Bloating Begone! #SqueezeYourBut(t)!

Hi there SYB Fans & Friends!

Super Bowl is over and I’m sure many of you were hung over,  bloated, gassy, farty all Sunday night and even yesterday from all the chicken wings (with hot sauce), curly fries,  pepperoni pizza, chips (with salsa) and beer that you ate  & drank .  Of course you were!  You probably felt like the Hindenburg! There is no way anyone can feel good after all that crap festering in your gut. It’s putrefying! It is- Literally! I’m serious!

There is 10 feet of poop in there weighing you down!  YUK!

That’s why I left you alone and didn’t tell you to get up off your butt yesterday, because I knew you couldn’t!  Your body needed a day of recovery- as best as it could muster given its poor state of abuse.  Hopefully you’ve  had a giant poop to get some of it out. So now -Tuesday, it is time to ask your body for forgiveness  and move ahead with stronger ambitions towards healthful living.

Wherever you are now (unless you’re driving) get up right now and give yourself  a jump to shake up the rest of the clump inside you.  Do 40 jumping jacks! Just like when you were in P.E. class.  For fun, turn directions every 10 jumps .  North, East, South, West! For those of you who are directionally challenged, that’s 12 o’clock, 3 o”clock, 6:00 & 9:00.     I hope you can at least tell time.  Actually many of you don’t know WHAT time it is!

Really-it’s time to move your ass! Shake some of it OFF!

If you remember from my first intro article (1/26/12), You are being timed here on the planet.  You only get so many days.  And you get LESS if you suck at taking care of yourself.  A lot less! Because,  if you are not exercising, you are aging quickly.  So, if you want to stay here longer – get up now!

Start looking for your Fountain of Youth!

You want to know where it is?  Look no further than your feet!  They take you everywhere you want to go.  So, Go! Run outside or Jog in place , Dance at your desk, Skip to the sink.  Pedal a bike, play tennis,  swim laps or just tread water!

But, USE them!  Exercise will help jiggle, shake,  scrape,  slough off  all the gunk that’s gunked up inside you!  Remember my last article(2/3) for you “Couch Potatoes”?

“If you SIT it STAYS!   If you Move –it  Melts! “

Pick up some weights, go for a brisk walk,  Go DO something TODAY to revive yourself. Do some Bicep Curls , Squats, Lunges, Sit Ups (not “neck yanks”) or just Toe Touches. Buy a $2.00 jump rope!  You don’t need a gym to exercise. You can use a can of beans for biceps if that’s all you can lift.  Don’t laugh! For many that’s a start! And that’s all that matters to change YOUR “MATTER”!

Go back to science class: “Matter” is in the form of a solid, liquid or gas.   So, for YOUR body to consist of its BEST Matter,  you want to have:


Clear LIQUID PEE.  (If it’s yellow you’re either dehydrated or have some chemical overload in you that your kidneys are trying to flush).
And good BLOOD FLOW- (circulatory system for uptake of oxygen & nutrients & removal of metabolic waste)!

NO GAS! (to the relief of others!) (the result of poor digestion due to toxic non-nutrient food products).

No more bloating, farting, cramps, diarrhea, and stuck poop.
Get out there- to get it out of you!
Eat your veggies, drink lots of water, and use your feet – to keep that s*&# out of you!

Off with you now –Go!

Talk to you now on Mondays! Get a great jumpstart to your busy week !
Live Healthy & Happy!  xoxo Andrea

PS: Send me an email and tell me what you did today to make yourself healthier!

One Response to “Bloating Begone! #SqueezeYourBut(t)!”

  1. Jay says:

    great article you make it easy to change because its just about doing something, anyrhing just start. I am a client feel free to get my number from Andrea I would be glad to tell you how she changed my life. So would my wife of 25 years.

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