The Real Magic Mike

Everyone knows about the Hollywood movie, Magic Mike, which made its on- screen debut June 29, 2012. What you might not know is that the movie was loosely based on Magic Mike star Channing Tatum’s before-fame job as a male stripper in Tampa, Florida. We have found pics that will seriously make you laugh out loud!
















A man named Mike Sorrentino (just like Mike from the Jersey Shore, but not the same dude) claims that Channing ripped the story line from his past, where he worked as a stripper for the Tampa club as well and supposedly took young Channing under his wing, “teaching him everything he knows”. Channing Tatum denies this claim and stated,  “The movie was only inspired by his former job as a stripper in Tampa, Florida, but none of the characters in the film are based on real life people.”



This is the before and after pic of real-life stripper Mike Sorrentino. He is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence in an Orlando for trafficking Heroin.

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