Katy Perry Trying Hard To Be America’s New Sex Symbol


We here at the Chronicle obviously believe in the old saying that “Sex sells’ but Katy Perry is taking it to an all new level. I don’t think there is another pop singer out there today that teases her audience as much as Ms Perry. Our friends at Egotastic call her ‘Katy Cocktease”. Although she has done several covers over the last few years, when she has been shot for Rolling Stone and Esquire, it’s always topless. In her music video “California Girls,” she’s pretty much naked. Is she following in the footsteps of the owner of her record label Madonna, who back in the 1990’s, at the height of her career released a sex book where she was filmed hitch hiking naked on a Miami freeway or is it the ultimate rebellion from her conservative Christian upbringing. The singer was raised by Christian pastors and began her music career as a gospel singer, releasing an album of gospel hits that failed miserably back in 2001. Back then she was known as Katy Hudson. So is it those past failings that are driving Katy Perry to take her top off every chance she gets? In any case we like it and we hope she continues to sex it up for the cameras to push her music. We have put together a photo gallery of some of Katy’s more sexy photo-shoots so you can see for yourself. Enjoy the show. For more on Ms Perry visit [Wikipedia]

6 Responses to “Katy Perry Trying Hard To Be America’s New Sex Symbol”

  1. nolan says:

    Oh hells no

    I don’t see it .I’m not a hater but come on there are tons more
    brunettes who are worthy of sex symbol status . And I don’t mean Megan or Angelina even Adriana Lima pushin 31 is hotter than the rebellious church girl. packaging and appearing nude isn’t enough to make u a sex symbol come on maaaaaaan. And u know this .She can sing doesn’t mean she’s a fine one. Remember how u couldn’t get enough of Pamela Anderson that feeling of raw sexuality all the time and for years she teased us with it, Perry doesn’t command that.
    She is so manufactured , packaged and widely distributed by a record company trying to cash in before we get bored. And her weak boyfriend looks like he’s on heroin, I’m sure he will be in rehab soon if he isnt already he looks like he aged 10 years in the last 6 months. She needs to step it up with a baller, not some simpleton that seems androgenous nad light weight . She wants to keep it British she can roll with Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, or Clive Owen. That motley crue could add to her sexy staus but the dude she’s with is a weak Brand , she needs a dangerous muth u know what.lol

  2. Eugene Steele says:

    Something is missing. Lets see? Oh! A sexy face and and a shape. Thats it.

  3. nolan says:

    Well Shooter I said the same thing its packaging with a well thought out plan to make her this sex symbol and she really isn’t. Of course if you have a half way descent look with the best stylists and makeup people you can come across pretty hot. Many a nerd and geek have been packaged and put up in our faces and now theyre hot or sexy or something else plenty of normal looking people.Best example of that for a male! justin Timberlake ,an average looking guy at best but he really has the talent so now chicks are like he’s so hot and I’m like if u didn’t know him an you saw him on the street would you be stunned and say omg thaqt guy is a sex symbol he’s the truth. Nooooooooooooo, same thing with Perry, its a good marketing strategy cause if some keep seeing u in the news or on magazine covers they assume well she must be hot so it can work for a short time, but no way is she ever gonna make u feel it like Pamela .So sell on Perry
    I’m not buying it . He has to appear half naked to get our attention on the covers of magazines. No dice no sale here.

  4. nolan says:

    SHooter can you find some other hot pictures to put up of perry
    because I’m not trying to hate and I she’s not ugly or has a terrible body but those pics are not sellers except to the goth croud. The first shot on the beach is the best one. The next three she’s through It’s like a cross between marilyn Manson & Elvira mistress of the Damned, then that third picture looks like a shot I saw of Linsay Lohan, but LL killed it in that shot she looks so so and the last one with the muppet reminds me of that brunette from Threes company (Janet Dewitt)I check out TV Land now and then.lol So find some hot ones
    to post if u can find em.

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