NASA's Orion Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft

GET WISE: NASA’s Orion Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft

Astronomy Kid Chronic

This is amazing! Glad to see that NASA is back!

Mysteries of Micro Universe Uncovered

Mysteries of Micro Universe Uncovered

Science Kid Chronic

Get your science fix for the week right here!


Space Probe Lands On Comet

Science Flipzide

It was an historic day in space exploration. For the first time, a soft landing has been achieved on a comet. The European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta mission soft landed it’s Philae Probe on Comet 67P succesfully today, but not without malfunction. The harpoon mechanism […]

Make Men Better Dancers

Scientists Did a Study to Make Men Better Dancers

Dancing Kid Chronic

All men must watch this video immediately. Thank me later, fellas!

Welcome to the Town with No Wifi of Cell Phones

Welcome to the Town with No Wifi or Cell Phones

Astronomy Kid Chronic

Wow, this town is crazy. They can’t use tons of different modern technology since they live in the radio-free zone.


What Multiverse Are You Living In?

Astronomy Kid Chronic

The multiverse theory is becoming more and more accepted in major physics circles.

solar flairs

Solar Storms Could Disrupt Power and GPS

Science Kid Chronic

We are so dependent on satellites lately, that the sun’s behavior is under extra scrutiny.

carl sagan

The Universe Was Not Made For Us – A Tribute to The Late, Great, Carl Sagan

Religion Kid Chronic

Sometimes late at night, I scour the internet trying to find anything from Carl Sagan that I haven’t heard yet. It seems almost impossible to not become smarter just listening to him speak. This is just a slice of his amazing body of work, enjoy!


Study Shows Deep-Sea Octopus Has Longest Brooding Period Ever Recorded

Science Lois Lane

A study done on a deep-sea octopus showed that the female octopus species who dwells almost a mile below the sea surface spent about four-and-a-half years brooding her eggs.

Scientist Are Now Trying to Build a Floating City - Print Killer

Scientist Are Now Trying to Build a Floating City

Science Kid Chronic

Now that everyone admits global warming is real, scientists and companies have begun to plan for it.


NASA Says They Will Find Alien Life in the Next 20 Years

Astronomy Kid Chronic

I wonder how the discovery of life on another planet would affect life on this one?

Flying Over Fire

Flying Over Fire

Science Kid Chronic

I don’t know if any research is worth this stunt.

Plants With Brains?

Plants With Brains? Maybe They Can Grow Me Some Weed That Rolls Itself!

Science Kid Chronic

Plants great communicators? Yeah, um, I never had a conversation with a Daisy… But hell what do I know, I can’t grow anything!

Bill Nye

Bill Nye – How America Can Change the World

Science Kid Chronic

Bill Nye dispels some popular myths about poverty, health, and America’s role in the world.

Climate Deniers

Climate Deniers Are Beginning to Change Their Tune

Science Kid Chronic

Neil deGrasse Tyson gives us the final word on climate change.

How Many Things Are There? - Print Killer

How Many Things Are There?

Science Kid Chronic

Wow, this is an insane breakdown.

GET WISE: How Rich is Bill Gates? - Print Killer

GET WISE: How Rich is Bill Gates?

Science Kid Chronic

Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks it down for you!

Chris Hadfield

Joe Rogan Experience #414 – Commander Chris Hadfield

Interviews Kid Chronic

This is a really cool interview. Commander Hadfield spent over 160 days in space.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Joe Rogan Podcast #310 With Guest Neil deGrasse Tyson

Science Kid Chronic

As far as podcasts go, this one is top notch!

Fuel from Seawater

In Key West, The Navy is Developing Fuel from Seawater

Florida Kid Chronic

Now this is an awesome idea.

If Earth Stopped Rotating

What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Rotating For a Second?

Astronomy Kid Chronic

Answered by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.


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