indoor water slides

Indoor Water Park is Awesome!

H2O Kid Chronic

This place looks fun as hell!


Meet Surfing’s Golden Boy: Evan Geiselman

H2O Kid Chronic
Darrin Spivey, 35, and Dillon Sanchez, 15

Florida Father and Son Die on Christmas Day Cave Dive

Death Kid Chronic

Florida – Darrin Spivey, 35, and Dillon Sanchez, 15 were both found dead after a Christmas day scuba dive went terribly wrong. No one is exactly sure what happened under the water, but the pair was found dead after Spivey’s fiance called the authorities when […]

the future of surf boards

The Surf Boards of the Future

H2O Kid Chronic

Pro surfers test the board designs of the future.

print killer

Illegal Water Slides are Way Better than the Legal Ones!

H2O Kid Chronic

Boogie board the water canals!

yacht crash

Hope You Didn’t Need Your Yacht This Weekend

H2O Kid Chronic

Shipping vessel makes the yacht look like a dingy!

atlantic coast kayak

It’s a Beautiful Day to Rent a Paddle Board or Kayak!

Company Kid Chronic

Call Atlantic Coast Kayaks at 954-781-0073 for information about guided kayak tours, rentals and reservations in Fort Lauderdale! or visit the website!


Kite Surfer Falls from the Skies Like a Stone

Fail Kid Chronic

Here is a good way to break a few ribs.


Yeah Buddy! Wake Board Eco Park

H2O Kid Chronic

Follow Russian wake boarder, Nikita Martyanov as he goes on an epic journey to find the lake in an old picture which happens to be Lake Kayindy in Kazakhstan, a mystical lake on a mountain that an earthquake triggered.


These Girls Can Surf Better Than You

H2O Kid Chronic

The Top Female Shredders at Swatch Girls Pro – France 2013.


Swimming Pool in China

Funny Kid Chronic

Ewww not for me, that’s way to many people in the pool for the Kid to feel comfortable. The pee to water ratio has got to be way to high for my health standards with that many swimmers.


Theatre of Sport: Oakley Pro Bali

H2O Kid Chronic

Big time surfing in Bali!

fort lauderdale beach needs this

NEW RULE: Fort Lauderdale Beach Must Buy One of These ASAP

H2O Kid Chronic

I want to jump off this right now! Fort Lauderdale needs to get one of these, lord knows the beach could use something new!

Tsunami Warning

Pacific Ocean Tsunami Alert!

H2O Kid Chronic

The U.S. Geological survey has reported an earthquake, registering in at a magnitude of 8.0, struck 50 miles west of Lata, in the Solomon Islands today. The quake happened at an ocean depth of 3.6 miles, causing the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center to issue a […]

Holy Spaghetti O’s, Batman!

H2O Kid Chronic

They call this a rogue wave, ’cause it comes out of nowhere and just blasts whoever is on the beach. One thing is for sure. It caught that motorcycle dude by surprise. You think he survived it??? I’m not sure he did. If anyone knows, […]

Great White Shark Off The Coast of Jacksonville Beach Florida

H2O Kid Chronic

Mary Lee a two ton shark, originally tagged of Cape Cod is now making an unwelcome guest appearance right offshore in Jacksonville Beach.

Massive Shark-Finning Operation Exposed in Japan

H2O Kid Chronic

Shark Finning – where the shark’s fin is removed, and he is dropped back in the water still alive and unable to swim properly, usually resulting in the shark’s suffocation. Has been banned in many countries, and in others they now require the whole shark […]

The Biggest Swimming Pool on Planet Earth

H2O Kid Chronic

The largest swimming pool in the world is located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort, in Algarrobo, Chile. Just in case you want to take a dip! [reddit]

What Does The Inside of a $300 Million Dollar Yacht Look Like? Something Like This!

H2O Kid Chronic

Designed by Philippe Starck, the “A” has quickly become one of the most talked about ships on the seas. Measuring 394 feet, it is certainly one of the biggest personally owned Yachts on the planet. In case you’re wondering, “A” is owned by Russian billionaire […]

Guy Makes Insane 150 Foot Jump

H2O Kid Chronic

Damn, this dude was lucky to clear the edge! Old Man – Watch More Funny Videos

Giant Swordfish Refuses to go out Without A Fight

H2O Patricia Jay

This swordfish keeps attacking these men and their boat! 

Go Home Shark, You’re Drunk!

H2O Kid Chronic

Good Samaritan of the Year jumps in the water to save a shark! Go Home Shark, You’re Drunk Video – Watch More Funny Videos

awesome pool gif

Getting Into The Pool Like a Boss

H2O Kid Chronic

Nailed it!

Someone Get Kid Chronic This Bad Ass Yacht Setup

H2O Kid Chronic

This yacht has a water slide and everything, even a pool! ‘Cause you know when you’re in the middle of the ocean you def need a pool…


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