New Times Editor Chuck Strouse Says Kid Chronic Is A Criminal!!!

Why old Upchuck Chuck, I thought we were just starting to be Friends???

A criminal? Nah not really, more of a Smooth Criminal like Michael Jackson minus the pedo of course! Furthermore to call a writer out for getting busted smoking pot in college, seems a little petty if not just lame all together. Your like the guy that took a bong hit with Micheal Phelps and rather than just smile and go home and tell your boys how cool it was, you took a photo and submitted it to TMZ! #narc #snitch #informant

PS If you wanted to get some real dirt on me, you should have searched my Dad!!! Haha Love ya Pops if your reading! Hey here is a novel idea, if you guys think you’re so much more professional than me, then try out working me how about that? For instance try writing more than two boring ass posts a day, that might give you a little more street cred than calling names and pointing out grammatical errors, but hey that’s just my humble opinion. New Times = Haters Viva La Chronic!!!!!!! #weowntheweb Awww Yeaaaaaa!!!



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