Models Eat Cotton Balls Dipped in Orange Juice to Curb Hunger, New Book Says

When I was in college at Florida State I worked one summer as a model scout. One of the dieting techniques I became aware of was to dip cotton balls in orange juice because apparently your body doesn’t process cotton, but it will make you feel full.  This was before Adderall became widely available, when sorority girls were passing out from eating handfuls of delicious and filling Xenadrine.

None of my friends believed me, but alas, my story was confirmed today in a new book called, “Making a Supermodel”.

The book is written by the mother of some model Kanye West used to bang.  In my opinion, this model mom should be more worried about how she managed to squeeze out a half Dominican with a white girl’s ass and hardly any tits to speak of.  Kanye, throw some D’s onnatbitch!

Kanye West – Throw some d’s (remix) by jekyllah

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