nubo water bottle

Nubo Reusable Water Bottle

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Check out Nubo reusable water bottle and filtration system.


New Water Sport Skarping!

H2O Kid Chronic

These guys are freaking ridiculous, and I like it!

Rob Kelly's Psychedelic Barrels

Rob Kelly’s Psychedelic Barrel Rides

H2O Kid Chronic

Rob Kelly catches some beautiful waves in North Carolina.

Hong Kong Wakeboard

Wakeboarding in Hong Kong

H2O Kid Chronic

Clear across the world for a quick wakebaording sesh!

Big Wave Surfer's

The Big Wave Surfer’s Perspective – Mark Mathews

H2O Kid Chronic

Inside some of the heads of professional big wave surfing.


Uncle Ted’s Mexican Surfing Barrels

H2O Kid Chronic

Go Pro video from inside the barrel of some great waves.

Don't Mind the Road Gap - Print Killer

Don’t Mind the Road Gap

H2O Kid Chronic

Wake boarders jump a country road!

Harley Ingleby

Harley Ingleby Indonesian Longboarding

H2O Kid Chronic

Catching some waves!


Got Water?…

H2O Flipzide

Enjoy this unique instructional video of eight amazing tricks you can do with a little H2O, and you’ll be the life of your next party

Wake Boarding

Are Terrain Parks the Future of Wake Boarding?

H2O Kid Chronic

Rope and winch terrain parks are taking wake boarding to the next level!

Free Diving

Free Diving is Insanity But Also Totally Awesome!

H2O Kid Chronic

Watch how thirsty for air this guy is when he comes up! Crazy, right?

Koa Smith's 27 Second Skeleton Barrel - Print Killer

Koa Smith’s 27 Second Skeleton Barrel

H2O Kid Chronic

Sick first person footage of inside a monster wave!

Windsurfing Highlights 2014! - Print Killer

Windsurfing Highlights 2014!

H2O Kid Chronic

A windsurfer and his photog hit the waves to capture some great shots this year!

Jet Ski Sweet Jumps - Print Killer

Jet Ski Sweet Jumps

H2O Kid Chronic

There is absolutely no better way to spend the day than out on a Jet Ski!

Biggest wipeouts - Red Bull Cape Fear

Biggest Wipeouts – Red Bull Cape Fear

Fail Kid Chronic

Sometimes you catch the wave, sometimes the wave catches you!

kalani chapman

Kalani Chapman’s Amazing Double Barrel Surf Ride

H2O Kid Chronic

This video is sick! It won Go-Pro video of the month last month.

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