A Guy Walks Into a Bar…

A guy walks into a bar. Above the bar is a big banner that reads, “10 Shots of Tequila…Shoot all 10 and all 10 ARE FREE”

The guy goes up to the bar and accepts the challenge.

He throws down all 10 tequila shooters. He starts acting like a douchebag all over the place. He then he stumbles his way out of the bar not to be seen for the rest of the night.

Two nights later, comes back into the same bar. Above the bar is a big banner that reads, “10 Shots of Jack Daniels…Shoot all 10 and all 10 ARE FREE”

The guy walks right past the bar paying the sign no mind. The bartender shouts out to him, “Hey buddy…what’s up? You did the tequila shots. Get over here and take the challenge again, you can do it!”

The guy responds back to the bartender, “I don’t think so. I got really f*cked up that night!”

The bartender says, “Come On!”

The guy says to the bartender. “You don’t understand. I don’t think I can hold my alcohol. After the bar, I went home and blew chunks. It was a real bad scene.”

The bartender says, “Guy! You did 10 shots of Tequila. You should probably expect to throw up all over the place.”

The guy leans over the bar toward the bartender and says, “Throw Up…WTF are you talking about…chunks is my dog!”

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