Kid Chronic Owns Miami New Times Editor Chuck Strouse

Today’s comment of the day comes from Miami New Times Editor Chuck Strouse who has apparently never heard of us before but consequently has never heard of Amazon, Google or Facebook either… [originalpost]

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  1. So, Mr. Chuck thinks you need an editor? I must be honest & say “WTF!” – that is the strangest resume’ I have ever seen!

    ..::CHUCK::.. If you want to work for ‘The KiD’ in the event that New Times decides to lay off … just ask. Im sure he would be happy to help :) No need to hide your question behind a rude post .. jussss sayiN LOL

  2. lol that comment had so many errors in it Chuck probably had an editorial stroke! PS Chuck finding out that Kid Chronic has been busted for weed isn’t exactly the newsflash of the century but it is impressive that you have figured out how to use the Google machine. Ill give you a little help I have been arrested for pot more than once… Keep me posted of any other breakthroughs!!!

  3. Pretty weak, Chuck.

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