Does This Look Like The Face Of An Anti-Legalization Lawmaker Busted For Possession Of Marijuana?

Rhode Island House minority leader Robert Watson has been openly against the legalization of marijuana publicly on more than one occasion. Yet low and behold, the good House member was stopped at a police checkpoint in East Greenwich, Connecticut this past February, and guess what happened? Officers on the scene said they smelled pot and alcohol coming from the car, so they performed a routine search of the vehicle. It didn’t take long for cops to find the goods as Watson had a bag of weed in the armrest and a wooden pipe in his pocket. As for the booze, Watson had been drinking but only blew a 0.05 on the breathalyzer–well below the Connecticut limit of 0.08. So basically if pot was legal in Connecticut (like he was so opposed to in Rhode Island), he wouldn’t have had any problem at all. He would have been able to drive away from the scene with no ticket and his bag of what I’m sure is some top-notch state Congressman type weed would have still have been his to enjoy. Instead this hypocrite House member went home with an appearance ticket for a misdemeanor charge. Maybe a good time to rethink that stance on legalization Mr. Watson?


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