LOVE Conquers All: Chad Love Lieberman Tells Treez how to Succeed in Multimedia Art

Remember the name...Chad LOVE Lieberman!!

I must start this off by saying that the way I came to know Chad LOVE Lieberman was through a chance meeting in which I interviewed him (how funny) for a position in building a website for my then “difficult” boss. My boss never employed anyone for that position, and looking back now, Chad would have been too good for that company.
If you have a painting being displayed at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, if you have two published books, The Bank of Knowledge and Creative Warriors Walk Alone : The Business of Art on every major website and on bookstore shelves, if you have a ton of music and videos on Youtube.com, then you can most certainly call yourself a Multimedia Artist!

Chad LOVE Lieberman, the nephew of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joseph Lieberman, is just 34-years-old and has accomplished more in that short time than many do throughout their entire life. Born to Roger (a successful Dentist and one of the top veneers specialists in the country) and Linda (a mother of two and successful entrepreneur) in New York City, Chad has been painting since the age of six. And Chad knows he truly has a gift. “I get my creativity from my mother and my hands from my father. He still has his very first painting. It was me, on a sailboat, in an ocean”.
“I’ve been told that my style is very Andy Warhol…very Jackson Pollock. I take that as a big compliment even though I never studied them.”
“I am just driven. No psychological pain drives me. I like to be creative.”

“Life is good…I have 805 credit. No ‘baby-mama drama’. Nobody wants to kill me, and I don’t owe anyone money.”

A proud artist next to one of his "masterpieces"

Chad told me one of his biggest inspirations was world renowned pop artist Keith Haring. He came across him in a NYC subway station while Haring was painting. Chad stared and watched Haring do what he did best. “I loved how he would do his thing, get arrested, and then get his name and art in the newspaper. I was honored to have met him before he died (of AIDS complications at 31).
Personally, I am most impressed with Chad’s paintings, so that is where I started my interview. When I walked into his palatial estate, I was led to the billiard room which had a huge window, letting the sun pour in to light the space up, and about ten of Chad Love’s oil paintings adorning the walls.
I walked from painting to painting admiring one more than the next. As I toured the gallery-like room, Chad let me in on his newest project. That project is www.art4love.com.
Art4love is Chad’s “baby” and something he is quite proud of. And why not? He has 15 years and 2,000 paintings of his artwork on the site for sale, as well as a ton of M.O.M.A. rated artists from all over the world. The art on the site is EXTREMELY affordable ranging from $279 – $799. The pieces are all 100% canvas artwork. All items sold at art4love come in ready to hang form, are UV coated and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. “This site was created to make shopping for art more efficient and easier to do. In five clicks you will have seen, researched and bought a wonderful piece of art. My goal is to bring high quality art at affordable prices.”
“Even though I’ve been known to be an eccentric assh*le, I am a humble artist.”

“I just get frustrated with stupidity and ignorance. I have learned that men are NOT all created equal, as much as it pains me to say.”

“God and the Devil are within. It’s your decision what to follow. Your heart will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes your mind trips you up.”
Chad’s paintings on their own make him very comfortable and are things to be very proud of. Chad did not stop there, though. He told me about his two published books. The Bank of Knowledge and Creative Warriors Walk Alone : The Business of Art. Creative Warriors (2003) has sold over 50,000 copies to date. The book was written to teach young artists how to start a business from home. To be able to create their art and make a $100,000 a year. It gives info and tips on incorporating options, cost effective marketing techniques, the psychology of working at home and accounting and legal notes. “I wrote this because I was inspired by my success as an artist. These are things that I did, and I want to pass them on. Most artists don’t know how to price their work. I have a formula for these young artists to follow. There are ways to justify the price of your art. The Bank of Knowledge (2008) has sold over 32,000 copies to date. Chad told me that this book was heavily inspired by the self help novel The Secret. I cam up with the concept while touring in Europe and being locked in hotels for two years. The book is 365 pages and is designed for the reader to read one page each day and reflect upon it. About the book, Chad said, “It is to help motivate. Leave yourself a message or note to remind yourself how to change a negative into a positive. Just go with the flow of the changes in life. Basically, it is about having more happy days than sad…”
“A lot of art teachers are failures in the art world. I think I bring a younger – fresher approach.”

“Did you know that 50,000 graduate with a fine arts degree. The average artist makes just $1500 a YEAR from their art! I want to make a dent in that!”

Even a Multimedia Artist makes time to fish.

So if that was not enough, we touched a bit on Chad Love’s music career. As the owner of Evol Records, Chad knows a little bit about the music business too. Signed to Sony in 2002, Chad left the label, created Evol, and put out nine albums. Chad’s entire discography is available on Amazon.com and on iTunes. Chad launched his music career during the collapse of the CD and the rise of digital music. He adapted quickly and made sure to get his music out to the masses using those two sites as well as on Youtube.com. Chad’s music ranges from hip hop to house and his lyrics really will make you think. He wrote a song “9-11-01 – Remember” with a young Paris Hilton doing the hook. Chad told me how he lost a girlfriend in the World Trade Center disaster. “This was a way to remember her. Let us not forget those we lost.” Chad made a strong point that he never took a penny from the proceeds of the track. “I don’t profit off of the dead. I donated all of the profits anonymously to the NYPD.”
Lieberman has two major projects going on right now that are taking up a lot of the man’s time. His third book, Art4Love 365 is set to be published in January of 2011. “This is a calendar art book that will contain basic horoscopes. I put all of my art into the book, having it displayed in all different forms. It is a great coffee table book. It is art for your table! If you see a painting in it that you really like, you can go to my www.art4love.com site and purchase it. How cool is that?” Chad’s other point of interest right now is www.electcollect.com, a super-site and iTunes app for mobile ringtones and wallpaper. The site and app contain 24,000 original ringtones in 40 different categories for just 99 cents! There has been over 10 million downloads to date. Versions are in creation for Blackberry, Palm phones and the Google Nexus.
As our interview was winding down, I felt it would only make sense to ask Chad LOVE Lieberman, what he thought about the future: the future for art and the future for Chad LOVE. Chad had a lot to say. “I want to keep evolving my industries. Cut…paste…innovate…and move forward. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just make it better. You have to stay motivated. Motivate yourself. If people can learn to do that, society will be better…and maybe we will all still be alive after 2012!”
Treez says: Chad is truly a breath of fresh air. He is happy, successful, intelligent, super cool and carries himself extremely well. I would challenge anyone to spend 15 minutes with Chad LOVE and not come away impressed. One of the most interesting things that Chad said in our interview was that he had been told many times that he was a “Modern Day Michelangelo” and a “Renaissance Man”. And that in response to that he would just smirk. And that is exactly what I did when he told me…I smirked. Remember the name CHAD…LOVE…LIEBERMAN. He is going to be very famous, very soon.

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    I think Chad Love is very talent. I purchased 2 of his paintings in the 2002.

    He should be on every ones walls i think..

  2. Mike S says:

    Chadlove 9-11-01 song is still my favorite of his collection. The kid can paint like a mo fo.. made skills.

  3. Tara Guicci says:

    Chad Love Lieberman is really talented. I just read this article. Thank you for educating me about him.

  4. joewowo says:

    great article. i heard about Chad. But never knew he was doing so much.. i will keep an eye on his work and check out his stuff..

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  6. tinamusic says:

    Chad Love Lieberman is the bomb. His work is really amazing. This article is great.

  7. brandykolo@aol.com says:

    Art4love.com is a really cool site.

  8. A LUV says:

    I have all of Chad Love’s albums.. He music is sick and totally under rated. But i guess thats the way he likes it.

  9. Brian E says:

    I just bought the Ringtone Iphone app. It looks good so far.

  10. Toby Gaines says:

    Wow. Really cool artwork.. Amazing

  11. The Chef says:

    This guy is insanely talented.. Great article and keep it up trees.!

  12. Treez says:

    11 Comments and counting…Chad LOVE will lead a multimedia revolution. I firmly believe that!!!

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    Creative warriors walk alone looks like a great book.

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  17. CPEREZ says:

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    art4love.com is really cool. i will buy one day for my company walls.

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    I just saw Chad Love Liebermans art in the MOMA. Very cool painting called the facial peel. love it…

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  39. Sick stuff. Wish I had a job. I would be able to use my credit card to purchase stuff.

  40. Harissbmangolder says:

    That 9-11-01 song is sick on itunes. why the fuck didn’t that song blow up. Mofo’s are just haters of white rappers. Chad Love got fucking talent.

  41. WHAT A JOKE says:

    This guy is nothing more than a con artist. What a bunch of bullshit. Nothing in this article is true. Try fact checking next time.

  42. Cedrasthemaster says:

    Chad Love music is sick. I have been a fan for over 10 years. He is just and underground artists who just stays humble. I am suprised to see an article like this. His art company is pretty cool.

  43. Rockharder says:

    I like that Art4love is a brand name. Not important of the artists name.. It’s a brand. Now thats a cool way of looking at art.

    I purchased a painting last month. I got it in 7 days. I love it and plan to purchase more in the future when the recession gets better. cool stuff.

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  48. Jrockahood says:

    This kid really does have 8 albums.. Wow. Crazy how he finds time to do this much work.. Kidzzzzzzzz got skills. http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/chad-love/id125086450

  49. adampeter says:

    I bought a cool Madonna painting he did. My wife is very happy. I hope to buy more one day.

  50. debbieforyou says:

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  51. Palozee says:

    What a nice man. I met Chad 4 years ago. He has a really sharp mind and a great heart.

  52. Chris Posnia says:

    Chad Love work is fucking sick.. Wow ooo.

  53. Winston says:

    Chad definitely has a gift for ripping art from the internet and using fake names and comments to promote himself. Wow indeed.

  54. Gil Brooks says:

    So what says the author of this article about this douche bag STEALING other artists’ work, and selling them on his site (at the time of this posting the site has been taken down)?

  55. Silver Fox says:

    Chad Love was painting last night in Lavo NY. I can tell you his artwork is sick sick sick.

  56. Scott W says:

    Chad Love is talented artist. I picked up a painting of his in auction later year. I love it.

  57. Nelson says:

    Its funny seeing people praising this guy, who stole art from the original artists, sells them without respect of whats copyright. Aka this is a big scam

  58. Brian says:

    Certificate of Authenticity?!?! — To show it’s authentically stolen art?

  59. Brian says:

    Certificate of Authenticity?!?! — Authentically Stolen Art?

  60. K says:

    Wow!! Pretty ballsy posing there w/ stolen artwork in the background. Did he think no one would notice?? Funny how all his sites came down so fast after he was blasted.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Theif. Theif. Theif.

    Stop stealing other peoples artwork and grow a pair.

  62. Anon says:

    It’s suspicious that so many of the positive comments sound similar (like the use of the word sick over and over again). There are lots of plugs for Art4Love too which is known to rip off artist and sell they’re work without permission. Is there something you need to tell us Chad?

  63. Legendra says:

    is everyone fucking blind? He STOLE those artworks! http://news.deviantart.com/article/158845/ try defending him now.

  64. Sarah says:

    This guy is a fraud! Stole images of my work and is selling them as his own under a different title, a different date, no artist credit and yet all with a certificate of authenticity! The site is down as of this morning, but I have screen captures of it and proof the images are my own.

  65. C says:

    I hope he gets sued. I hope he gets sued HARD. I also like the fact that he’s trying to save face by quickly changing his website to say that he’s “featuring artists”, which is complete crap.

    People wouldn’t have gotten into such an uproar if he hadn’t claimed the work as his own and profited from other people’s hard work.

    I hope the people he ripped off rip off his insured balls.

  66. Jane Goldstein says:

    All I know is Chad Love Lieberman artwork is real. I went to his studio years ago. Asked him to paint something for me and 5 years later they are hanging on my wall.

  67. Deviant Artist says:

    Wow! look at all these people praising an art thief, this guy is a fraud, wake up people!

  68. Art Master says:

    Chad Love’s work is real. He might find inspiration from other forms of art. But he completely creates the canvas artwork from scratch. I saw a video of him doing it online. Maybe the negative comments are just a sign of what people just don’t understand.

    I am happy for Chad. Good PR / Hater PR is still PR.

  69. R says:

    I believe this site doesn’t support thieves. They should make another article on art scams, like this one.

  70. LB says:

    He may be artistically talented but why is he relying on other artists work and selling it off as his own?

    If he wants to sell other artists’ work, he should just get into that business officially and with permission by the real creators. He already seems to be oh-so talented in different areas of the artistic realm…. let it be another hat he can wear.

    It’s even scummier that a gifted and well-liked artist would siphon his peers’ work. Where the hell is your integrity?

  71. Peter Eng says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the art on his websites actually is his own work.

    What does surprise me is that he’d steal other people’s work and pass it off as his own after what happened to Judith Griggs, the person who used to run Cooks Source. Way to destroy your credibility, Chad.

  72. Lisa says:

    What a douche. An art thief, not an artist. He stole peices from some of my favourite artists, one I have met. If only t6he writer of this article knew about real art, then maybe he would have been caught sooner.

  73. Kyna says:

    THIS MAN IS A FAKE! A total fake all the artwork on his site is stolen. He is a lowlife piece of Sh** that doesn’t deserve to see the light of day OR make money. Period.

  74. L says:

    Stolen artwork. All from deviantART. Egotistical, selfish. Currently hiding, disabling any way of going to his site. Making money off of other people’s work..

  75. Josh says:

    This dude is nothing but a no talent thieving hack! His “Artwork” is stolen from other artists. What a piece of shit

  76. Andrew Hosner says:

    REALLY _ how fucking stupid can you be to think one guy painted all these – you should NOT be writing about art in any capacity and this guy is a ripoff to boot. Get a clue.

  77. Capn-gary says:

    Chad Love Lieberman is nothing but an art thief. And to substantiate that claim, here are 6 works that were gathered without the artists’ knowledge or permission. The rest of the information is things for people to continue researching this scumbag.

    The A part is the original artwork, with the address, where you can find the date it was posted. The B part is the stolen version on Liberman’s website art4love.com, which no longer exists as of 10:30 AM EDT on 8-17-11

    The partner site, also owned by Lieberman is MarkYourSpot.com, which is a Second Life game site where he was selling the same stolen art.

    You can all be the judge. He’s where you can find the screen captures of the originals and rip offs.


  78. kiki says:


    More like infamous. Rot in hell Chad.

  79. Anonymous says:

    This is sick. A great artist of copy and paste.

  80. DArtist says:

    “Fresh of breath air…”? If you mean by stealing art and selling it as his own, then yes. Although, there are more people out stealing art, which is a lot of “fresh” air. I hope you get a good kick in the balls, Chad.

  81. Tim says:

    Guys, the people that are praising him are Chad himself, he’s making other aliases and posing as other people. don’t buy into it.

  82. Fafloune says:

    “He might find inspiration from other forms of art.”

    What inspiration??? Go on DeviantArt, do a search with “art4love” in the news section, you should find several discussion about him with many examples showing the work of the original artists he’s passing off as his own. The only thing there is to understand is that he is indeed ripping off other artists.

  83. Angei says:

    he’s accomplished more in his life because he’s stealing art from others lives. he didn’t accomplish shit. he stole it and claimed it as his own. its not possible to create so much artwork in so many different styles in one life time it would take several lifetime and it did from several peoples lives not his life

  84. evan says:

    Not one of a kind at all. This asswipe is a common thief, stealing other artist’s images & profiting from it. The image in the lead picture to his left is a painting by Sarah Joncas. Calling them “repainted” & changing the titles does not change the fact that he is infringing on the copyright that the original artists are entitled to. Treat this guy like the toxic waste he is & stay away from anything he claims is “his”. Examples of work he’s stolen: “Pooped Out Party Girl”, “The Queen is Burning”…need further proof? Easy:


  85. Real Artist says:

    Man what the hell, I sign onto Deviant Art and all my friend’s journals are saying the same thing “ART THEFT, THIS SCUM BAG CALLS HIMSELF AN ARTIST BUT HE’S STOLEN ONE OF MY ART WORKS AND SOLD IT AT A LUDICROUS PRICE!!”

    I hope his ass gets sued, I don’t care if he actually can or can’t paint. Any hardworking artist knows you don’t do this, it’s downright plagiarism. I hope those artists get the money back he took from selling their works. We don’t spend 20+ years of hard work, sweat and tears just to have all our original work and ideas ripped off and sold at outrageous prices.

  86. ChryssHart says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself , Chad. It’s one thing to steal another person’s artwork, but to actually make money off of it? You’re a criminal and I hope you lose every dime you made off of other people’s work.

  87. Anonymous says:

    CHAD STEALS!!!!! He is an art thief who claims the credit, and profit, of others! This whole article screams bulls*** after what he has done. How embarrassing to not have updated this article to reflect the TRUTH about this scam artist. Even that feels wrong to say….he doesn’t deserve to be called an artist in any way.

    • treez says:

      There is a new article up regarding this. I will add more to it as more information becomes available. That being said, it seems like all the comments being left about Chad cover way more than I ever could on the subject at hand.

  88. Angei says:

    now lots of people want to kill you and you owe lots of people money they truly deserve. the fact that he got to a point wear stealing art seemed like a good idea means he’s in a really bad place in his life. and saying he’s like Jackson pollock is as if he’s never seen his work none of those artist work looks like Jackson pollock

  89. LI says:

    ArtMaster, he is an artist, but the problem is that on top of creating his own pieces- he also steals. It shouldn’t take a brick to the head to figure that out 😐

  90. Aeri says:

    michaelperezgallery . com Another site he sells art on.

  91. notsoanonymous says:

    http://www.teapartylove.digitalinkz.com/painting%20pages/a%20place%20to%20confide.htm Is the same picture as the one to the right in the first image. Some evidence to strengthen the accusations of the others that has written something here.

  92. Franklin says:

    This dude is a thief and a total scumbag. Steals other people’s art and sells it as his own. This guy needs to serve time.

  93. M. J. says:

    NEWSFLASH: this man is nothing but a pathetic plagiarist and an art thief. Both of his sites have been taken down for copyright infringement (read: blatant theft).


  94. Anonymous says:

    This man is nothing but a thief! All his work is stolen! All he deserves is a painful life on the street with all his ill gotten money taken away from him! I hope once this gets out he is black listed from everyone in the creative world the pathetic scummy cunt!

  95. Leslie says:

    “Nobody wants to kill me, and I don’t owe anyone money.”

    Ask him if he feels the same after he’s sued for theft of others work.

  96. TheifHunter says:

    You think that a video of this person painting something is enough evidence? People also copy. Maybe he does paint some of those canvases but it doesn’t mean it’s completely original.

    Even if he is a talented artist, this does not excuse him from being able to rip off of other artists. But he will never be a true artist if he cannot feel for the hard work that others put into creating their images.

    Whatever he’s done, he knows it. You cannot go around taking art unconsciously. He needs to also know this:

    His career, his family, his friends. All will be ruined because he did not see how obviously wrong his actions were. Art theft and plagiarism will not be overlooked.

    Once this issue makes light, and it will, he will have no more career in the art industry. “Democratic Presidential Candidate Joseph Lieberman” will also be affected. Anyone related to this poisonous ordeal wont go untouched. And it is All. His. Fault.


    the TheifHunter

  97. Bov says:

    I’d just like to point out that all of this praise in the comments is probably 99% Chad himself.

    Stop stealing art douche bag! Check your sources, Chronicle, you’re supporting an asshole thief!

  98. chloe says:

    psh. “don’t owe anyone money”?
    bro, you owe a LOT of people money.

  99. Conzz says:

    This man is a liar and a thief. Pure filth,

  100. Bobbie says:

    Thieving varmint. I hope this asshole gets what’s coming to him. What really chaps my behind is that he made more off my artwork than I did since both the pieces he stole from me were personal works, not commissions.

  101. Chlo says:

    Art theif.
    He is even posing with stolen artwork!
    I hope the bugger gets his freakin’ pants sued off and loses all those wonderful things he bought with that filfthy money.

  102. Kediil says:

    This guy is a piece of work himself. He needs to have everything he ‘earned’ with his stolen work taken away from him and he needs to go to jail. Try a year, or heck, six months, for every piece of art he stole, and I’d be willing to bet he’d earn more than a single life sentence. What a horrible excuse for a human being.

    And you’re not doing yourself any favours by promoting him Chronicle! Try checking your facts before putting up these lies!

  103. JohnH says:

    This art-stealing asshole! Making his hypocritical comments and remarks….this guys really pisses me off!

  104. FFM says:

    What a load of horse shit! He didn’t study Pollock or Warhol? He didn’t HAVE to study them, because he looks up TALENTED artists on the Internet and steals their stuff.

    Damn. I could probably make a LOT of money (and be quite prolific) if I didn’t have to create my own body of work!

    (His web site has already been shut down. LOSER.)

  105. Ladyzizzle says:

    As the above people had said, this man steals art from people online, mainly on Deviant Art, then resells it claiming that he has “certificates of authenticity”.

    This article should have a footnote stating these facts.

    Not only that, but he has since shut down his website now that people are catching on and calling him out on it.

  106. Hannah says:

    “Nobody wants to kill me” might want to re check that with the members of deviant art. Hope your dog bites you, you thieving asshole!

  107. Tia says:

    The biggest art thief I’ve ever seen, I hope he gets put away for a LONG time!

  108. There is no hell low enough or hot enough for trash like this guy.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Art theft is a low thing to do in the first place, but to do it so blatantly displays either pure idiocy, or he’s just so sure in his legal security that he doesn’t care. As scummy as this guy is, I suspect he won’t be suffering as much as he deserves.

  110. Kafai says:

    Yeah, I took screenshots of the entire site.
    as someone already posted

    This guy disgusts me.

  111. Anonymous says:

    bs. Suckish art theif! D:<

  112. Katja Soegaard says:

    This douchebag has NOT talent! He’s stolen everything he’s so “proudly” displaying

  113. Azuleean says:

    That bastard. There is nothing more insulting than having your art taken by someone else and called their own… And aren’t these news-guys supposed to have respectable resources?

  114. qwerty says:

    what scum. you should be ashamed of yourself. you know those children you were trying to inspire? i think all they will learn from you is how to be a steeling asshole. you are the scum of the earth. its one thing to steel art but another to plagiarize an ENTIRE BOOK. i hope you get what you deserve you lying shit-fuck. I hope you rot in jail. i could go on about how many things you are but i think enough people will be doing that.

  115. you know what? i read that he is a cheap person stealing some of the really good artwork off of DA. he can go and rot in hell.

  116. Michael Beddall says:

    Apparently there is a lawsuit in the works targeting this guy. He will get what is coming to him.
    Can’t believe the gall of this scumbag. sflchronicle, maybe you should do a little background checking on your interviewees in the future?

  117. Anonymous says:

    Is no one suing this man for his crime? Honestly? What else does it take for us to stand up for ourselves against people like this! We should sue him all at once, he needs to be punished.

  118. Loki says:

    “God and the Devil are within. It’s your decision what to follow. Your heart will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes your mind trips you up.”

    I guess it’s pretty obvious which side this guy took.

  119. Anonymous says:

    “Nobody wants to kill me”? I seriously doubt that. You stole tons of artwork from deviantart and sold
    them for a lot more at your websites. Oh, and funnily enough this man doesn’t just steal art, he also did plagiarism on his “Creative warriors walk alone” book; it’s all plagiarized from Foote’s The Business Side of Creativity.
    Artist? Sure, but a con artist.

  120. Anonymous says:


    Not only that, but scum who thought he could get away with such fraud… TWICE?!

    Fucking idiot.

  121. lol says:

    Lmfao yup, you sure are famous now.

  122. FrostedFire says:

    “Nobody wants to kill me and I don’t owe anybody money.”

    Pfft! Except for deviantART, bitch! XD

    I’m sorry you know this dude, treez. ): But I have one question… Did you ever notice how, in all of the pictures, his art style changes?

  123. True_Artists_On_DA says:

    Why the hell would you do such a thing I mean me and my two sisters have DA accounts and I’m pretty sure he stole my older sister’s epic art work. My damn photobucket is doing mobile on my computer so I have to download it. If I see mine or any of my sisters artwork in it I’m going to ask my bff for a justice spell and make sure this bastard gets the worst punishment ever and then tell my sisters of this crime and show them the pictures and the links.

    Thank you TomPreston for your journal entry and Lieberman…I hope you get raped in jail and made someone’s girl because that’s what you deserve for stealing people’s works. Hell it took me two years to finish one of my drawing and I’m not happy with it…

  124. Pandawicked says:

    He is a funking ART THIEF !!! HE IS A FAKE PERSON!!!!

  125. Sanity says:

    This man is a thief, take this farce of an article down from your site.

    • treez says:

      We are not taking the articles down, because at this point it is helping the artists as evidence to what he has done. It also allows for a discourse in the comments.

  126. I am facking furious. says:

    You know what? Whoever wrote this article, hats off to you, sir. Hats off to you for being the most misguide, pathetically misinformed writer in the world. Your source being the filthy douchebag himself, of COURSE he wouldn’t do anything else but praise himself. What a dick. None of the people I know have had their art stolen (yet) but if someone doesn’t stop this guy, then the whole meaning of art itself will probably be lost. All the time the artist spent working so hard on their OWN, ORIGINAL art will be wasted. It would be poured down the drain without a second thought. And it’s this, THIS behavior that just absolutely disgusts me.
    I laugh at the irony of this man’s name. Chad… Love? Anything but. I myself draw some too, and thankfully I haven’t had my artwork stolen (it’s not good enough, heh. xD). But the people who had-… God, I dread to think about how they feel now. Imagine if you studied your entire college life, preparing for your career as an aspiring artist. And then some complete ASSHOLE, i.e. THIS bastard, just walks along and snatches it from you. Just like that. Your product of your work and effort just GONE.
    Another thing that just drives me insane with his sheer thoughtless BULL, is when he just proudly claims, without even a HINT of guilt that all of them are his. God DAMN it man, how low can you go?! Well, Mr. Lieberman appears to have answered that question. You might not be the only con artist in this world, but you’re definitely one of the worst. Stealing ENTIRE BOOKS? THAT TAKES STEALING TO A WHOLE DAMN NEW LEVEL OF LOW. YOU DICK. YOU BASTARDIZING, PATHETIC, LOW-LIFE DICK. I don’t believe in Karma, superstition or God, but damn it, bro. You might as well just break a mirror. Because you’re gonna have a hell of a lot of bad Karma in your next life. That, or you’re gonna rot in hell. You deserve it.

    • treez says:

      Save the anger for Chad, not for me. I as a writer did not steal anything from anyone. If anything, these articles are going to help those artists who have been ripped off, as Chad’s websites have been pulled down. So for many, this is the only evidence that exists for what Chad has done. It is not as if Chad was going to tell me in an interview that he stole a bunch of art and populated a website with it. I am sorry that this happened to all of the artists. Once again, take the anger and be proactive with it. Don’t just stop at sounding off on a board.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell would you steal art from very popular artists then post them online as if no one would notice? “I don’t owe anybody money” you sure as hell will once everybody sues your ass.Seriously how stupid are you to think that you’d get away with this?

  128. Emily says:

    Seriously, this guy should be SUED for the stuff he has tried to get away with. How can he make more money on art that WE created, then us ourselves? Seriously its not fair.
    Karma will bite him hard, VERY hard. What goes around comes around dude.

  129. NF says:

    Thieving rats like this is why I’m actually glad my work is rather unfashionable.

    Of course it’s easier to make a lot of money from art if you don’t actually have to do the work yourself.

    Unfortunately guys like this tend to slither free though. It’s true that cream and scum both rise to the top. I don’t think there’s much question which of the two this guy is.

    @treez: Don’t worry, people are organizing on DeviantART (amongst other places). That’s the beauty of the internet age, artists spread out across the globe can gather and organize incredibly fast.
    And some very sensible people screencapped his entire site before it went down, so there will be at least some evidence. (I’m currently looking through the screencaps to make sure none of my work is there. Unlikely though it may be.)
    But yes, I would actually agree that as it is the article is probably better up for the sake of evidence. Still, if you don’t want to be attacked for praising this guy, how about making another article possibly talking to some of the artists whose work has been stolen? Here’s a useful link: http://alexiuss.deviantart.com/journal/43348269/

  130. NF says:

    My bad, I just noticed that there has just been another article posted that is offering victims of this thief a place to be seen and heard. Good for you.

  131. Anonymous says:

    chads a complete bastard.
    but thank you, treez, for writing this article. i wouldnt have been aware of this otherwise.

  132. Daevin says:

    Class action lawsuit coming his way. Plus I’ve heard DC Comics is getting involved since he’s stolen noncommercial fan art of their characters to sell.

    Sickening. I hope he gets everything he deserves.

  133. United Artists says:

    You fucking douche bag ,stop stealing art,do you really think this is right.People this man steals other artists art and sells them for himself and says its original and made by him.You’re going to pay for this.I’m sure you cant even draw for shit.

  134. MKJ says:

    Wow, Chronicle has made a fool of themselves.

    And Chad Lieberman, you’re an awful man. You’re ruining it for many talented artists and I’m ashamed that you even are allowed to have a computer with access to the internet, you kleptomaniac!

  135. tavia says:

    What lying, thieving asshole! He stole everything!


    ^Those links don’t even show half of what artists he has stolen from. This interview was terribly conducted and totally misinformed. They should have confronted this jackass right on the spot!

  136. DFM says:

    Treez – I’d just like to offer you kudos for staying so calm and professional here when people mistakenly took their anger out on you. A lot of people are very angry (and have every right to be), and I’m sure they’ll quickly redirect their anger entirely where it needs to go–on Lieberman.

  137. selenious says:

    best way make sure you take pics of your own work with a mark only you know is there be it photo,canvas,words like the old masters post copy to yourself,with date taken if photo,place etc always keepmine on a disc never put place of piccy taken down on d/a only on your original on disc or postal copy,and sue pants off the thief if your work appears,first thing any good lawyer would ask,date taken time,place,easy if you have digi cam and you dont have to put any of that on d/a….annoying as it is,and one hopes that the karma wheel heading towards this pair at a rapid speed is big enough to run them over,self inflated ego’s are easy to pop the size issude may mean it will have to be a ood old roman iron heavweight wheel….slainte and chreiudh to the pair of you,and no its old gaelic you cant steal that,first you need a brain to be able to repeat it properly,and secondly you wouldnt want to…stay well thiefs

  138. D3CH0D says:

    Being a member of DeviantART, I call bullshit on this guy.
    I’ve seen those pieces of artwork on the website, so you’re not fooling anyone.
    This guy needs a .50 magnum to his head.

  139. I beg to differ. says:

    The thing is, he took art from these artists, claimed it as his own, and then made a HUGE profit from selling these STOLEN works.

    The thing is, he’s just disgracing himself. Has he no shame? I’m not even that mad that he basically stole a lot of money from these people. I just hope that he sends each and everyone of these people a letter of apology, and hope for his damn life that they have the kindness in their hearts to forgive him.

    I feel sorry for him, relly.

  140. Mia says:

    I truly despise this art thief and the way he shows no remorse or intentions of stopping. There will be one heck of a lawsuit coming. You know, artist community works together. >:(

    I find it disgusting that even this paper seems to support this THIEF. And this is not just a claim. It’s the truth, of which there is a lot of proof.

  141. Kate says:

    Outrageous. He needs to be stopped and pay all the artists he stole from! Disgusting and very low!!! We stand behind our artists no matter what. Keep fighting him!

  142. Peter says:

    CHECK THIS OUT! CHAD A FUKING THEFT!!! http://alexiuss.deviantart.com/#/d4737e3

  143. Mikey_Way_obsessive_disorder says:

    Luckily enough, I know no artist that was featured in this. But HONESTLY, how in the world do you figure you owe no one money?! You owe them huge public apologies (maybe) and compensation! You SOLD THEIR ARTWORK. They MUST get some of the profit at least!

  144. =( says:

    He stole all that art from this site; http://www.deviantart.com/ he’s getting money for things he never mad, things he STOLE. and the real artists need more money than he does, the narcissist.

  145. FrostedIcefire says:

    I’d like to correct you a bit, treez. Your interviews are not the ONLY evidence of the stolen works. :) I don’t hate you for “praising” this guy, as many have said. You were just interviewing the bastard.

    And people, DON’T WORRY. I’M SENDING A LETTER TO MY NEWS STATION AS WE SPEAK. I got links in the letter, so chill.

  146. Tralala says:

    Guize, we should all take a look at this page yes? I think it is a good source for hating evidence.



  147. chad lol lieberman says:

    i think that as well as compensating the artists he has ripped off, this guy should be made to reimburse all of the members of the public who bought art from him in ignorance. i honestly don’t understand how he thought he could get away with this.

    props to treez for keeping up this article despite the shitstorm, lot of anger being aimed at you, understandable but misdirected.

  148. LOL says:


  149. Linessa says:

    Huh. How to succeed in digital art:
    step one, troll Deviantart.
    Step two, steal Linessas (MY) psychology asessment illustration and get it printed on canvas.
    Step 3: sit smugly on a chair and claim MY work as your masterpiece.
    By the way, why ARE you pretending to paint female emotions with a female face, when you’re not female? That is an intensely emotional private piece of mine there mister. Not happy Jan!

    If anyone cares to check I will have my webpage details in the follow up article to this: http://sflchronicle.com/chronic-featured/chronic-art/2011/08/calling-all-deviantart-artists-that-have-been-screwed-by-chad-love/


    but also, my personal website is http://www.realmofdreams.net

  150. DeViant Art says:

    Thief ! Thief ! Thief ! Thief !
    Websites by the name:
    Art4love.com and MarkYourSpot.com
    owned by Craig Pravada and Chad Love Lieberman
    took paintings from deviantartists and sold them illegally for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

    Both of the websites are now shut down for infringements, but you can see their screenshots on here as evidence:http://sflchronicle.com/news/entertainment/2010/05/love-conquers-all-chad-lieberman-tells-trees-how-to-succeed-in-multimedia-art/

    Look for a class action lawsuit.

    If you or any of your friends have been affected by the monstrous scam of Art4love.com and MarkYourSpot.com, please support my cause in bringing their owners to justice!
    Send a Screenshot from the [link] archive with a screenshot of your deviantart or other original image with the submission date visible.
    send the contact info + this deviation/screenshot combo to http://my.deviantart.com/messages/#/d4737e3

    This is horrible.

  151. Jed says:

    Rise up and fight back. Poor starving artists are getting ripped off at every turn. It’s sickening.

    Also, why does this article read like a late-night infomercial? It’s a little bizarre.

  152. Hillary says:

    “Remember the name…Chad LOVE Lieberman!!” is what the caption under the photo says. Ha, I guess no one on deviantart who got their art stolen and no one who supports or is inspired by hard working artists on deviantart will forget now.

    How can someone as fiendish as him get away with something like this and even be praised as some sort of honest entrepreneur genius, when all he did was take the images, claim them as his own and then sell them for thousands of dollars?

    This makes me so SICK!

  153. Hillary says:

    Ooops, sorry about that nasty comment. I now saw that the writer of this article is aware of Chad’s crimes and is leaving this article as evidence for the artists who want to sue him.

    Poor writer didn’t even know at the time, but it’s fortunate now that it’s written and posted here as hardcore evidence when Chad (and Craig?) appears in court to be sued.

    Hats off to you, Treez.

  154. HolyFrap says:

    Thank you Treez, for keeping this article up. I’m sure you’ve had to deal with A LOT of shit from my fellow deviants!

    As we are all fellow artists we can all get quite upset when something like this happens because we all know the feeling.

    The man chose to steal from our most talented and well known artists; and he will pay dearly for his fraud.

    My city is small, and I have thus been able to place this on the news, as Aliexus is attempting to sue this fish out of the water.

    All the best,

  155. pheni says:

    You are a disgusting useless piece of shit, a waste of air, lower than scum and basically everything that’s wrong in this world.

  156. Paradox says:

    Hell as if no one wants to kill him now. He’d be lucky to keep his nuts.

  157. Hippo says:

    This… I wanted to scream reading this. This man makes me sick! He’s been taking paintings from Deviantart and making huge amounts of money off of them. Hey Chad, go paint your own picture and see how long it takes YOU.

  158. Lil' Red says:

    And yet, most of it is a scam since I have seen most if not all of that art on dA.

    I call your Bull Shit.

  159. dA Enthusiast says:

    This kind of art theft should definitely have serious repercussions. The fact that this guy is making money selling other people’s work and claiming them as his own is ridiculous. I sincerely hope that this guy has to return the money he stole from all the people who blindly bought “his” art, and that he makes a formal apology to all the artists whose work he used to make a buck (or thousands, as the case may be).

  160. Brianne says:

    He has indeed become famous. Famous for theft.

  161. What a douche. says:

    He comes across as a douchebag in the article, but I’m sure he’s not so– OH WAIT.

  162. Anonymous1207 says:

    “Life is good(1)…I have 805 credit(2). No ‘baby-mama drama’(3). Nobody wants to kill me(4), and I don’t owe anyone money.(5)”

    1) It won’t stay good for long
    2) That’s because you don’t work for your money. Instead you sell plagiarized books, art and so on. Heck even your FAQs were written by other sources
    3) Is that why you put insurance on your vital regions?
    4) You got almost an entire art community (DeviantArt) after you and those who read Cameron Foote’s book on bussiness, and countless others ready to take serious legal AND illegal action against you.
    5) Oh you owe a LOT of people money somewhere in the near future.

  163. Jean Alexander says:

    He is so devoid of talent and self worth that he had to materialize an identity based on stolen art. Poor bastard.

    Either that or he genuinely believes he’s an artist for selling peoples’ work for is gain. In which case he just has a profound mental disability or psychological disorder.

    Don’t pity him, though; he’d probably love the attention. Just sue the shit out of him. When the victimized artists are through with him, I wouldn’t be surprised if his stupidity soils his uncle’s name in office.

  164. Julie says:

    What a repugnant person Lieberman is. Mistake one was stealing the work of other artists, but an even bigger one was spashing his theft on the web for all to see in this article. “Renaissance man” my eye!

  165. JD says:

    Hey may be a decent artist because I’m sure people have seen him paint. However, he has been selling art that was just stolen right off of deviantart and has claimed it as his own. I’m sure that there are people who won auction art who did not get what they thought they were getting.. and there’s an artist out there who is the original that did not get a dime for their hard work and dedication. Instead, this sad excuse for a person has all the money from their art and probably won’t willingly give it up. I feel sorry for the artists who are trying so hard to make money from their art and their hard work is just being walked all over by this… boy.

  166. OMGW says:

    People are trying to get this featured on the Colbert Report:


  167. srslyamaized says:

    This guy may be an artist, he may actually know how to paint, he may actually know how to sing or whatever it is he does, he may even be able to write, however, it’s very clear that this guy has stolen, plagiarized, and offended many artist.
    He has stolen many art pieces from a site called deviantART, where the artist have caught him, and are doing what they can to bring this guy down, so to speak.


    All I have to say is, dude, you don’t mess with artist, especially those who are famous enough to a point where they have enough followers that can and will catch you, and will support them to the point that you are brought to justice.

  168. Anonymous says:

    He’s lucky he didnt steal any work from me or my friends, or atleast I havent seen anything yet… People like him make me sick! Its worse when they’re making it big and living the good life becuase of work they never even touched…

    I really hope he gets sued for a huge sum of money, loses everything and has to share a jail cell with a “Bubba”…from the looks of things, seeing how many people are pissed off and have enough evidence to put him away, I can see that happening! 😀

    And you can tell he dosent know shit about art……

  169. Sadly… I am just guessing this… but as the close relative of an Obama official … I seriously doubt he will even be fined, go to court or even spend a day in jail.

    Even as illegal as his actions are…

    However there are 2 systems. One for us and one for THEM. Unfortunately… THEY seem to do what they want with impunity to us.

  170. Kat M. says:

    Chad, you are a plagiarizing bag of douche. Burn in hell you dick.

  171. Raitei says:

    Even if he doesn’t get imprisoned, if the news of his thievery spread across the globe, the humiliation will surely haunt him forever; that is definitely an end result I’m looking forward to.

    To the writer of this article, Treez, I commend you for not deleting this article when every other website is doing so to absolve itself. I’m sure this will be a very useful proof against Lieberman.

  172. Vinny_Vengeance says:

    Sounds like a load of shitake mushrooms.

    Not only ripping deserving people off but making a TONNE of cash AND taking the credit.

    Imma say this; Boy imma fuck you so hard my crushes your brain if I ever meet ya. :)

    Vinny xx

  173. jussta says:

    Has anyone actually seen his ORIGINAL art? Because selling someone elses art does not make you an artist…

  174. LuckerART says:

    I’ve seen a LOT of these works on deviantART by multiple, fellow artists. I hope that bastard-lieberman get’s emprisoned, or at least has to pay his ass off.

  175. Ross says:

    Chad the Cheat! You do not pass go, you do not collect and self respect or dignity.

  176. […] Turns out, Alexius is far from alone. Digger creator Ursula Vernon has also had her artwork reclaimed by Love-Lieberman. As has Deirdre Reynolds, who started keeping a list of stolen artwork that go so long she could no longer update it. Campus Socialite recently updated a post about Love-Lieberman’s balls to reflect the fact that he is “a fraud,” but a gushing South Florida Chronicle profile, which features photos of stolen artwork attributed to Love-Lieberman, remains intact. […]

  177. kirite says:

    Please make sure this article stays up Treez! Chad is trying to delete everything D:

    Thank you for reporting, I’m sorry he made you lose credibility. All in all I think this is not your fault. Don’t worry about it.

  178. […] Turns out, Alexius is far from alone. Digger creator Ursula Vernon has also had her artwork reclaimed by Love-Lieberman. As has Deirdre Reynolds, who started keeping a list of stolen artwork that got so long she could no longer update it. Campus Socialite recently updated a post about Love-Lieberman’s balls to reflect the fact that he is “a fraud,” but a gushing South Florida Chronicle profile, which features photos of stolen artwork attributed to Love-Lieberman, remains intact. […]

  179. asdfghjk says:


  180. treez says:

    Once again, please read this for the umpteenth time!!! We are leaving the article up and intact TO HELP THE ARTISTS WHO HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM! Does this not make sense?!?!? Chad and his people have been closing stuff down. This is going to stay up so people can see what he has said, and proof of him photo’d in front of pieces.

  181. ladymulti says:

    On other note, someone who knows music should check his CDs to see if he ripped off someone there, too. Apparently, he’s been plagiarizing in books he “wrote” as well, and articles, too.

  182. Twigg says:

    Please take down this article and put up another about how he stole a massive amount of art.

  183. Sarah says:

    How To Succeed at Multimedia Art:

    1) Find art site (example: deviantART.com).
    2) Like art.
    3) Rip pictures from site and claim them as your own.

  184. […] Daily What“‘Pop artist’ accused of stealing art” — Comic Book Resources“LOVE Conquers All: Chad Love Lieberman Tells Treez how to Succeed in Multimedia Art” — South Florida Chronicle ”New York Multimedia Pop Artist Insures His Own […]

  185. Sonya B says:

    I hope this also serves as a cautionary tale to Treez and other writers doing some semblance of journalism or another about the importance of researching your subject and not simply printing what someone told you in an interview as fact (watch the recent film “Tabloid” for a much older and more British version of what happens when you print just what one person tells you as the truth). For instance, I SUPPOSE that Chad Love Lieberman could have “met” Keith Haring in a subway, but being that Chad is 34 (theoretically) and Haring died in 1990, that would have made Chad 13 at the oldest and I doubt that Haring was hanging out much in subways after 1986 as that’s about when his career was really skyrocketing. So, yeah – MAYBE Chad had his finger on the pulse of the New York art community at the age of (somewhere between 9 and) 13, but I seriously doubt that. Of course, it’s not a statement that can really be vetted. However, there are others that can and I certainly hope that Treez checked to make sure that some of these other statements were true. I understand that the author may not necessarily be able to independently confirm that an artist produced a certain work, but you CAN always ask for references. If someone told me they were signed to Sony at some point or had work at MOMA, I would want to contact Sony and MOMA and verify that this was the case before publishing an article that stated such things as fact. At any rate, I am glad that Treez is trying to make amends to the degree that he/she can. Hopefully in the future you will do a lot more research before publishing (and maybe some additional editing). Best of luck to everyone fighting the good fight against this monumentally criminal jackass, and best of luck to you, Treez, in the land of internet journalism.

  186. redbeancookie says:

    It looks like Chad Love might be up to his tricks again. When he was first busted at Art4love.com, he took down the site but continued selling the stolen art at another site, markyourspot.com, under the name Craig Pravda. This was found out, and markyourspot.com disappeared, as well. Now, however, Chad has reregistered the art4love.com domain in another name, Tom Fox (but the genius still kept the info@chadlove.com email address). Is he getting ready to do it all over again? He’s stupid enough to think he can get away with it.


    And to the person who asked if Chad plagiarized his music, I don’t know, but he sure did lie and claim that his songs were colabs with famous musical artists, like Pink and Paul Oakenfold.

  187. Dave says:

    “and I don’t owe anyone money”
    – I believe you’ll want to rethink that.

    “I’ve been told that my style is very Andy Warhol…very Jackson Pollock”, “Modern Day Michelangelo” and a “Renaissance Man”….. “I am a humble artist”
    – Hmm, yes you are oozing Humility!

    “He is going to be very famous, very soon”
    – haha more like Infamous.

    “has accomplished more in that short time than many do throughout their entire life”
    – Yes, that seems to happen when you steal a lifetime’s worth of work from real artists.

  188. Acim says:

    Dear Sir you are going to be sued to last nickle! 😀

  189. Brian Sherwin says:

    Such irony. This guy is scum… but I find it interesting how artists on deviantART are in an uproar over Art4Love when you consider that copyright infringement is clearly commonplace within the deviantART community itself. Just an observation.

  190. red says:

    Chad Love was apparently also stealing from photographers at another site, Art4LoveImages.com:


    This one was allegedly selling corporate stock and licensing the images.

  191. To Brian Sherwin.. and I can’t believe I really have to explain the difference here:
    Not every user on dA steals from other artists, this guy on the other hand stole images purposely to make money from them. Many people on dA don’t know what copyright is because they are merely beginners. I’m pretty sure Chad Love Liebermann however knows exactly what copyright means.
    I haven’t read such a stupid comment in a long time.

  192. Denise says:

    Art thieves SUCK.

  193. fakirfakir says:

    chad love photoshop fakery explained

  194. Sean says:

    You’re lucky I didn’t find you stealing any of my art from DA. I wouldn’t sue. I’d personally hunt you down and get a lynch mob on your ass. And thanks for keeping this article up. I plan on blowing this way out of proportion.

  195. secret says:

    Someone quick! Email Joseph Lieberman, his uncle/ American politician. 😀

  196. Anonymous says:

    “I’ve been told that my style is very Andy Warhol…very Jackson Pollock. I take that as a big compliment even though I never studied them.”
    “I am just driven. No psychological pain drives me. I like to be creative.”

    Course none of that drives him NONE of that work was done by him! He’s nothing but a THIEF!

    “Life is good…I have 805 credit. No ‘baby-mama drama’. Nobody wants to kill me, and I don’t owe anyone money.”

    By the time the big companies as well as the regular artists he’s ripped off are done only the baby-mama drama will be true. There’s probably plenty out their wanting your blood now Chad LieberLOSER! And don’t even get me started on saying you don’t owe anyone money you owe THOUSANDS of dollars to HUNDREDS of artist you ripped off! I hope you lose every penny Chad & I hope the artists you’ve hurt get their chance to beat your insured bollocks off your waste of flesh body!

  197. Brian Sherwin says:

    Erik Schumacher — I did not say that every “user on da steals from other artists”. Don’t put words in my mouth.

    Erik, you said, ” this guy on the other hand stole images purposely to make money from them.”

    Yes — but MANY on deviantART sell prints involving copyrighted images and trademarks. Fair use is a legal defense… not a right to use what you find. deviantART takes a cut from print sells. Thus, they should have quality control sooner rather than later… and get rid of any images offered as prints that are clearly infringement.

    You said, “Many people on dA don’t know what copyright is because they are merely beginners.”

    Perhaps. Perhaps not. A “beginner” can be sued just as much as an “expert”. From the way I see it… deviantART — and its disregard for copyright in general — is breeding an entire generation of Chad Love Lieberman’s.

    You said, “I haven’t read such a stupid comment in a long time.”

    No, you just don’t want to admit that deviantART has copyright infringement issues. Most art sites do. Why is it OK to be critical of Art4Love, but not critical of deviantART.. which is also a commerical art site that sells prints.. many of which, just from the searches I’ve done, are clearly in violation of copyright owners.

    By the way, Jark has agreed with some of what I’ve had to say. ;p

  198. […] a call to deviantArt artists who had been ripped off to have their works features after they published an article promoting Lieberman unaware that much of the work would turn out to be […]

  199. Emelie says:

    It’s great that you keep this article up as proof!
    I hope he gets what he deserves.

    This is all so sick.

  200. Janelle says:

    He’s scum and deserves to be sued. Plain and simple.

  201. Andre says:

    I know how to get all the stuff. STEAL ALL THE THINGS!

    This guy is a douchebag and should be in jail for the rest of his life

  202. […] tutaj przera?aj?ca, a to, ?e ten, za przeproszeniem, skretynia?y idiota wr?cz chwali? si? „swoimi” dokonaniami, pozuj?c na tle prac, które sam ukrad?, bez wiedzy ich prawowitych autorów i z u?miechem na twarzy komentuj?c, […]

  203. A.Dumbledore says:

    This is so very disgusting.
    Fucking scumbag, with no talent, leeching off of others.
    I hope he feels the might of 1000 CRUCIOS AS PUNISHMENT FOR SUCH BULLSHIT!!! D:<

  204. […] (now defunct) called Art4Love and its founder, Chad “Love” Lieberman. Lieberman is a self-proclaimed celebrity who also claims to be both a relative of Senator Joe Lieberman and a friend of Paris […]

  205. Joshua says:

    Hope the guy gets sued for every penny he has. Twat should be thown in jail.

    The quote in the article made me laugh,

    “God and the Devil are within. It’s your decision what to follow. Your heart will lead you in the right direction. Sometimes your mind trips you up.”

    He says that and then does this? What a fucking cunt.

  206. Ash says:

    Brian what you have said makes sense but also lacks, because you have to understand we as users sigh a TOS agreement with Deviantart. Technically we are reading and saying we agree to any “use” they deem fit as stated in the words.

    The issue with these types of operations I think is you aren’t ever going to the artist and getting personal connection of – wow this person really cares a lot about the work they put out and I should do everything I can to bring more clients to them. Human beings have lost a personal connection and respect, you simply would NOT take a photograph out of a magazine put it in a frame and say “Ta-Da” now pay me a grand for my master piece.

    This guy should not be allowed to discuss his success nor any leadership qualities he has because running an online print shop from home is done all too often, the only difference is this guy decided to stop doing t-shirts and move onto something easier with less wear and tear which is canvas.

    All art sites have copyright infringement issues yes, people will steal and say they did something they didn’t, but a human being such as this guy who seems to intelligent should know the clear difference between theft and art. THIS IS THEFT PEOPLE.

  207. […] start with a “multimedia creative success story“, posted over a year ago on the website of the South Florida Chronicle. On the face of it we […]

  208. I’m one of the artist that got stolen from and I only just found out about all this. I’m quite disgusted this person could get off with not even a slap on the wrist. I doubt I’d ever seen money from it but he needs to be shown to the world for the douche bag he really is.

  209. Ella Zhang says:

    Here’s what I would like to see: all the awesome and talented artists that he stole from (because he is a brainless, dull, motherless (apologies to his family, and condolences for being related to a scum like him) fucker who cannot think a single thought of any originality) getting the right to just pound him and take everything he has, down to the very last penny and furniture. Then, all the people who see the injustice in his deeds gets to have a turn to do what we want with him.

    If he believes in ANY religion, I hope he goes to that version of Hell. I hope this piece of trash gets his wish and becomes famous enough that there will never be a single person who does not recognize him for who he is: a fake.

  210. printjunky says:

    My guess is some (or all) of the 24,000 ringtones and 20,000 wallpapers at http://www.electcollect.com are stolen, as well.

  211. Someone says:

    this art is stolen or plagiarized… bastard.

  212. Todd says:

    chad is a coke head homo

  213. me says:

    Now that we know Chad’s a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) fraud, doesn’t it sound sort of like… oh I dunno, like he wrote this article himself?!
    Give it up douche bag, a little subtly rather than undying praise would have made this article more believable.

  214. […] a call to deviantArt artists who had been ripped off to have their works features after they published an article promoting Lieberman unaware that much of the work would turn out to be […]

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