First Tunisia, Now Egypt…Soon Yemen?

As the winds of reform sweep through the Middle East on the heels of Tunisia’s uprising and now Egypt’s, protesters demand the same as in the other two countries: that the president step down and transfer power. Political and economic reforms are called for, and repression and corruption are decried.

Seen here are protesters in Yemen from 2009, proving that unrest is old news in the country. Photo from AFP/Getty Images.

The Miami Herald reports that Yemen, the latest country exhibiting widespread unrest, has become a “haven for al-Qaida militants.” Yemen is the poorest nation in the Arab world.

Again, Yemen’s youth as a whole has been identified and reported as the leader of demonstrations and the demographic that calls for change. The government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh is known for being corrupt and having little control over its own territory, wrote the Herald. So far, demonstrations have been peaceful and free of incident. One unemployed man, however, lit himself on fire in the city of Aden to protest economic shortcomings.


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