edward snowden in russia

Edward Snowden is in Talks to Return to the United States

News Kid Chronic

Edward Snowden and his attorneys are in talks with the United States that could potential bring him home from Russia. As you most likely recall, Snowden is responsible for leaking thousands of classified documents to media outlets, but those documents exposed massive government over reach. […]

Hayat Boumeddiene

ISIS Publishes Interview With French Terror Subject

News Kid Chronic

Hayat Boumeddiene the female subject wanted by the police after the recent French terror attacks has reared her ugly head again. This time in an ISIS published media interview from Syria.

Ferguson Police Department Was Sending racist Emails

Ferguson Police Department Was Sending Racist Emails

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A new Justice Department investigation found that Ferguson Police routinely engaged in conduct that violated the Constitution and federal law. [Washington Post]

jihadi john

New Pics and Audio of Jihadi John Surface

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Mohammed Emwazi also known as Jihadi John, can be heard for the first time in this recently released audio tape. Also today new pictures of the infamous ISIS executioner and statements from his parents were made public. Both parents denounced Emwazi and his terrorist ideals, […]

Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30,

California Teachers Invite Male Students Out for Cocaine and Blow Jobs!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

God, liberal California really has it going on… When I was in high school I had to literally beg for blow jobs, and I certainly never got to blow lines with my teachers! But, in California, it looks like that’s par for the high school […]

American Jailed in the United Arab Emirates

American Jailed in the United Arab Emirates Over Facebook Posts

News Kid Chronic

While back home in Tampa, Florida, Ryan Pete a civilian helicopter mechanic in the United Arab Emirates criticized his employer/Arabs on Facebook, because he was frustrated with his job. When he returned to the United Arab Emirates to address his employment issues, he found himself to […]

worlds biggest pussy

Jihadi John Whines Like a Little Bitch in Recently Released Emails

News Kid Chronic

Jahdi John’s emails were released today, and they so were pathetically lame, that you would think a high school girl wrote them. In them he complained about police supervision, whined about being searched, and threatened to kill himself by overdosing on pills.

new jersey cops

New Jersey Cop – “Have Sex With Me Or I’ll Arrest You”

News Kid Chronic

Cops always say come on “not all cops are bad,” but what the fuck, most of them are. Honestly, are we to believe others guys on the New Jersey Police force didn’t know that this cop was dirty as hell? Of course they did, they […]

Four Year Old Dead After Finding Gun in Baby Sitters Home

Four Year Old Dead After Finding Gun in Baby Sitter’s Home

News Kid Chronic

This is exactly why there is not a gun in my home. The baby sitter in this case, is most certainly going to jail. How could she have a loaded gun, somewhere that a child could access it? Totally irresponsible.


Watch an Army of LAPD Officers Manhandle, Than Shoot a Homeless Man

News Kid Chronic

Are you telling me the LAPD couldn’t subdue this guy? Even if he had a gun, they couldn’t keep him from getting it, they had four cops on top of him? The only way this is justified, is if the guy actually had his hand […]

nc night club shooting

Chaos in Nightclub After Two People Are Shot

News Kid Chronic

Surprise, there were rappers in the club at the time of the shooting. These rappers love playing with guns, but it doesn’t make any of us think they are tougher, it just makes us think they are stupid. I’ll be impressed when a rapper gets […]

U.S. Blogger Brutally Murdered

U.S. Blogger Brutally Murdered in Bandgladesh

News Kid Chronic

Another American murdered in brutal fashion while overseas. He was hacked to death with machetes while his wife was severally injured. Islamic militants claimed responsibility for the murder, siting the anti-Islamic radicalism tone in his blog as a motive.

Leader of Knights Templar Drug Cartel

Leader of Knights Templar Drug Cartel Captured

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Police forces in Mexico have detained Servando ‘La Tuta’ Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel. La Tuta is that South American country’s most wanted drug lord.

DC Legalizes Pot

DC Legalizes Pot Despite Pathetic Threats From the GOP

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Republicans are always the square guy at the party. They couldn’t just let DC legalize weed for themselves without sticking their pencil necks into the mix. However, that didn’t faze DC voters and local politicians at all, who passed legalized recreational use of the drug […]


Research Study: Marijuana 114 Times Less Deadly Than Alcohol

News Lois Lane

Researchers in the Scientific Journal found that Marijuana is the least deadly of all drugs.


Pediatrician Accused of Murdering His Ex-Wife

News Lois Lane

John Wall’s is accused of staging his ex-wife’s suicide and murdering the mother of his four children. The medical examiner ruled that Uta von Schwedler’s injuries could have happened in a struggle. She was found dead in an overflowing bathtub in her Sugar House home, […]


Stupidest Debate On the Internet- Is The Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black

News Lois Lane

The dumbest debate on the Internet today and what has everyone talking about is the dress white and gold or blue and black! Really???!!!!


New Revelations of the Unsolved Murder of Jon Benet Ramsey

News Lois Lane

Former Boulder Colorado police chief who led the investigation in the Jon Benet Ramsey unsolved murder has posted some shocking insights about the unsolved case. Jon Benet Ramsey would have been 25 years old this year.    


Star Trek Legend Leonard Nimoy Has Passed Away

News Lois Lane

 Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr Spock in the cult sci-fi series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83. He died of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Friday morning.  He lived up to his longtime catchphrase: Live long and prosper.  



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