Hot Girls Are Great… But, Hot Girls Wrapped Like A Christmas Present Are Way Hotter..!

Well, Ho. Freakin, Ho! Merry Christmas everybody. I figured you might want to get into the holiday spirit with some Chronic Gift Wrapped Hotties for the lovely month of December.

I love this time of the year. You got Santa and his 8 tiny reign deer droppin sacks down chimneys and shit. You got horny moms spiking the freaking eggnog.  Pervert dads hanging god damn mistletoe all over the place. You have freezing cold cuddle party weather, and a whole array of excuses to make this the horniest holiday in the world. Don’t open until X-Mas my ass… Viva la North Pole!!!

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  1. NIIIIIICCCCCEEEE. These girls are just what I want under the tree. Sorry Santa Babes, you just got crushed!

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