Michio Kaku on Singularity

Michio Kaku on Singularity

Science Kid Chronic

Michio Kaku gives you his theory on what conciseness really is, and how you can measure it.


GET WISE: Earthquake Facts

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Get smart by watching this video!

understand addiction

If You Want to Understand Addiction Watch This

Health Kid Chronic

Finally, someone speaking about addiction who knows what they are talking about it.

The Double Slit Experiment - Print Killer

The Double Slit Experiment

Science Kid Chronic

This will blow your mind.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan Explains the 4th Dimension

Science Kid Chronic

Carl Sagan breaks down some science for you and explains the fourth dimension.

Stephan Hawking

Stephan Hawking is Out of Control

Science Kid Chronic

Stephen Hawking is out of control from thund3rbolt on Vimeo.

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

GET WISE: Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Get Wise Kid Chronic

We have all seen this sketch, but what does it mean?

Stephan Hawking

Pack Your Bags, People. Stephen Hawking Says We Only Have 200 Years to Get Off the Planet

Astronomy Kid Chronic

Take it from one of the smartest people who has ever lived Stephan Hawking, if humanity does not start to venture into space, the chances of our species long-term survival […]

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye Defends Evolution Back Stage of Real Time with Bill Maher

Interviews Kid Chronic

If you don’t like Bill Nye, then you should be kicked out of America. Not only did he enlighten our childhood, now he’s enlightening our adult life as well!

Mars Rover

The Very Curious Life of a Mars Rover

Astronomy Kid Chronic

Really cool background information and images from the Mars Rovers.

smart guys

Here is a Bunch of Guys Way Smarter Than Me…

Science Kid Chronic

The geniuses of our day discuss consciousness.

universe scale

Amazing Website Shows You the Scale of the Universe

Science Kid Chronic

Check this out. It’s pretty awesome! [Universe Scale]

What Is Life? Is Death Real?

What Is Life? Is Death Real?

Science Kid Chronic

Learn a little bit about life through physics.

NASA's Orion Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft

GET WISE: NASA’s Orion Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft

Astronomy Kid Chronic

This is amazing! Glad to see that NASA is back!

Mysteries of Micro Universe Uncovered

Mysteries of Micro Universe Uncovered

Science Kid Chronic

Get your science fix for the week right here!


Space Probe Lands On Comet

Science Flipzide

It was an historic day in space exploration. For the first time, a soft landing has been achieved on a comet. The European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta mission soft landed […]

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