia. It’s set to join the Navy fleet in February 2016. […]

Parachute Failure

Parachutist Rescues Teammate After Chute Failure In Mid-Air

News ShoMeLove

It’s A Bird, No it a Plane, No its a Red Devil Parachutist saving his fellow team-mate after parachute fails him in mid-air. Talk about nerves of steel!

China's Stock Drops

China Stocks Plunge Amid Bubble Fears

News ShoMeLove

The fall of China’s benchmark index, Shanghai Composite, has prompted concerns among investors and plunged China stocks. Has the bubble burst?

Cruise Ship Crash

17 Passengers Injured When Cruise Ship Strikes Lock Wall

News ShoMeLove

Thursday night 275 people boarded the Saint Laurant cruise ship striking a wall in the Eisenhower Lock in upstate New York on Thursday night, the U.S. Coast Guard said, injuring […]

Don Lemon Named A Uncle Tom

Woman Calls President Obama & Don Lemon An Uncle Tom Live On CNN!

News ShoMeLove

Dylann Roof admittance of why he committed such a heinous act has the African American Community noticeable mad, aside from Don Lemon according to “A Friend”, who openly called him […]

Church Shooting Suspect Aprehended

Nine Dead In AME Church Shooting In Charleston South Carolina

News ShoMeLove

Charleston church shooting appears racially motivated, as the suspect Dylann Roof has been taken into custody in Shelby, North Carolina. The gunman allegedly walked in for a prayer service and […]


2 Boys Rescue Two Toddlers From A Burning Home In Florida

News Kurt Schleicher

These two kids saved the day when they rushed in to save two toddlers from a burning house!!!

ISIS Strikes FBI

ISIS Attacks FBI Agent

News ShoMeLove

FBI agent attacked with knife at Staten Island home by ISIS member.

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