The BEST New Comic In Miami, Another Free Show Tonight!

Remember the days where comedians put their head on a chopping block and carried a scotch while telling the story about that time they got their you know what.. stuck in that.. well you know the rest.  Yeah, I miss those days too.  Luckily you don’t hafta settle for some lame muchacho comedian rambling on and on about the same crap every show, in some language you don’t understand.  Stand up comedy in South Florida has been rejuvanated by a new comic who has no problem putting his you know what right on that chopping block.  His name is Nate Latimer, and he has single handidly has revived the raunchy southern comedy in Miami.    Born in Atlanta, Georgia this true blue southern fireball will have you laughing so hard you might spit up your beer.   Nate has no problem talking about the embarassing trials and tribulations of his life or his failed endevors.  But it’s not all failure and pain, he also touches base on his greater accomplishments in life too, like his.. uhm… massive cocaine addiction.   And yes, he has even performed his stand up while carrying a scotch!  YES!

This is one comedian to follow if you have ever been told that your sense of humor is warped or slightly twisted.  (In a good way, of course!)  Visit his site here and don’t miss his next show TONIGHT at 8pm @ The Miami Improv in Coconut Grove.   And it’s FREE if you say you’re on NATE’S LIST.

Click below to see a clip of Nate on Stage!

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