Is This The Face Of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas? – Belleville woman sold kids’ Christmas gifts for crack .!

ST. CLAIR COUNTY A Belleville woman is in jail after selling her children’s Christmas gifts to buy crack cocaine, police said. Sandra J. Bauers, 35, the mother of two young sons, stole about $1,000 worth of toys and gifts that the childrends grandmother bought last week, according to Sheriff’s Capt. Steven Johnson. Bauers then sold the gifts to buy crack, Johnson said.

The children  — two boys, ages 4 and 5 — were staying with their grandmother, Bauers’ mother, who has a restraining order against Bauers.

Bauers was held on $50,000 bond at the St. Clair County Jail, for violating the restraining order.

The grandmother, Pamela Gyon, said she wanted Bauers to be a part of the children’s Christmas, so she invited her daughter to go shopping with her, despite the restraining order. “That was my error,” Pamela Gyon said. “She had a drug habit. I tried to help her as her mother, but drugs are more important.”

Gyon, 57, said the restraining order was because her daughter had stolen her car, jewelry and husband’s tools in the past. But Gyon thought her daughter had kicked her drug habit.

On Thursday night, after the shopping spree, Bauers slept over at the grandmother’s home in the 100 block of Pecan Lane, in unincorporated St. Clair County. The next morning, the 4-year-old boy woke up, looking for his mother. Bauers was gone — and so was the grandmother’s car full of gifts.

“When I think about it, there are a lot of signs she was back on drugs — agitation, very hyper, nervousness,” Gyon said.

Everybody wish a warm Merry Christmas to the biggest asshole in the world, Sandra J. Bauers. The Crackhead that stole Christmas. I tell yah. I can’t think of anything worse than this, besides irreversible herpes. Those poor, poor children.

Look. I watch intervention. I know how the drugs can grip dat ass. Shit, I’m a reformed LSD user. Why do you think I write like a maniac on speed? I used to sell all my gifts for money. But they were my gifts, and this was after Christmas. You should have waited a another week, let the kids open the gifts, be like, “Okay children time to go home now.” Then pawn them off while they are sleeping. Tell granny someone broke in and stole them. Shit. Be a professional for once…

Cue Allison from Intervention…

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