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Today’s comment of the day is from your SECOND favorite internet personality, Nik Richie, from TheDirty.com, and it involves Courtney Stodden – your favorite hott mess (Your first favorite internet personality is Kid Chronic, of course.)!   Nik Richie’s comment: “Doug Hutchison is a child molester for marrying Courtney Stodden.

You might be asking yourself WHY this comment is a big deal, because it seems like one of the nicest things Nik Richie has ever said. The child molester comment has created such a stir because at the moment Doug Hutchison & Richie are filming a reality show together – “Couples Therapy”

Sources say that Hutchison is so upset about the comment that it almost started a fight on set, and has created awkward tension between the entire cast. Our advice to you Mr. Hutchison – don’t take things so personally. You just started filming a show with NiK FREAKiNG RiCHiE! He is going to blast you and your daughter, I mean wife, all season & we cannot wait!

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