Ten Q’s with Bartender Mandi from the Booby Trap

Ten Q’s With Mandie From The Booby Trap in Pompano Beach, FL 

Q. Where were you born and what’s your background?

A. From the great city of Baltimore, Maryland, and I am part Lithuanian and part Israeli.

Q. How long have you worked at the illustrious Booby Trap?
A. This is my first year. I have only been here for a few weeks. So come out and see me!
Q. What’s your favorite part of the job?
A. Meeting new people and the crazy, sexy conversations I have with the girls every night.
Q. What’s the wildest moment that has happened to you while working at the Booby?
A. A dancer jumped on my bar and started dancing for me and revealing herself and that’s all I’m going to say here!
Q. What is your personal specialty drink that you like to make?
A. Watermelon Martini’s & Special Long Islands.
Q. What days do you usually work, so our readers can come find you?
A. Tuesday through Friday mostly…
Q. How about when you’re not working? What are you up to?
A. Partying in Miami or Delray. I love both those cities!
Q. What’s the best thing about being a bartender?
A. Interacting with the customers. These guys have some seriously interesting stories.
Q. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
A. Finishing school first, then off to find a job in Educational Psychology.
Famous Chronicle Question number 10 (90’s Sitcom TV star edition):
Q. You have to kill one, sleep with one, and marry one: Joey Lawrence from Blossom, Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell & Uncle Jesse from Full House.
A. Kill: Joey Lawrence, Marry: Zach Morris, and sleep with: Uncle Jesse
Find Mandi @
The Booby Trap,
Phone: (954) 973-6888
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  1. Dylan says:

    She’s fine as ****! Gotta go to the Trap SOON!

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