BANG !!! Dynamite Dog Training Hits South Florida

Jamie Diaz – CPDT-KA is a professional certified dog trainer. Jamie is a licensed positive dog trainer with world renowned trainer Victoria Stilwell and her team. There are only 50 trainers in the world on Victoria’s team, Diaz being one of only five in the whole state of Florida. Diaz is a member of, and the IPDTA, (International Positive Dog Training Association), also the APDT, (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).She is also a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the AKC.  Jamie is an evaluator and instructor for the great new program C.L.A.S.S. which was formed from the APDT to promote training focused on the use of positive reinforcement and to strengthen relationships through positive training methods.

Jamie Diaz has been working with various breeds of dogs for years from puppies to adult dogs. Jamie attended Animal Behavior College where she received her certification in Dog Training. ABC teaches positive training techniques throughout its curriculum. Throughout the program she was mentored by various trainers which helped her perfect her own style of training.  Through her practice she has found that positive reinforcement works for all breeds of all ages. To further her vision and passion she was handpicked by Victoria Stilwell from “It’s Me or the Dog” to try and train as many dogs using ONLY positive training techniques.

Her goal is to train every dog using positive training techniques which will make for a happier, well balanced dog. This process takes hard work and consistency from ALL OF US! Training should continue throughout a dog’s life.  Every moment of every day your dog is learning something, whether we are teaching them or not.  Let’s take those moments and direct our dogs in a positive way.  Remember EVERY GOOD DOG HAS A GREAT OWNER!  Please contact Jamie Diaz at 954-515-6411 or www.dynamitedogtraining.com for more information.


5 Responses to “BANG !!! Dynamite Dog Training Hits South Florida”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great dog trainer! Its truly amazing what she can do and how the dogs learn and totally change their behavior!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing trainer! You will be so happy with your dogs behavior when Jamie is done! Worth every penny !!!

  3. Rhonda M says:

    Thank you so much for all you have done! Finally a trainer that has a degree in training dogs as well as in behavior therapy…you are truly the best and I have had many dog trainers over the years!

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  5. val says:

    Horrible training . Jamie Diaz is unwitting and incompetent. Do not go to her if your dog has behavioral issues. She is a glorified dog -walker with mediocre skills that only apply to dogs that need to learn to sit and roll over. Do not buy her packages she has a no refund policy with no exceptions. She has got to be joking by charging 125 per hour for a private lesson. Her so called facility is an industrial garbage dump with mats on the floor, not even a patch of grass for the dogs to run on.

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