Does This Look Like The Face Of A Wife Who Poisoned Her Husbands Curry With Anti Freeze?

Kate Knight a British woman tried to kill her husband by poising his curry with anti freeze. The murder attempt was an effort to collect in his rather large life insurance policy 250,000 Euros. However Knight didn’t not pull of her sinister plan as doctors managed to pull Lee Knight out of a five month coma. The extreme poising left Knight fighting for his life and took his sight and hearing. During his recuperation he was treated by Jackie Evens a nurse who was responsible for him while he waited for a kidney transplant. During this time, Evens could only speak with her patient by writing words on the palm of his hands with her finger. Oddly enough out of this terrible tragedy and basic communication came something beautiful as Evens and Lee fell in love! Six years later the couple is now living happily ever after in Britain and is currently making plans for their wedding. Kate Knight however will have to miss the ceremony on account of the fact that she is currently behind bars for a long, long time.

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