Lady Gaga Falls Off The Piano!

This Video is awesome!!! Check out Madonna wanna-be Lady Gaga fall of the piano at her concert tonight, pathetic!!! I’m sick of this loser already, when is she gonna go away? We all know she was a rich girl who grew up friends with Paris Hilton and bought her way into the music industry. Why do you all keep supporting her? She’s pasty white, not a good dancer, not a god singer, and is a complete talentless hack. Oh wait that’s why America likes her, because she represents what the average person here has become, fat and clumsy.

Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano – Watch more Funny Videos

2 Responses to “Lady Gaga Falls Off The Piano!”

  1. lol i would’ve paid 130 doll-hairs to see this shit live

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha!…LMFAO!!!…That Two Bit Madonna Wannabee!!!!

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