Seen By Sara: The Best Title Agency In South Florida. As Chosen By The People.

Title agencies.. what are they? If you remember my last column on shady real estate
agents you most likely know what a title company is, too. Title insurance agencies are
just as vital of a step in buying a place as getting the keys in your hand. And just the
same with shady real estate agents can come tricky little title insurance agencies that are
put in place to fool you. After the popularity of my ground breaking article on corruption
inside South Florida real estate, I received a couple of inquiries about title insurance
companies too. Which ones are worth looking at, and which ones won’t rip you off?
Better yet — who are the good guys in the business and WHY?

After asking many personal friends both with recent experience of buying a home as
well as skilled real estate agents I came across a very special little business with two
offices located in both Sunny Isles & Oakland Park. From what I hear it’s an extremely
proactive agency that has a wonderful local reputation. My job as a writer is to uncover
the best (and the worst) businesses in South Florida. You may not even know what a
title agency does and to be honest I had to have it explained to me a couple of times. Or,
you may not even need it — but I bet you know quite a few people who do need it. So
recommend them to this place!!

They are called Real Title Insurance Agency.   The purpose of a title agency is to do
research so that when you buy a house anything owed is “free and clear” and they insure
that they did the work properly.   They insure this by doing a background check so there
are no liens, encumbrances, judgments, or taxes to protect the buyer.  This is something
that it required when buying a house. It’d be like buying a car without insurance, you
simply can’t do it. Most title agencies help you deal with a problem, this specific one
actually fixes problems and most importantly they get the deal closed. I got the pleasure
of meeting a couple of these staff members last week and they were personable and
helpful and also speak an array of languages. Including but not limited to (no I’m not
kidding) English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian.

This agency also has a sister company called Real Finance Solutions which is a short
sale negotiation company. They help people who are underwater in the difficult economy
get out of their property with no deficiencies. . For example if
you owe $800,000 on your house, if you sell it for $500,000 the bank can come after you
for the difference. However — if you short sell your property for the same amount the
negotiators will help you sell your property and clear the difference.  Don’t trust the valuable
peace of mind for your future and your family to just anybody.   If you are looking
to refinance, buy, sell, or short sell your home, call a.s.a.p. and ask for Andy at (305) 405-3400


17100 Collins Avenue #224

Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

(305) 405-3400

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