This Guy Is The Biggest Racist You Will Ever Meet…

Check out this website I found searching for information about the Micheal Vick Nike endorsement. The guy who runs it calls himself jonolan and he has some interesting thoughts, here is an excerpt.

Personally, since the legal system failed America, I firmly believe that it’s up to the American people to exact retribution upon Sick Vick and those who’ve enabled him to escape true justice.In simpler and blunter terms, remove Vick’s ability to run and throw – whether through killing him or mutilating his arms and legs (my personal preference) – and the NFL would have no further use for him and justice would be served.

I guess the fact that Vick served his time in accordance with the law wasn’t enough justice for jonolan. He would like Americans to beat Vick up or better yet kill him. Jonolan’s site contains other writings broken down into to exciting categories like ghetto thug, evil, blacks, and of course Obama. To read more ramblings of a crazy person click here. [blog.jonolan.net]

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