Government Still reluctant to impose travel ban from Ebola infested nations…2 passengers fall ill on flight from Liberia to Chicago

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A child was reported to be vomiting on a flight from Liberia to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago…and another male passenger reported having nausea and diarrhea on the flight…all have been quarantined in Chicago hospitals as well as the child’s family have been put in […]

Hospital Employee Quarantined

Dallas Hospital Employee Quarantined on a Cruise Ship

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This Dallas hospital worker who may have had contact with the Ebola virus in a lab has been quarantined on her cruise ship.

nina pham

Ebola Patient Nina Pham Downgraded to Fair Condition

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The nurse who contracted Ebola at work is now about to face the worst phase of the infection.

Dallas Mayor, "We May Have More Ebola Cases"

Dallas Mayor: “We May Have More Ebola Cases”

Health Kid Chronic

The Mayor of Dallas says we may definitely have more cases of Ebola on the horizon.

ebola nurse

Nurse Describes Protective Gear Hospital Used While Treating Ebola Patient

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Texas nurse describes the potential lapses in protocol that led to her fellow nurses getting infected with Ebola.

Nurse Speaks Out About Hospital's Ebola Treatment - Print Killer

Nurse Speaks Out About Hospital’s Ebola Treatment

Health Kid Chronic

Briana Aguirre tells CNN why she wouldn’t trust the hospital she works at with her own Ebola treatment.

nina pham

Video Released of Nurse with Ebola

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Rare video of inside Texas nurse Nina Pham’s hotel room. Fam was diagnosed with Ebola early this week, after treating patient zero in Texas.

Frontier-Airlines ebola

Plane That Carried Ebola Patient Flew to Fort Lauderdale

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The airplane that carried the Dallas nurse, Amber Vinson, who traveled to Cleveland before realizing she had been infected with the deadly Ebola virus, also continued to Fort Lauderdale the next day, and then on to four other United States cities before being taken out […]

The Second Ebola Patient Flew to Cleveland - Print Killer

The Second Ebola Patient Flew to Cleveland

Health Kid Chronic

Before she knew she was carrying the deadly disease, the second Ebola patient, Amber Vinson, flew to Cleveland.

The Second Case of Ebola Breaks Out in Texas - Print Killer

The Second Case of Ebola Breaks Out in Texas

Health Kid Chronic

These health care workers were unknowingly infected at work, and then may have infected other people before they realized.

united states and ebola

CDC: We Have to Rethink Ebola Protocols

Health Kid Chronic

Texas nurse who cared for the index patient has contracted Ebola, causing the CDC to announce that it will be rethinking their entire Ebola treatment protocol.

sperm bank

Sperm Bank Impregnates Woman with The Wrong Sperm

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The woman discovers via a phone call to the clinic that she has been impregnated by the wrong sperm. She is now having a biracial baby and suing the clinic who gave her the wrong donated sperm.

Ebola Virus Outbreak

Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014: C.D.C. Announces First U.S. Case

Health Kid Chronic

There goes the neighborhood…

How to Lose Weight

GET WISE: How to Lose Weight for Real

Get Wise Kid Chronic

The simple smart truth behind losing weight.


How I Picture Everyone Who Does P90X

Health Kid Chronic

P90X is the modern day aerobics. Let’s be honest!

One Armed Woman

One Armed Woman Can Lift More Than You!

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She can lift 200 lbs right over her head like it weighs nothing.

Fox News Calls the First Lady Fat

Fox News Calls The First Lady Fat

Health Kid Chronic

Fox News – First Lady “needs to drop a few.”

money can buy happiness graph

Turns Out Money Really Can Buy Happiness

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A group recently did a study and proved that having money actually does make you happier. Here are the results in a simple bar graph.

the gym fort lauderdale

Get in Shape at The Gym in Fort Lauderdale This Summer!

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The Gym in Fort Lauderdale is the only gym in South Florida located right on the beach. It also features the only open-air rooftop workout area in the state. This means you can work out or take a spin class right on the roof facing […]

70 People Get Sick at Avicii Concert - Print Killer

70 People Get Sick at Avicii Concert

Concert Kid Chronic

Over 50 people were treated on the scene and 22 others hospitalized.


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