Florida Shores Cleaning Gets The Job Done Right


We here at Chronic Nation are big fans of Florida Shores Cleaning Service. They are highly trained professional cleaners who specialize in apartments, offices, homes and condos. Florida Shores is fully insured and have the lowest prices in Broward County. If there is one rule we live by here at the Chronicle, it’s “A clean house is a happy house,” and Florida Shores Cleaning helps us keep our house as clean as can be. Since Florida Shores Cleaning has been with us at the magazine, we’ve recommended them to all of our friends and neighbors and the rave reviews keep coming in. John and his crew are extremely professional and are thorough, dependable and worry-free. Let trustworthy, skilled professionals do the job that other cleaning services fail to do.

For a free estimate, please call Florida Shores Cleaning at 954 515 8891

6 Responses to “Florida Shores Cleaning Gets The Job Done Right”

  1. Marta Evans says:

    The owner of Florida Shores Cleaning is a very friendly fellow. This is just a ruse to get you to trust him. He came to my home and I went over with him everything that I wanted done. I explained that my prior cleaning lady had really gotten lazy and was doing a very poor job. He agreed and said the first clean he would start on the top and go all through everything. He said it would take about 5-6 hours to be very thorough and it would cost $125.00. I agreed because he seemed to be very professional and proud of his work. We then discussed regular bi-weekly service for $80 for approximately 3 hrs per cleaning. John and his workmate showed up, were here for 3 hrs and did an extremely poor job. I work out of my home and was very busy. I did not realize right away the amount of time they had been here and did not have time to do a complete inspection right then and there. I did go through the house later that evening: alot of dust, completely missed areas we had discussed in detail, etc. I sent John an email to go over the items.. I am attaching his two emails back to me. This man not only misrepresents himself and his company, but he is extremely rude, very unprofessional, obviously has the maturity level of a 5 year old and from the appearance of his responses, appears to be very poorly educated. He seems to think I do not remember our conversations and when challenged becomes belligerent. If you value your home, your money and wish to deal with honest, reliable and professional people, I would recommend you not deal with John and Florida Shores Cleaning. Below is my email after I inspected the house:
    Hi, John. I just had a chance to go over the house that you cleaned today.
    My first issue is that you told me the first time you came that you would be here about 5-6 hrs and cover everything and that is why it would be $125.00. I was so busy with work that I did not realize you were only here about 3 hours.
    I just did a quick walk through and found following:
    1. Neither the chandelier in the foyer or the dining room had been cleaned. 2. The inside of the louvered door in the foyer had not been cleaned. 3. The toaster was dirty and the kitchen back splash had not been washed down. 4. None of the silk plants had been cleaned. 5. I can see where some of the baseboards had been wiped but I wiped others and dust came right off. Also, since the prior service did not clean them good, they have to be washed down now, not just dusted.
    6. Found some dirt on white kitchen cabinets.
    7. The living room lamps had dust on them.
    8, The top of the armoire in my room did not look like it has been dleaned.
    9. The floor beside the armoire in my room had a long line of dirt along the bottom of the baseboards.
    10. The top of the blinds over the sliding glass door in the kitchen very dirty.
    11. The top of the wall unit in the living room is very,very dirty.
    12. Inside the wall unti in my bedroom are some dusty items not cleaned when Michelle cleaned the wall unit.
    13. The white ducks in the kitchen, over the archway, were dusty.
    I do not know if you did anything to the bookcase in the hallway as I have not gotten to that yet. John, this first cleaning was suppose to be every inch of the house and contents from top to bottom. But, as you can see from this list, it was not accomplished. Let me know if you will be coming back to go back over the house or if you will be doing this on the 29th. One way or the other, you owe me another cleaning for the $125. Let me know when you receive the check as I want to track how long it takes to get to you. I sent it to 805 SW 30 St., Ft Lauderdale, 33315.
    This is John’s response: “marta, i know 5 to 6 hours was not said, all for only 125.00. i never spend more the 4 hours in a house unless its a full move in or out, and or a foreclosure. at times but rare do i have a list of items i didnt do. i gave you 3hours 15 min maybe 15 min to 45 min shy of 4 hours. i said to you this would be 150.00 based on 4 hours or so. 1. dont clean chandelier only dust them. 2 cant get my body in that small area to clean the bottom. 3 toaster was cleaned. dont run water and soap in it. it will short out. 4 plants didnt do. i need special spray for that. you didnt supply spray. i dont clean them with water. 5 some baseboards may have been missed. cabinets little over sight. just you being to picky. the rest of the items i cant answer. i was concern taking the cleaning acct on because you stated you are picky. i did a pretty good job for ony 125. if i said to you 150.00 for 4.5 hours you would have said to much. sorry i will not return at all. thank you for the check. i got it tonight. when my customers are soooooooooooooooooooo picky i kindly tell them find someone else to serve you. i get 2 complaints per year out of 1200 homes per year.”
    My response back: You can bet you will not be back. You are extremely rude and a very poor business man.
    John’s response: sorry you feel that way. i am not rude. look at the mirror. you are full of insults. i asked you to look over the work and you decided not to.

  2. Marta Evans says:

    I would give this company zero stars.

  3. Marta says:

    Very unprofessional owner

  4. STELLA says:

    The owner is the rudest person that I have ever met in quite a while. His cleaning services are the worst.

  5. john centonze says:

    i no longer deal with any of the clients affiliated with the chronic. the company went out of business after 1 year of service.

  6. john centonze says:

    all the reviews are not my company. its a another bogus florida shores cleaning services. they have a s as services. i have a singular for service. this is a problem with this channel.

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