British Women Accidentally Grows Weed

Old British Women Accidentally Grows Weed in Her Garden

News Kid Chronic

Poor women didn’t even know what it was till she called a TV show lol!

Jesse Matthew

Jesse Matthew Linked to 2009 Unsolved Murder Case

News Kid Chronic

It looks like Jesse Matthew may be a serial killer.

UVA Suspect

Friends of the UVA Suspect Call Him a “Prowler”

News Kid Chronic

Where is Heather Graham? Jesse Matthews, the suspect in her case, may be the only man who knows.


Oklahoma Man Beheads His Co-Worker

News Lois Lane

Alton Nolen had been fired from a food processing plant in Oklahoma City. The 30-year-old man grabbed Colleen Hufford, 54, severing her head in the attack at Vaughan Foods.


Phil Spector’s Latest Mugshot

News Lois Lane

Wow! Prison has not been kind to the one-time flamboyant music legend. The most recent photo of Spector shows a bald, sad-looking 73-year-old.

UVA Student

Suspect Captured, But UVA Student is Still Missing

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A man charged with abducting a missing University of Virginia student refused a court-appointed attorney Thursday. He is now being extradited to Virginia to face charges after being captured in Texas. Hannah Graham, however, whether alive or dead, is still missing.

Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes to Michael Brown's Family

Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes to Michael Brown’s Family

News Kid Chronic

I think this guy just realized he was a racist. It’s like watching him grow up right before our very eyes!

Militant in ISIS Beheading Video Possibly Identified - Print Killer

Militant in ISIS Beheading Video Possibly Identified

News Kid Chronic

The FBI has possibly identified the ISIS member responsible for the beheading of three innocent people, one of whom was American journalist Steven Sotloff.


Woman Who Got Punched By California Highway Patrol To Receive 1.5 Million

News Lois Lane

Marlene Pinnock, a homeless woman was captured being beaten by officer Daniel Andrew. Pinnock said she was walking when Andrew tackled her and punched her repeatedly in the face.


The iPhone 6 Plus Can Bend If Your Not Careful

News Lois Lane

Bad news for the iPhone 6 turns out that because the iPhone is longer and thinner it also can be bent quite easily if you are not careful.  


ISIS Calls For “Lone Wolf” Attacks on the United States

News Kid Chronic

ISIS calls on its members to attack the United States in lone wolf attacks. I call on America to bomb them back into the stone age!

white house fence jumper

White House Fence Jumper Had 800 Rounds of Ammo, Was Arrested with a Sniper Rifle and White House Map Previously

News Kid Chronic

This guy jumped the fence, and made it all the way in the front door that was for some reason unlocked!

man jumps white house fence

Iraq War Vet Tries to Run Into the White House with a Knife

News Kid Chronic

Can you believe this guy made it all the way into the White House without being shot? I would have thought he would be dead as soon as he jumped the fence and ran towards the door!

scotlands future

Scotland Votes to Stay Part of Britain

News Kid Chronic

A century old dream of Scottish independence was shot down by the Scot’s yesterday. A record turnout of voters decided it was better for the country to remain part of the Britain, than it was to go it alone. “Voters resoundingly rejected independence in a […]


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has Aggressive Cancer

News Lois Lane

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, a malignant liposarcoma.

scotlands big vote

Scotland’s Vote is Too Close To Call!

News Kid Chronic

Will Scotland be free? Who the hell knows? It’s too close to call! Within 4%!!!

Gigi Jordan

Does This Look Like the Face of a Pharmaceutical Executive Who Killed Her Son With an Intentional Overdose?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Gigi Jordan allegedly killed her son with an injection of mixed drugs meant to make him overdose. The pharmaceutical executive allegedly injected her 8-year-old autistic son with a homemade cocktail of 20 to 40 times the normal amount of Clonadine, a blood pressure and ADD […]

Hannah Elizabeth Graham

Young UVA Student Missing

News Kid Chronic

University of Virginia student Hannah Elizabeth Graham has been missing since last Saturday. The freshman had attended a party, and then texted her friends that she was lost. She has been missing ever since. Graham joins at least three other young woman who have gone […]

busted stealing cars

News Helicopter Chases Down Carjacker

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This poor sap got followed by a news chopper after stealing a car. The pilot led the cops right to him!

Joseph Oberhansley

Does This Look Like the Face of a Man Who Killed His Girlfriend and Ate Her Brains?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A convicted killer out on bail killed his girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton, and then cooked and ate her brains, lungs, and heart. Nothing says I love you like a home- cooked meal. Yum! Joseph Oberhansley, who has a long record of violent crimes, and was […]

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