Fake Weed Inventor Says Fake Weed Is For Losers

Fake weed inventor John Huffman created over 400 “synthetic cannabinoids” in his illustrious career of scientific research at Clemson University. Which surprisingly makes some people question his reasoning for pursuing such a field of study. Especially given the fact that his marijuana hybrids are now being sold over the counter at gas stations and head shops around the country. Huffman now 80 years old, says its become “a real pain in the ass” because everyone keeps accusing me of getting the whole world stoned. Accusations or not that is pretty much the reality as people everywhere have started smoking his synthetic pot creations most noticeably K2 and Spice, two of the more popular choices. [Gawker]

HOW DID IT GET OUT: During his tenure at Clemson the recipes for Huffmans cannabinoid creations were released in various scientific journals, these journals were later scooped up and read by pot enthusiasts. Before you knew it Spice just about everywhere except in the home of its creator who says it’s for losers and marijuana is way better, no really he said that. Huffman supports banning all the fake cannabinoids but surprisingly is in favor of legalizing and taxing marijuana.

“You can’t overdose on marijuana, but you might on these compounds,” he said. “These things are dangerous, and marijuana isn’t, really.” Says the retired chemist. [LAT]

Couldnt agree with you more Huff-Daddy fake pot is for weirdos and losers like fake butts, penis implants, and pocket pussies. Matter of fact lets her it for all the traditionalists out there in the world, real pot in real blunts awww yeaaaaaaaa!!! #ChronicNation

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