Meet Denise Wortheim

A bartender by night and fitness model by day, Denise Wortheim is an example of pure discipline. Her life revolves mostly around her “boyfriend” that she likes to refer to by the name, Gym, with the relationship being directed by her trainer, Jocylen Jean, who is a two-time national bodybuilding champion.

Currently, Denise is preparing for a national figure competition on October 23 at the Gallery One Fort Lauderdale Double Tree Guest Suites Hotel. Her days consist of planned meals and incredibly intense workouts. Famous for her incredible abs, Denise says that, “there is no magic pill–just hard work and discipline”. She also stresses that eating is very important, “You are what you eat. If you eat like shit, you are going to look like shit.”

Even with her profession as a bartender, her discipline is tested every night at her “in the biz” job. As if being in the nightlife isn’t hard enough, she is constantly asked to take shot after shot by her customers. Incredibly, Denise has mastered the illusion of playing fun by filling a bottle of Patron Tequila with water and faking shots as needed. Even though this is just one of her many tactics, whatever it is, it has worked quite nicely. If you’d like to see miss Denise, you can catch her at Avenue 29 on Wednesday nights.  Be sure to go and show your support on October 23 while she shows off her sculpted body from a ridiculous torture diet and incredible training regimen for the event!


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