If You Like Black Midget Strippers With Huge Donks…Then This One Is For You!

You don’t get to see midget strippers all that much anymore. Even more rare is a black midget stripper. But to see one (in person) with a booty like this little Hershey’s Kiss…well that is priceless!

Seeing as this is such a rare find, you are going to have to just enjoy the photo like I did. If I can find out where she dances, you all will be the first to know. Not only can you sit your drink down on that booty…you can park an Escalade on it!

12 Responses to “If You Like Black Midget Strippers With Huge Donks…Then This One Is For You!”

  1. Kid Chronic says:

    This is gross why is this up on the site?

  2. does anybody what is her damn name. lol we only see her pics but no name

  3. Yeah Treez whats her name!?

  4. dijonbell says:

    her name is Lil V….

  5. Lil V says:

    Hey boo…It’s Lil V

    25 shares on Facebook and 1,700 views later yall still feeling me and my lil midget ass!!

    You can see me skrippin at Magic City or when im in Miami I be at the Lexxx.

    Kisses and keep this midget in yo wishes!!!

  6. Tito says:

    Hey. Lil V I’m to get web page or send me a friend request coyotito wilhoit,I’m interested in hiring u. Please contact me at 202 489-9580. Thank u

  7. khalil says:

    dam you are cute,pretty ass little woman i think i can fall for you hard and you sound smart and sexy for real I like you.

  8. roland says:

    Need u for a little party this Friday during the day contact ms with ur #

  9. 44346 77628 amos says:

    Call me. I love short women. You are so pretty I would love to me you I am about 6 foot 1 dark and handsome look like r kelly

  10. SGT Jack says:

    Colorado Soldier and I would love have you come to a soliders B-Day party and Surprise. What will that take?
    I love your look Sistah Girl! Very nice and unique.

  11. ghost says:

    I love Lil v!!! I will marry her!!!!

  12. Moses says:

    I want a midget or porn acting call +23407036577625

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