Harley Ingleby

Harley Ingleby Indonesian Longboarding

H2O Kid Chronic

Catching some waves!


Got Water?…

H2O Flipzide

Enjoy this unique instructional video of eight amazing tricks you can do with a little H2O, and you’ll be the life of your next party

Wake Boarding

Are Terrain Parks the Future of Wake Boarding?

H2O Kid Chronic

Rope and winch terrain parks are taking wake boarding to the next level!

Free Diving

Free Diving is Insanity But Also Totally Awesome!

H2O Kid Chronic

Watch how thirsty for air this guy is when he comes up! Crazy, right?

Koa Smith's 27 Second Skeleton Barrel - Print Killer

Koa Smith’s 27 Second Skeleton Barrel

H2O Kid Chronic

Sick first person footage of inside a monster wave!

Windsurfing Highlights 2014! - Print Killer

Windsurfing Highlights 2014!

H2O Kid Chronic

A windsurfer and his photog hit the waves to capture some great shots this year!

Jet Ski Sweet Jumps - Print Killer

Jet Ski Sweet Jumps

H2O Kid Chronic

There is absolutely no better way to spend the day than out on a Jet Ski!

Biggest wipeouts - Red Bull Cape Fear

Biggest Wipeouts – Red Bull Cape Fear

Fail Kid Chronic

Sometimes you catch the wave, sometimes the wave catches you!

kalani chapman

Kalani Chapman’s Amazing Double Barrel Surf Ride

H2O Kid Chronic

This video is sick! It won Go-Pro video of the month last month.

water sports fails

Summer 2014 Water Sports Fails

Fail Kid Chronic

It wouldn’t be summer without water sports fails!

Tow in Jet Ski

Tow In Jet Ski Ate By Giant Wave

H2O Kid Chronic

Killer footage of giant wave eating a Jet ski for breakfast!

Next Level Wake Boarding - Print Killer

Next-Level Wake Boarding

H2O Kid Chronic

If you like big air, you’re gonna love this!

Amazing Surf Footage

Amazing Surf Footage with Ian White

H2O Kid Chronic

Nothing looks as cool as big waves in slo-mo.

indoor water slides

Indoor Water Park is Awesome!

H2O Kid Chronic

This place looks fun as hell!


Meet Surfing’s Golden Boy: Evan Geiselman

H2O Kid Chronic
Darrin Spivey, 35, and Dillon Sanchez, 15

Florida Father and Son Die on Christmas Day Cave Dive

Death Kid Chronic

Florida – Darrin Spivey, 35, and Dillon Sanchez, 15 were both found dead after a Christmas day scuba dive went terribly wrong. No one is exactly sure what happened under the water, but the pair was found dead after Spivey’s fiance called the authorities when […]

the future of surf boards

The Surf Boards of the Future

H2O Kid Chronic

Pro surfers test the board designs of the future.

print killer

Illegal Water Slides are Way Better than the Legal Ones!

H2O Kid Chronic

Boogie board the water canals!

yacht crash

Hope You Didn’t Need Your Yacht This Weekend

H2O Kid Chronic

Shipping vessel makes the yacht look like a dingy!

atlantic coast kayak

It’s a Beautiful Day to Rent a Paddle Board or Kayak!

Company Kid Chronic

Call Atlantic Coast Kayaks at 954-781-0073 for information about guided kayak tours, rentals and reservations in Fort Lauderdale! or visit the website!


Kite Surfer Falls from the Skies Like a Stone

Fail Kid Chronic

Here is a good way to break a few ribs.


Yeah Buddy! Wake Board Eco Park

H2O Kid Chronic

Follow Russian wake boarder, Nikita Martyanov as he goes on an epic journey to find the lake in an old picture which happens to be Lake Kayindy in Kazakhstan, a mystical lake on a mountain that an earthquake triggered.


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