Women Gets 10 Years For Selling A Dime Bag Of Weed, Labeled “Menace To Society”.

An Oklahoma mother of 4 gets 10 years in prison for selling an undercover cop $20 worth of marijuana.   Its stories like this one that really REALLY piss me off.  The first thing I thought about when I read this was Dominique Dunne. As I’m sure you remember, she was the 22 year old actress who played the sister in Poltergeist. She was murdered by her boyfriend in the drive way of her costar at the time while she was practicing her lines.  He received 3 years, but was released early.

This Oklahoma woman, Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow is charged with 10 years in prison, leaving behind 4 children and a husband three days before Christmas.   She will be up for parole in 2014.

“When she needed money … this is the avenue she chose rather than finding legitimate employment,” the report states. “The defendant does not appear remorseful … and she makes justifications for her actions.

Making justifications for her actions?  Lets see here.  Marijuana is basically the least of the drug world.   It has healing properties, makes you feel better, and selling is was helping her support her family.   It’s not even like she was a crack dealer, or heroine dealer with a giant operation.  She was selling small quantities out of her kitchen.  Oh, and it was a first offence.

She will now lose her right to work in the medical industry because of this conviction.   It’s clear the legal system is using this woman as a horrible example not to sell drugs.

One Response to “Women Gets 10 Years For Selling A Dime Bag Of Weed, Labeled “Menace To Society”.”

  1. Jimmy Hoffa Esq. says:

    Wow. Pathetic. It’s so embarrassing, to be so advanced as a civilization and still have these pot laws. Maybe its just a symptom, indicating there’s still lots of work to be done with society..

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