Maria Menounos Has Worst Bikini Malfunction of All Time (NSFW)

Unless you live under a rock, you know this striking young lady as the one of the WWE girls, a former Today Show corespondent, and the smoking hot nurse in the movie Fantastic Four. She basically has the biggest bikini malfunction since the dawn of man and the paparazzi were there to capture every glorious moment of it.  Seems she let a little more out of the bag than she bargained for. Ouch, kinda embarrassing. Like the time Fergie pissed herself on stage, or Tara Reid’s tittie-out red carpet walk.  Ahh, good day blogging. Lots of good stuff today!


36 Responses to “Maria Menounos Has Worst Bikini Malfunction of All Time (NSFW)”

  1. The Chef says:

    I think its a water droplet that looks like a piercing. I would need to further inspect it to make sure.

  2. Wigger McGavin says:


  3. Anim8me2 says:

    OH MY GOD!
    Stop the presses!

    Female woman person has a vagina!

    12 year olds everywhere titter with excitement!

    • The Chef says:

      Thanks for visiting the site Anim8me2 .. Pretty clever name you made there. i see waht you did. LOLz

    • gari says:

      If you can see a vagina in these pictures, you have some special x-ray ability, labia are part of the vulva, and one pair is at the entrance to the vagina. Fool.

      Also, the point is NOT that she has female sex organs, but that part of them is on display, something that is not common place, even in decadent western society…it would be a similar commentary if it were male sexual organs on display, but I guess you’d be happy with that… :-)

  4. john says:

    now thats some fres snapper!!

  5. Joe says:

    Shut up Anim8…look at yourself in the mirror. You haven’t seen vagina lately…

  6. julia says:

    poor maria menounos. it’s a shame that the paparazzi would humiliate her with these photos. shame on them!

  7. Arch4ngel283 says:

    Who’s humiliated here? Maria? Yeah right….she’s gorgeous!!! No reason she should ever be humiliated. I’m just sayin… she should be like, “Yep, thats my junk. Looks good huh?” lol

  8. Dr. Fred Fendersnipe says:


    Contact a reputable plastic surgeon and schedule a few labiaplasty procedures and next time it will be a pretty picture rather than an awkward one.

  9. Dr. Lovlablong says:

    DO NOT Listen to “Dr. Fred” Many men love large flowers and would consider it a travesty to remove the petals that make it so perfect.

  10. Silkraquel says:

    Please her labia minora are bigger than her labia majora… YUK! Lips like that resemble chewed up sandwich meat. She could fly away flapping her vaginal wings. You guys are hard up for any twattage…

  11. Silkraquel says:

    Good o’l pastrami pu**y. She should hang with Britney and then you’d have a choice between roast beef and pastrami… Nasty! I thank God I was blessed with a pretty kitty!

  12. Anonymous says:

    i like yor cklick.

  13. joeysito says:

    all you who bad talk poor Maria here are a bunch of haters. she is hot to trot and should not be ashamed of what god blessed her with such a perfectly looking pupusa.

  14. Holger says:

    Maria’s Fotze ist so geil und suess das ich täglich auf ihre zarten Ficklippen abspritzen muss…würde sie gern mal in meinem Bett haben das sie mir auf meinen harten Schwanz pisst waehrend ich ihre dicken Titten knete und massiere um ihre leckere und nasse Muschi danach zu ficken und sie vollspritzen mit meiner heißen Ficksahne das sie nur so schreit vor Geilheit wie auch 9 Monate später unser Baby :-)

  15. wayne says:

    OMG! She is so smoking hot. Thank you God for that smoking hot body!!!!

  16. wayne says:

    OMG! She is so smoking hot. Thank you God for that smoking hot body!!!! She is hot from top to bottom

  17. Louis says:


  18. DOC says:

    Those legs would wrap around me nicely!

  19. Me says:

    Stunning looking lady.Please’… the people here complaining about major versus minor and sizes..get a life.Have you seen a vagina in the flesh or just on the porn sites you bat off at ? I am afraid since you probably cant see your 2″ weapon over your bloated hairy gut it will never become a real life factor for you anyway.

    Very nice all round Maria :)

  20. Maria says:

    I am jealous, she has such a smooth down-there, it is not even dark-colored or folded…

  21. Samc says:

    That’s one hot ass piece of A right there. Any guy would line up to hit that.

  22. terri says:

    She needs to get over herself

  23. Sara says:

    Shut up she has a perfect labia! What u prefer when u seem to rape a babies pussy no lips a all!? Thats yukkk mam !! Get a life

  24. Niko says:

    Jajaja it looks like she is launching water through the va j j in pic 5.

  25. duane says:

    Maria Menounos’s “bikini malfunction” was not the worst ANYTHING! Any opportunity to see as much as this uber-scrumptious young lady as is possible is a good, good thing indeed. She genuinely raises bikini-friendly hotness to a previously-un-heard-of level. So, Maria, you sweet morsel, you just keep on displaying your bikini-lovin’ babeliciousness and pay no mind to the phony feminists (and their male groupies) and those members of the PC Brigade who would screech and shriek against you. We male admirers of yours–and, let me tell you, we are many, many in number–know, and have always known, better.

  26. Bestbilly says:

    Maria is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most beautiful and sexy babes on the planet. The very fact that she has 2 sets of beautiful lips…top and bottom make her all the more to be appreciated and cherished. All I know is that I wouldn’t kick out of my bed for eating crackers…HA! HA! I’d be proud to call her my girlfriend anytime. Maria, I luv ya all the way up here in Canada!

  27. Pickles says:

    well groomed and attractive nothing to be embarrassed about. She is a beautiful woman.

  28. Horny Dude says:

    Now that is some gorgeous woman…. Very edible to me and fine… She would be a wonderful lunch…..

  29. Greek Dude says:

    NEWS FLASH :: hey dummies…She WANTED to show her junk…..it’s got EVERYBODYooing and aaahhing over her just like she planned….

  30. gromn43 says:

    What’s funny about Anim8me2’s comment is that he’s on a website that’s showing these photos. And the fact that he completely misses the hypocrisy in his own comment. Apparently everyone else who looked at these pics are 12 year olds. Yet he needed to come in here inspect the pics himself then try to blast everyone else for doing the same exact thing. Anim8me2: “How dare everyone look at these pics like I’m doing you should be ashamed of yourselves. Oh I only came in here to comment on everyone else who came in here and make them feel guilty. I only looked at the photos to see why everyone else is looking not because I read the caption that clearly states Maria Menounos worst bikini malfunction of all time. NSFW. What does NSFW mean anyways?”

    Oh and @SILKRAQUEL unless you post pics all we know is your talking out of your floppy vag. Your bashing a stunning woman’s beautiful body. Yet talk about how yours is so pretty. Pics or nobody believes you.

  31. comatcha2012 says:

    love that snatch ,hope this situation happens more often

  32. […] Maria Menounos Has Worst Bikini Malfunction of All Time …She basically has the biggest bikini malfunction since the dawn of man and the …. Maria Menounos’s “bikini malfunction” was not the worst ANYTHING! http://www.printkiller.com/killer-babes/2011/01/maria-menounos-has-worst-bikini-malfunc […]

  33. […] Maria Menounos Has Worst Bikini Malfunction of All Time …Maria Menounos’s “bikini malfunction” was not the worst ANYTHING! … Oh and @SILKRAQUEL unless you post pics all we know is your talking out of your … http://www.printkiller.com/killer-babes/2011/01/maria-menounos-has-worst-bikini-malfunc […]

  34. gari says:

    Interesting to see the haters commenting on her labia, looks like good eating to me, whatever one’s views on her labia, she is a hot lady, I can’t see any straight man -or gay woman for that matter- looking at that body, getting it undressed and into bed, then being turned off by her labia…

    Labia are great, I love flicking them with my tongue…

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