Soooo, Should Khloe's Name Really Be Khloe Simpson?

According to the National Enquirer, the jailed former NFL  told friends that he’s Khloe Kardashian’sbiological father.  C’mon. O.J Simpson may have killed a few people and even kidnapped a sports memorabilia dealer, but messing around with his buddy’s wife? That’s pretty far-fetched, don’t you think?

More than one source apparently told the Enquirer that Kris Jenner had several trysts with O.J Simpson around the time Khloe was conceived. The Kardashians were known to be friends with Simpson’s family, before Robert Kardashian became a member of his defense team after Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in the mid-’90s.

O.J. also told a source that supposedly Khloe was his child. It was the big secret that no one in the two families would discuss. Robert Kardashian even admitted he and Kris were not having sex at the time Khloe was conceived, while on the other hand O.J. was bragging about his sex life and many female conquests, which he said included some of his best friends’ wives.

I mean, O.J.’s 26-year-old daughter Sydney, and Khloe, do look quite alike. Check out this picture Media Takeout put together.


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