Teen Stowaways in Jetliner’s Wheel and Flies to Hawaii

News Lois Lane

A Santa Clara, California, teen climbed into the plane’s wheel and hid for five hours in freezing temperatures. The teen was found wondering around a Maui airport with no identification. The FBI took him to a hospital and questioned him. Authorities were surprised at how […]

I Hope You Die in Prison

Judge Tells Woman, “I Hope You Die in Prison”

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Judge tells murdering woman how he feels about her.

Terrifying Minutes Before Ferry Sank

New Recordings Show Terrifying Minutes Before Ferry Sank

Marine Kid Chronic

Confusion as to when to let the passengers jump in the water may have contributed to their deaths.

Murderer in Iran is Pardoned

Murderer in Iran is Pardoned Moments Before Being Hanged

News Kid Chronic

Wow,imagine having the strength to forgive the person who murdered your son.

Sinking Ferry

Announcement on Sinking Ferry Told Students to Stay In Place

Marine Kid Chronic

The ship’s P.A. message may be responsible for 100′s of deaths.

Rescue Scene

Raw Video From the Rescue Scene, 300 Still Missing

Marine Kid Chronic

The passengers – mostly high school students – were told to stay put, which may have contributed to the large number of missing.

Ferry Right Before it Sunk

Raw Video From Inside the Ferry Right Before it Sank

Marine Kid Chronic

CNN says they cannot confirm this video’s authenticity, but it looks very legit.

Pot Vending Machines

Pot Vending Machines Coming to a Colorado Near You

News Kid Chronic

Wow, Colorado is getting cooler by the second.

Ship With 450 People on Board is Sinking by South Korea - Print Killer

A Ship With 450 People on Board is Sinking by South Korea

News Kid Chronic

Is it just me or are more ships sinking lately than ever before?

Co-Pilots Phone

Cell Phone Tower Made Contact With Co-Pilot’s Phone 30 Minutes After Flight 370 Went Missing

News Kid Chronic

Here is all the latest news on the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


Syria Al-Qaeda’s New Stronghold

News Kid Chronic

Syria is in ruins, and Al-Qaeda’s strength is growing in the area.


The Search for Flight MH370 Has Gone Underwater

News Kid Chronic

The submarine Blue Fin 21 is being deployed to search the sea floor for MH370, now that the pinger’s batteries are assumed to be dead.

kansas jewish community center shooting

Woman Whose Family Was Slain Speaks at Vigil

News Kid Chronic

This poor woman lost her father and son in the Jewish Community Center shooting last week in Kansas. As if that was not horrible enough, she was on the scene before the police arrived. Can you imagine? If it were me, I wouldn’t want to […]

nas on bill maher

Nas on Bill Maher

Hip Hop Kid Chronic

Nas came on Bill Maher this week to talk about his classic rap album Illmatic.

Tosh.O Producer Accidentally Shot and Killed

Tosh.O Producer Accidentally Shot and Killed By Police

California Kid Chronic

Los Angeles – A production assistant for Tosh.O was shot and killed by police Monday night after they mistook him for a violent criminal. John Winkler was actually trying to aid victims of a stabbing when police shot him as he ran out of the […]

Alex Rival

School Stabbing Injures 21 in Pennsylvania

News Kid Chronic

The suspect, Alex Rival, was arrested on the scene and will be charged as an adult.

Here is What it Looks Like When a 747 Crashes - Print Killer

Here is What it Looks Like When a 747 Crashes

News Kid Chronic

WARNING: Disturbing Content

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius Cries Like a Baby on the Stand at his Murder Trial

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

It’s a little late for those crocodile tears, buddy.

Manifestation contre l'austérité - Montreal austerity protest & riot

Manifestation Contre L’austérité – Montreal Austerity Protest & Riot

News Kid Chronic

News video submitted by Fire and Police Video.

Sky Diver Killed

California Sky Diver Killed in Mid-Air Collision

California Kid Chronic

What a tragedy. Seemed like a cool guy.

Homeless Dude Withdraws $37k

Homeless Dude Withdraws $37k From ATM

News Kid Chronic

ATM slot machine?

Second Pings

Chinese Report Hearing Second Set of Pings

News Kid Chronic

Hopefully, they have found the black box and we can put this mystery to bed once and for all. #Flight370

Chinese Ship Detects a Pulse Under The Water - Print Killer

Chinese Ship Detects a Pulse Under The Water

News Kid Chronic

Is this another false alarm, or have we finally found missing Flight 370?

Russia's Military

How Strong is Russia’s Military?

News Kid Chronic

An evaluation of Russia’s military might.


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