Is That Kid Chronic and Dr. Glock With Flav-a-Flav!?

When the chance presented itself to meet my dad’s favorite reality star, Flav-a-flav, I had to jump on it. We had a bunch of great questions we wanted to ask the rap pioneer – like “where exactly is the terror-dome?” and “do you still think 9/11 is a joke?” – but unfortunately we didn’t get to ask them due to time constraints. Nor did we get our ultimate goal, which was a viral video of Flav rapping “Call Me Maybe”, but we did get to meet the guy, and if one thing stands out in my mind, it’s “damn, that dude is short!” Like up to my nipple short…Dr. Glock and I were going to scoop him up like a baby and run away with him, but there was too much security around!!!

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  1. coolest fucking guys ever

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