Did This Guy Just Shit Himself?

That’s two swear words in two titles in a row, wahoo let’s here it for journalistic credibility. On to the shit tape! Do you think this guy pooped himself? Judging by the way he is walking around the bathroom in the end, I’d say its def like a 99.9% chance he is carrying a turd in the trunk. Whats your next move if you’re that guy? You can’t just carry a turd in the trunk around school all day. If it was me I’d go out to the parking lot and put the shitty drawers in the other guy’s car under the passenger seat on my way home to smoke a blunt.

2 Responses to “Did This Guy Just Shit Himself?”

  1. Sara Tayte says:

    Which one did it, the one in the white shirt? My audio is fucked up and I can’t see any stains. LMAO

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