GET WISE: Circumcised or Not!! Guys….Which One are You!!

Treez says: It is the age old question…circumcised or not?!?  Guys who are can let it hang in confidence (I guess depending on your size).  But the guys who are not circumcised have to feel a little on edge about their situation.  I have spoken to many females who are totally grossed out by any guy who rocks a “turtleneck” on their JOHNSON.  Then again, some girls just don’t mind (Huh??)

I think this is the perfect forum for all of you guys to let the world know what side you hang on.  And ladies, please comment and tell us what you feel about this.

15 Responses to “GET WISE: Circumcised or Not!! Guys….Which One are You!!”

  1. 2d2gc says:

    OMG is this really up on my site lol

  2. The Chef says:

    I gave you a 1 star rating because of the creepy picture.. ! haha

  3. GRINGO says:

    I think the good doc snipped a little to much off of my “delmonico johnson” and now it’s just a petite filet.

  4. I was circumcised at birth. I disliked being cut so much that I am restoring my foreskin. The difference is amazing. My girl friend loves my new hoodie. We don’t need to use lube like we used to, and she does not get sore from extended play times.

    I wish my parents had not had me circumcised at birth. I would have preferred to keep all my bits.

    • The Chef says:

      See … this is the kinda reader you acquire when you write about the penis…. Is this really where we are trying to take it, Treez? LOL…..

  5. treez says:

    What a dialogue on an IMPORTANT subject!!

  6. shannon says:

    It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have down below!

    Be comfortable with who you are, be willing to explore with your woman, and it won’t make a difference.

    After all, a foreskin is just a piece of skin … slide it up and out of the way …
    The main concern for women is that you’re clean.

    Enjoy, and always play responsibly!

  7. P-J says:

    I Think that the area under the foreskin is a breeding ground for yucky smelly stuff, and yeah sure smegma is natural and normal when washed regularly but this would have to mean an uncircumcised man would have to have about ten or so showers a day just to keep from not smelling down there. I am happy with my partners beautiful cut penis, and wouldn’t have it any other way. However on the other hand i respect a mans right to regrow his foreskin if he wishes. It is just the hygiene issue that concerns me a bit.

  8. Abegail says:

    well i don’t really care cause the guy i am with has the same thing but it doesn’t bother me….

  9. Colin says:

    Circumcised all the way and pretty glad. GF wouldn’t have had it any other way. New guidelines from the CDC point to numerous benefits including less risk of contracting HIV. Personally think the foreskin is dirty, smelly and … ugly.

  10. El Oso says:

    Alot of men circumcise because they think it will make their Penis bigger and due to clenliness, But If your confident and have good hygiene then it would`nt matter. Personally the foreskin adds to the sensation and is a good tool my GF uses to get me hard.
    I have thought about it before but Im pretty happy now, although it still crosses my mind every once in while and makes me think =S
    What is this about growing your foreskin back?!? How long does it take?!?

  11. krysta says:

    I have only recently came across an uncircumsided man. and i love the extra sensitivity that he has in comparison to past partners. It was a great experience for him, teaching my the differences. I also find it more natural, i enjoy the experience and understand him better.

  12. mateo says:

    US actors: don’t circumcise your newborn male babies! Give them a chance.If when adutts they want to be circumcised, they can!

  13. mateo says:

    actor Dave Annable wants to have many children. “I want a hockey team”. Then Dave, when you have male children, please no circumcisio for them! Even if you are cirumcised, which I do not know if it is the case!

  14. mateo says:

    a foreskin and frenulum have more than 4000 sex. sensitive nerve endings which are cut-off by circumcision!So cut guys may have very good sex, that is doubtess, but thing waht pleasures do uncut guys feel when having sex!

  15. Tora Spigner RN says:

    There is no medical reason to circumcise a newborn. If he wants to be cut when he can decide, that should be left to him. It is not cleaner nor more hygienic, in fact a baby boy is easier to clean than a baby girl, no folds. Just clean the outside, never try to move the foreskin away from the head of the penis. In a newborn, it is attached like your fingernail to your finger. The only person who should ever touch his foreskin to move it is the boy himself. When he is old enough and retractable, a quick rinse in the shower is all he needs. Since the foreskin has 20,000 nerves, removing it changes his sex life forever. If you want your son to have his best life, and that includes his sexual life, do not circumcise him. ~ An RN and Mother of an intact daughter and son

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