10 Questions With Robert Festinger From the Newport Beachside Hotel and Kitchen 305

Robert Festinger is the Chief Operating Officer of the Newport Group, responsible for all marketing and operations decisions at the Newport Beachside Hotel and Kitchen 305. Most days when I stop in to see Robert, he’s running around the hotel tending to a wedding, corporate event, or some other hotel function that requires his attention. This month, however, we were able to pin him down, if only for a second, to do 10 questions with the South Florida Chronicle!!!

Ten Questions With Robert Festinger From the Newport Beachside Hotel and Kitchen 305

Q.    The Newport Beachside Hotel is one of South Florida’s most exciting hotels. What’s it like working in such a fast paced environment?

A. It’s amazing! Every day we have guests from all over the world. We are a melting pot and I love hearing and learning about so many cultures. I can’t see working any other way.

Q. The hotel is located on one of the most desirable locations on Sunny Isles Beach. What’s the best part of working at the beach every day?

A. I love the view. I love to see the people relaxed from all the hustle and bustle that they go through in their daily lives. It’s nice to see people enjoy their vacation that they work so hard for all year around.

Q. The Newport Beachside Hotel is always busy. What is it about the hotel that keeps your guests coming back again and again?

A. We have all the amenities here at affordable pricing.  From the 600 ft of sandy beach with blue water, to our Aveda spa, and delicious Kitchen 305.

Q. I’m glad you mentioned the hotels spa. What’s one thing everyone should know about Newport Beachside’s Aveda Spa?

A. The Aveda products we use are all organic and are of the highest quality. I even use them myself, and they’re amazing.

Q. Does the Aveda Spa accept walk-ins or should you call ahead and book an appointment?

A. We do accept walk-ins, but calling ahead is definitely recommended.

Q. I’ve noticed the hotel also has an amazing pool located right on the beach. Are people not staying at the hotel allowed to come and enjoy the amenities or must you have a room?

A. We have special pool parties that give the public access to our pool deck on occasion, but in general it is for our resort guests and their friends and families.

Q. The Newport Beachside has also become famous for its amazing restaurant, Kitchen 305, located on the bottom floor. What should everyone know about Kitchen 305 this summer?

A. The madness continues with all-you-can-eat Maine lobster for $35, with soup or salad, and two-sides every Wednesday!

Q. Do you need a reservation to eat at Kitchen 305?

A. No, but I would definitely call ahead on Wednesday’s!

Q. What do you think is the best deal at the Newport Beachside Hotel?

A. All of the above, from our ocean front rooms to Kitchen 305, and of course, the Aveda Spa.

Q. If there is one thing everyone in south Florida should know about the Newport Beachside Hotel and Kitchen 305, what is it?

A. We may not be fancy from the outside, but we have all the fanciness and poise anyone could ever want on the inside.
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