It’s Called Sex Panther

Will Ferrell is amped up about an Anchorman sequel, and so are his costars, and so are YOU! Alas, Paramount won’t play ball, and now… WILL FERRELL NEEDS YOUR HELP.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Will Ferrell (a.k.a. Deangelo Vickers) says an Anchorman sequel is still possible. Ferrell told EW this week that after speaking with all of his original cast members, “Everyone was up for it.” Talks with Paramount Pictures were held last week, but the studio has decided NOT to green light the project because the “numbers don’t fit”.

Director Adam McKay is all set. McKay voiced his disappointment last week after Paramount passed. “So bummed…Even after we cut our budget down. We tried,” tweeted McKay. The optimist, Ferrell said, “It’s always a negotiation… (we’ll) see what happens.”

I’m tellin’ you right now, I WILL be in a glass case of emotion if this sequel doesn’t go through! I will SMOTHER Paramount in diapers full of Indian food…somehow. Hmm, you know what, that’s a lot of curry. Do I have to eat…the curry? And then. . . in the diaper? Anyway, I haven’t got any diapers.

According to allheadlinenews.com, Ferrell said, “You (meaning YOU) really have to assert some sort of email hate campaign to Paramount Pictures.” Gee Will, alright. He’s speaking to YOU, you know. . . ¬†Here ya go, Paramount can be reached at:

Paramount – info@paramountstudios.com

Brad Grey Chairman & CEO Paramount Studios – Brad.Grey@paramountstudios.com

Also, I haven’t yet acclimated. And it is hot. And milk is a bad choice. Nostalgia:

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