Sara Tayte’s – 11 Things That Make America Awesome

My favorite holiday is finally here!  Being outside, BBQ’s, spectacular fireworks and all around summer fun encompass this day.. The  Fourth Of July!  In honor of the best holiday ever, here is [in my opinion] the 11 things that make the U S of A f*ckin’ awesome!!  So here they are, (in no specific order).

11.) GEICO Commercials.

Everyone’s favorite geicko may be british, but he’s all American advertising!  This was for sure my favorite commercial of 2011:


10.) Stephan Colbert

The author of one of my favorite satire’s “I Am America And So Can You”, Stephan Colbert lays it all out on the line, for the USA.

9.) McDonald’s

A true American snack, McDonald’s has served over 1 Billion Burgers worldwide.  But for a very long time, the yellow M and the funky character’s that were created by marketing geniuses was only found in the U S of A.


8.) Baseball Games

A staple in any young childhood, baseball games are for sure one of the great American past times.



7.) Monopoly

A board game as timeless as they come, Monopoly charmed children around the US, and taught them early what it means to live the American dream, or demise.


6.) Victoria’s Secret

The Victoria Secret angels are the epitome of global beauty, yet this company was founded in the same town I grew up in, Columbus, Ohio. 



5.) Rock & Roll

A genre of music that completely described an entire culture and period of time, influenced millions and set the standard in American music, Rock & Roll is just about as American as apple pie.


4.) Apple Pie

You knew that was coming.


3.) Playboy Magazine

One of the most recognizable logos in the world is also a true American legend and legacy.  Playboy Magazine started in the 1950’s in Chicago, Illinois.


2.) Hollywood

Today’s socially damaged and unkempt stars of Hollywood are surely different then in the 1950’s.  It’s baby years that were filled with  unspoken sex and impeccable style.


1.) Football

Foreigners don’t understand it, but that’s OK — because we really couldn’t give a damn.  I grew up in one of those classic American middle class families where my father worshiped the ground Ohio State walked on.  Millions of other households across the United States share this undying devotion to their team as well.  And yes, I still tear up at the end of Rudy.

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