Guess That Booty…

And this beautiful pale, but nicely toned skin belongs to … Our trouble maker of the day, Gwen Stefani. Wow. If No Doubt came to my town, I’d go see them just to see her. Seriously. I could take 2 hours of “I’m Just A Girl” to be in the same room alone with Gwen. Here she is in St. Barts with hubby Gavin and kid… What a great artist and shampoo girl she is. Just look at that head of hair. ! So shiny and silky smooth.! .. I have always liked Gwen. And you should too!

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  1. this is a month ago, FYI.. looking better than ever!

  2. lol this is great. u are as clever as you are handsome! viva el chef!

  3. An interesting idea would be to play “Guess That Booty” with someone who actually has a booty. I mean Gwen Stefani?? She is 105 lb. rail. A hardbody, no doubt if you like that kinda thing. But booty, and any curves at all…she don’t got!!

    Mrs. Glock should understand exactly where I’m coming from! (wink)

    • It was a joke because of the recent posts about Gwen Stefani. The Guess that Booty, is usually the most recent paparazzi candids from the past few days. They aren’t necessarily big voluptuous asses. Just who ever is bending over in public pretty much.. Now that you are back I would appreciate it if you would not start using this category at your own disposal. It is done a certain way. Please and thanks.

  4. I have no interest in pillaging this “category” for my disposal. But thank you, for laying down some extra ground rules for me. I didn’t get enough of that previously.

  5. Chef any writer can use any category, as long as they stick to the them. Its a team here at the chronic!

    • no doubt.. I just hope they don’t like put up one picture and be like, “this girl is from Kentucky… God bless the west!’ then put it under Smokeshow of the day.. sticking to the theme is all I want…

      and my comment to Treez comes from him telling me how to make my posts better… dude is gone for months, them comes back and first thing he does is pick on my post.

  6. So much interest…I left a comment. That’s it. How that shows my interest level, I have no idea? No one whats to change anything around about anything. What a paranoid attitude to have regarding it.

    I don’t want to, and I will NEVER post hottie galleries, or smokeshows, or guess that booty or whatever. I did that and it got me fired. I leave that to you, as you enjoy posting them so much. Wunderbar!
    I’d rather just write the silly things that I write. Post what I post. Nothing special here.

    Oh, and that Kentucky shit, I never did anything like that. I created the hot girls are better theme. I know the theme rules.

    And I didn’t pick on your post. You just don’t like me or my style. I get it. So you took it the wrong way. I picked on GWEN STEFANI. She has NO BOOTY! Period. Theme or not…..Peace!!

    • bottom line is, i feel like you were attacking my piece.. so if you weren’t then fine, im sorry. I never said I didn’t like you. you deleted me off facebook when you “got fired” or what ever it is you did.

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